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Wade as U. Wade movie was recently officially unveiled in a three-minute teaser. The picture was reportedly filmed in secret due to backlash fears, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The movie is currently in post-production. Wade film will star as Leonid Brezhnev. Find out more information at the Reagan: The Movie official website. Boris meets a woman named Gloria who wants to help him kill a man who has owed him money for years but their actual assignment is to kill each other. Together they go on a expedition that is breath taking.

Strangely, no director or writer is listed as attached to the project as of yet, despite the cast and published release date. Another Year Together is currently in post-production.

Turshen is rumored to play Sierra in Sci-Fi film Galaxy The upcoming picture is directed, written, and produced by Ilay Ron [ ]. Production was complete as early as October according to IndieWire , and it might not never be released. Amazon shelved the film in indefinitely. The picture owns a tentative release date of and an intriguing plot. The lives of two different families collide when their children begin a relationship that leads to a tragic accident.

Human Capital is based on the novel of the same name by author Stephen Amidon. You can purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. Sylvia Mansfield. The project is written and directed by John Turturro, who has quite a few credits to his name as an actor to say the least. Sarandon also stars in upcoming film Blackbird , a remake of Danish film, Silent Heart. Both pictures own a tentative release date of and are in their post-production phase. However, no official character name is listed publicly for Sarandon as of yet.

John was destroyed emotionally after multiple rejections of his manuscript, time after time. Butterfly in the Typewriter , which is directed, written, and co-produced by David DuBos [ Leprechaun 3 ], is currently in its pre-production phase. The film might not release this year but time will tell.

Sarandon will play Dr. Sylvia Mansfield in an upcoming film-short Thriller titled, Slipping Away. Ramos [ The Kidnapping of a Fish ] is currently in its pre-production phase. The show is created, written, and directed by Alex Garland. Mizuno and Offerman will be playing the lead characters, Lily and Forest, according to Deadline.

The show reportedly follows computer engineer Lily [Mizuno] investigating a secret division of her employer Amaya, which she believes is responsible for the disappearance of her boyfriend. Devs is due out sometime in , airing on the FX Network. While its release date remains unclear, the film should be widely available soon. There is no release date for the film as of yet, only the script has been finalized. Survival and redemption harnessing boxing as a metaphor for struggles and challenges life can present. A tale of love, honor and family.

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The chefs from London and the South East prepare their fish courses. The chefs of London and the South East prepare their main courses. The chefs from London and the South East prepare their desserts. Noel Thompson puts the spotlight on the week's hot topics at home and abroad. Mainwaring and the platoon take part in a Home Guard efficiency test.

Alan Titchmarsh and the team look back at the highlights of the show. James Martin competes in the gruelling Mille Miglia, a mile car race through Italy. Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift reflect on the British obsession with gardening. Alan Titchmarsh and the team have the news on judgement day at the Chelsea Flower Show. Rachel de Thame meets Zita Elze, the Brazilian florist who literally paints with flowers. Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift examine the latest gardening trends. Alan Titchmarsh and Joe Swift celebrate the creators of this week-long floral extravaganza.

Sophie Raworth and Justin Rowlatt investigate what we think of women at work. Griff Rhys Jones explores how verse has the power to enlighten, entertain and stimulate. Twelve primary school children reach the final of a national poetry recitation competition.

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Investigation and analysis of the day's headlines, with Jeremy Paxman. Surreal teen drama. A teenager is told that the world will end in 28 days. Documentary featuring interviews with soldiers on the act that defines them: killing. Following the work of the commission set up to recover the bodies of The Disappeared. Round table arts and culture discussion, with Kirsty Wark. BBC Two. Main content. Northern Ireland Schedule.

See other regional BBC Two variations. The Defender A martial arts expert finds himself falling for the witness he has been hired to protect. Turning Points — Alcohol and Sex Education A look at the consequences of alcohol misuse plus advice on sex education. Teletubbies — Sitting and Standing The Teletubbies play a sitting and standing game.

Teletubbies — My Pretend Friend Laa-Laa comes out of the house, does a little dance and calls the others for a big hug. Teletubbies — Cricket A little boy plays cricket with his dad. Teletubbies — Grandad's Pigeons The Teletubbies watch a little boy with his grandad's pigeons.

Freefonix — Play Misty for Me Freez suspects that he and Misty are no longer musical life partners, and gives her away. The Owl — Fireworks The noise and light from a display of fireworks caused by the fireflies annoy the Owl. What's New Scooby Doo? Frankenstein's Cat — The Apprentice It is careers day at school and Lottie wins work experience with a local businessman.

