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How will his father pick him up?

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A comforting father and son story suitable for any young child with separation anxiety. I loved it. Kids Can Press, Content: G. A young boy wonders what will happen if his father's old green truck doesn't start when it's time to be picked up from kindergarten. In reply, the father lists the many different ways he can come for the boy, including driving his neighbor's big red tractor or being carried by all of the birds in the nearby trees.

This book, translated from the French version, addresses a common concern among many children who are just starting school. Because it is aimed at kindergarteners but is not necessarily a new-to-school story, its audience may be limited, but it's a cute tale nonetheless. Reviewed by Sydney G. Nov 20, Paula rated it liked it Shelves: family , school , transportation , repetition , imagination , life-issues , pre-school.

Daddy Long Legs Nadine Brun-Cosme Audrelie Guillerey Imagination takes over a father when in the morning their car is having trouble starting to go to school. His son asks him what would happen at pick up time if the car does not work. Eventually he thinks he would use his own two long legs to fetch his son to reassure him that he will get to his school. Repetition and colorful illustrations that hav Daddy Long Legs Nadine Brun-Cosme Audrelie Guillerey Imagination takes over a father when in the morning their car is having trouble starting to go to school.

Repetition and colorful illustrations that have classic feel to them, will make this a wonderful read aloud to those kids who are anxious about who will pick them up from school.

Daddy Long Legs

The story could also lend itself for more possibilities to be picked up at school and be great for the beginning of the school year. Jun 04, Pauline rated it it was amazing. While full of humour and colour this book also gives teachers and students the opportunity to discuss the very real fears that particularly small children have about feeling left behind. The Dad here manages to have a plan B, C and D to reassure his son that he will not be forgotten and he will be collected from nursery school. It can also provide an opportunity for children to talk about the strategies they could use if they find themselves separated.

So the little girl is worried about how her dad will make it back home. Her dad does not want to worry her so he tells her various ways of how he will get home. I really enjoyed reading this book, the story had repetition which is good for kids. The book also was told in a very creative way. And what I liked about the book the most was how the readers had to use their imagination. Jun 12, Colorado Buck rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-picture , storytime.

Jun 15, Nadine rated it it was amazing. If you have a child who is apprehensive about not being picked up after being taken to school, this is the book for you. Daddy Long Legs will do whatever it takes for him to get him to return the child home. An extra to do when rereading the book is to count the birds illustrated on each page for math practice too.

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I received a book for review from Goodreads. May 07, Jeimy rated it it was amazing.

Dymocks - (ebook) Daddy Long-Legs and Dear Enemy: Illustrated, eBook ()

Adorable picture book about a father reassuring his child that he will be back to pick him up from kindergarten no matter what obstacles may lay in his path. Both pictures and words make this an engaging read. May 17, Barbra rated it liked it. I love the look of this retro style book. When Matthew sees Daddy having trouble starting his old green car he worries about how he will be able to pick him up from school.

With a wondrous imagination Dad describes all the fantastical ways he can get him home. May 17, Brenda rated it really liked it Shelves: favorite-books. A beautiful story of the true love of a father for his kids. Cleverly written. The illustrations are unique and tasteful.

(ebook) Daddy Long-Legs and Dear Enemy: Illustrated

I love this book! I can't wait to read it to an audience to see their reactions. Dec 27, Kathia rated it it was amazing. I enjoy reading because of the humor and life lesson. It's great book and you can learn to appreciate all that you have including your family, friends, challenges and the true value of work and effort, so in the end of the day you can feel grateful for all these things.

Jun 25, Lynn Davidson rated it liked it Shelves: reviewed , picture-books. A little boy is taken to kindergarten by his daddy, but they had trouble getting the car started at first. The little boy worries that his daddy won't be able to come back for him if the car won't start. They talk about the many ways to get there. Feb 25, Amanda Sanders rated it really liked it.

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In this book, a daddy drops his son off at school after having a little car trouble on the way. The boy is worried the car won't work for daddy at pick up time. Daddy, creatively, tells his son the many ways he can get to school for pick up. I love the story, but the illustrations are just OK. Spider-Like Illustration Google Images There it is for you all to see and perceive through my perseverance - precisely 'focused' on Jerusha Abbott's imagination - the girl's sketchily recollected first encounter with the trustee who so spider-like wove strands of networking to catch her in that webbing.

More to come. Labels: Literary Criticism.

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