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For clients requesting the Girlfriend Experience, Alice performs the role of a girlfriend; going on dates, accompanying the client to parties, communicating and connecting, just as a girlfriend would, over an extended period of time.

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Alice attends to the needs of her clients in personalized, precise and intentional ways. She develops a meaningful, personal and intimate relationship with her clients that is unlike what they can get from a spouse, a hook-up, a tinder match, or a friend with benefits. As coaches, the first thing we do is establish the agreement with our clients. We figure out what the client wants, for themselves, their lives, their futures, and what they are hoping to get from our work together.

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Frequently, I feel I have to keep after my clients to get them to complete the discovery document so we can start our work. Alice begins each client engagement with a discovery session, too. She gets a clear sense of the experience they want to have and how they want to experience it. Only then can she truly know what the client wants to experience, and to create it. Both professions rely on agreed upon outcomes, but focus on something deeper; something within the client that yearns to be met and satisfied. Note to self: Do something to make my client discovery process more exciting! Having long term relationships with clients means that strong, clear boundaries are a necessity.

Without boundaries, it would be easy for coaching conversations to become like any casual conversation. For me, it blurs the boundaries too much. I want to have one kind of conversation with my clients, a coaching conversation.

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Otherwise, I blur into the kinds of conversational experiences that they can get anywhere. This delineation allows her to dance in the space of being both connected and separate. And all of that is in all too short supply. What about you?

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Do you know which way you lean? Boundaries blurred or boundaries too thick? Ask her about her relationships.


Stop being such a guy and ask her about something besides sex. Posted in: Learning in Action. Your subject applies to anyone in the helping professions, nurses, therapists, coaches and others. The claim to be the oldest profession was made on behalf of farmers, [1] cattle drovers , [2] horticulturalists , [3] barbers, [4] engineers, [5] landscape gardeners , [6] the military, [7] doctors, [8] nurses , [9] teachers, [10] priests , [11] lay preachers [12] and even lawyers.

Is Prostitution Really the World’s Oldest Profession?

Perhaps the earliest recorded claim to be the world's oldest profession was made on behalf of tailors. The Song in Praise of the Merchant-Taylors , attested from , which was routinely performed at pageants at the Lord Mayor's Show , London , if the current mayor happened to belong to the tailors' guild , [14] began:. After pointing out that Adam and Eve made garments for themselves, and were therefore tailors, it continued:. Then judge if a tayler was not the first trade. The The Oldest Profession

The oldest profession, and they are but raylers, [15] Who scoff and deride men that be merchant-taylers. The phrase began to acquire its opprobrious sense in the last decade of the nineteenth century following Rudyard Kipling 's short story about an Indian prostitute, On the City Wall January Kipling, after citing a biblical reference, [16] began:. Lalun is a member of the most ancient profession in the world. Lilith was her very-great-grandmamma, and that was before the days of Eve as every one knows.

In the West, people say rude things about Lalun's profession, and write lectures about it, and distribute the lectures to young persons in order that Morality may be preserved.

Bulgaria - Practicing the World's Oldest Profession in Germany - European Journal

In the East where the profession is hereditary, descending from mother to daughter, nobody writes lectures or takes any notice; and that is a distinct proof of the inability of the East to manage its own affairs. In a scathing article on the morals of the aristocracy in the mass circulation Reynold's Newspaper , 22 July , [17] the reference was repeated:. In ancient Rome, under the empire, ladies used to go to baths to meet a certain class of men, while men resorted thither to meet a certain class of ladies.

In the same year the Pall Mall Gazette [18] reported a speech in which "Mrs. Ormiston Chant … implored us to stand shoulder to shoulder and destroy what Kipling has called 'the oldest profession in the world'". The phrase was frequently used as a euphemism when delicacy forbade direct reference to prostitution. Kipling was not the first to employ the phrase "the most ancient profession" in an opprobrious sense. The Irish poet Henry Brooke — wrote: [19].