The Owl — Windy Hanging on to his branch, the Owl resists strong gusts of wind and avoids flying objects. Telling Tales — English - Narcissus Narcissus's good looks turn him into a star, but his increasing vanity leads to downfall. Telling Tales — Spanish - Narcissus Narcissus's good looks turn him into a star, but vanity leads to his downfall. Science Clips — Reversible and Irreversible Change Solubility and solutions, separation by filtration and distillation, and how rust works.

Science Clips — Changing Circuits Examples of circuits, such as in traffic lights, and the beginnings of circuit diagrams. Telling Tales — French - Narcissus Narcissus's good looks turn him into a star, but vanity leads to his downfall. Telling Tales — German - Narcissus Narcissus's good looks turn him into a star, but his increasing vanity leads to downfall. Blast on the Box — Series 3 , Action! Winging It — Episode 6 Charlie Skelton takes on the role of an inspirational sports lifecoach.

See Hear — Series 29 , Episode 5 The programme visits a couple who run their own wildlife conservation park in Galloway. Car Booty — Series 10 , Johnston Glenys Johnston hopes to raise funds for a trophy to commemorate her late husband. Car Booty — Series 10 , Doy Glenys Johnston hopes to raise funds for a trophy to commemorate her late husband.

The Treasure of Pancho Villa Western. Flog It! Why Poetry Matters Griff Rhys Jones explores how verse has the power to enlighten, entertain and stimulate. Off by Heart Twelve primary school children reach the final of a national poetry recitation competition. Donnie Darko Surreal teen drama. Fighting Passions Documentary featuring interviews with soldiers on the act that defines them: killing. Spotlight — Searching for the Truth Following the work of the commission set up to recover the bodies of The Disappeared.

Hayden gets kicked out for making Christine's best friend Barbara Lee Garlington leave. Hayden agrees to speak at the banquet of a men's lodge so Howard can be "High Loon", but everything falls through. Minnesota State wins and Hayden sees who he will be taking on in the Pineapple Bowl: his old coach. Hayden's quarterback, Bo Whitley hurts himself at a luau just before the Pineapple Bowl.

Hayden gets hurt while trying to get on Mrs. Rizzendough's good side. Hayden is glad that his ex-wife Beth is re-marrying. However, after a casual conversation with Hayden, Beth's groom-to-be thinks he is too diffident and wants out. It is up to Hayden and Christine to give their blessing and assure the couple that they are for each other.

Dauber moves into Luther's building, but the two come into conflict during a housewarming party. Craig T.

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  6. Kelly visits the Rosebrocks and cannot handle seeing Stuart, but the real surprise is that her ex-husband is regretful. Hayden and Christine attempt to aim a young woman's anger on her no-good boyfriend. Luther comes to regret giving Alma Thorkelson Pat Crawford Brown , Hayden's secretary, a birthday present that led to their private celebration.

    While Luther tries to catch a legendary bass, Hayden is angry with Christine for selling something she shouldn't have at his garage sale. Christine auditions for a news-anchor position in New York, but it all depends on how affects her relationship with Hayden.

    Come Dine with Me - Episode Guide - All 4

    Hayden doesn't think that is too hard considering the network has a contract with the New York Yankees, and thus tickets for him. Hayden's awards banquet and Christine's premiere party are scheduled on the same night, but in different cities. Hayden tries to maintain a long-distance relationship with Christine, but she wants him to close the gap. Hayden proposes to Christine on live TV. Dauber neglects Judy when he a becomes Big Brother to a fatherless boy. Hayden is named Father of the Year, but Kelly isn't being very supportive. Luther is tired of being second banana, so Hayden lets him meet the press after a slip-up.

    Luther fights the people who took away his breakfast cereal while Howard hires his wife Shirley Georgia Engel , as his secretary, much to his chagrin. Rizzendough has a new boyfriend whom she met at a dog show. Her new beau: Luther. Luther reveals his opinion of Christine after a brush with death. Christine asks Hayden to pick up her wedding dress.

    Hayden soon regrets considering it hilarious that the dressmaker is a man named Mr. Thind Patrick Macnee. Hayden has trouble writing his vows on the eve of his and Christine's wedding. Hayden's connection to the American Revolution is anything but proud when players are grousing that a bowl game is meant to be in a sunny area with bikini babes, not at some old historical site in the darkness of winter. Hayden decides to take charge by cutting his star quarterback the king of the complainers and replace him with an inexperienced freshman whose name he keeps forgetting - at one point he calls him " Doug Henning " to show what it really means to be a Patriot who served under General Washington.

    Art Hibke mislabeled Hayden and Dauber's Christmas gifts for their respective girlfriends. When Judy sees a ring, she gets excited and starts announcing to everyone at the Christmas party, that her and Dauber are engaged. Hayden and Christine star in a commercial while Luther starts writing a screenplay. Lawson in the commercial. Hayden thinks Kelly should save for her future or invest in the team , and is beside himself when Kelly considers donating it to charity.

