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Includes small, large, dead and living fish. Achondroplasiaphobia — The fear of midgets. Because they look differently. Mottephobia — The fear of moths. Zoophobia — The fear of animals. Bananaphobia — The fear of bananas. If you have this phobia, they are scary. Sidonglobophobia — The fear of cotton balls or plastic foams.

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Cibophobia — The fear of food. Phasmophobia — The fear of ghosts. AKA Spectrophobia. Who you gonna call? Equinophobia — The fear of horses. Musophobia — The fear of mice. Catoptrophobia — The fear of mirrors. Being afraid of what you might see. Agliophobia — The fear of pain. Being afraid something painful will happen.

Telephonophobia — The fear of talking on the phone. Phobics prefer texting. Omphalophobia — The fear of belly buttons. Cacomorphobia — The fear of fat people. Induced by the media. Gerascophobia — The fear of getting old. Chaetophobia — The fear of hair. Phobics tend to be afraid of other peoples hair. Nosocomephobia — The fear of hospitals. Ligyrophobia — The fear of loud noises. More than the instinctive noise fear. Didaskaleinophobia — The fear of school. This phobia affects kids mostly.

Chronophobia — The fear of the future. Spheksophobia — The fear of wasps. You panic and fear getting stung by it. Ergophobia — The fear of work. Coulrophobia — The fear of clowns. Apr 22, AM. Marco books view quotes. Apr 21, AM. Fabrizio books view quotes. Apr 19, AM. Fernanda books view quotes. Apr 18, PM. Jordan 27 books view quotes. Apr 17, AM. Vivian 48 books view quotes. Apr 15, PM. Vinicius books view quotes. Apr 09, AM. Alex books view quotes. Apr 07, AM. CynicalEarth 12 books view quotes. Apr 01, PM. Mony books view quotes. Apr 01, AM. Com 0 books view quotes.

Fear of the Unknown: How to Overcome It

Mar 28, AM. Erick 58 books view quotes. Mar 26, AM. Diana books view quotes. Mar 22, PM. Jarrett 47 books view quotes. Mar 22, AM. Mar 19, AM. Piia books view quotes. Mar 14, AM. Allerglance books view quotes.

Top 100 Phobia List

Mar 08, AM. AK 55 books view quotes. Mar 07, PM. Angelov books view quotes. Feb 27, AM. Lena 34 books view quotes. Feb 25, AM. Drew books view quotes. Feb 21, AM. Selin 1, books view quotes. Feb 18, PM. Mark books view quotes. Feb 14, PM. Noah books view quotes.

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Jan 05, AM. It terrifies you. You imagine is everyone is naked because nothing says familiar and comfortable like standing in a room full of naked people, right? No, say you decide to get through it by clenching your teeth, locking out your fears and just pushing through it — racing through your speech to the end. That might work. To let those pressures shape you into a new kind of being — a being that can respond from a deep, still and loving place.

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But for that alchemical magic to happen, it needs space and it needs time. Fears need to be worked with. The unknown takes work. Work takes energy. And how does it direct us? But we are all built to be uncomfortable with the unknown. Oh my God, can you imagine?