    Hayden and Christine try another shot at getting married when they accompany Luther to Vegas. The Burleighs think that Hayden and Christine are their new best friends. Jeff Meyer. Privately the MVP tells Hayden that he is retiring to seek cancer treatment. Old demons come to haunt Hayden when the NFL star says his cancer was induced from taking anabolic steroids. During the off-season, Hayden indulges in his second favorite pastime: practical jokes. However, Judy is getting fed up with this, and it may spill over to Dauber's business relationship with Hayden.

    Hayden tries to deal with the fact that Christine is considering a face lift. Hayden attempts to recruit Tyler Roberts, the country's top high school football player, but Tyler's grandfather George Bill Cobbs continually has reservations about his grandson going to Minnesota State. Hayden and Christine make another attempt to wed, and choose a church from his childhood. However, they need to hurry as the church has been condemned.

    Alan Kirschenbaum. Christine says she wants a baby just as Hayden is working to nurse his new team to victory. Hayden thinks he's responsible for Christine's new job as a co-host for a talk show with Carter Brooks Robert Ridgely. Christine is angered at Hayden for making such an infusion, but wonders for herself it that is so. Although the team is on a winning streak, Hayden believes that their luck will run out.

    Kelly gets a job at an ad agency in New York, and has to move there almost immediately, with her and Hayden having to say their goodbyes. After teasing Dauber that he does whatever Judy tells him to do, Hayden encourages Dauber to buy a motorcycle. Hayden then decides to get one for himself, feeling he does not seek approval from Christine.

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    7. However, when Christine and Judy meet for an outing, the men scramble to hide their road hogs. Luther becomes a father figure to Billy Walker Jussie Smollett , a fatherless boy he befriends. Hayden and Christine go to a fertility clinic. Kelly comes home from New York a changed woman - but Hayden doesn't particularly like the new her. Dauber loses his playbook just as the team makes it to the Pioneer Bowl.

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      Luther suffers a mishap on the day of the Pioneer Bowl and gets hospitalized. Luther also realizes what plays the opponents are making through their signaling, and he must somehow escape the hospital to warn Hayden. Luther finds out about a large group of relatives living in Minnesota. Hayden feels uneasy about watching a baby for the weekend with Christine.

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      Luther is offered a job as head coach of a small college. Luther's first day as the head coach of Aberdeen College turns out to be his last when he treats his team to lunch, inadvertently breaking NCAA rules. Hayden wears a device to help his fertility - and it ends up bursting on Christine's Valentine's Day show.

      While Howard and Hayden are out of town, Shirley tells Christine that she's falling for another man. Rick Williams James Pickens Jr. Hayden is thrilled to see Johnny will be considering Minnesota State, until he says that he is not interested in playing football anymore. Hayden has had it with trying to increase his fertility, so he tries to talk Troy Aikman into donating sperm. Dauber's relationship with Judy is jeopardized by the arrival of an old flame. Hayden regrets taking Christine on a fishing trip when she comes to like it so much. Judy challenges Hayden to a game of golf, which becomes a battle of the sexes.

      Hayden just turned 49, and is not accepting his status in middle adulthood well. Christine sends him to a race car driving school as a birthday gift. Note: This episode is included as a bonus feature on season 5 of Mill Creek Entertainment 's Coach: The Complete Series box set, listed as the "th Episode Anniversary Special", despite the fact that the episode originally aired as a part of season 6, well passed the series th episode "One for the Road" which aired in season 5.

      Hayden's excited about an interview for a job coaching a pro team, but he doesn't know which team it is. Hayden considers hiring Susan Miller Jessica Walter , an agent who wants to redo his image. With the football season coming, Hayden is determined to prove that his championship victory with the Screaming Eagles wasn't a fluke. Judy returns from Europe and tells Dauber she wants to call off their engagement, after having an affair.

      Hayden feels neglected when Luther's relationship with Ruthanne heats up. Hayden and Christine feel pressured by their jobs as they try to start a family, while Luther feels guilty over selling his run down car to Mrs. Cumin Meg Wyllie , an old woman, even though it was a lemon.

      Christine and Ruthanne go to a bachelorette party on their girls' night out - and get thrown in jail. Hayden's agent Susan Miller is unable to be in Minnesota for a key game, so she sends a junior agent in her stead. Hayden is annoyed at dealing with someone who is inexperienced, but his ire turns to bafflement when the understudy is an attractive young woman. When the team receives extra funds from the university, Hayden finds himself at odds with Edgar Tom McGowan , the fencing coach whose team wasn't very lucky.

      Christine suspects that Carter Brooks' young protege is replacing her. Luther gets a bad case of athlete's foot after wearing discarded bowling shoes from the local bowling alley. Gordon Hunt.