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Post-Operative Care for Pets. Pregnancy Termination in Dogs and Cats. Pregnant Dog Care. Rattlesnake Bites in California. Reproduction Seminar about Dogs Transcript. Reverse Sneezing in Dogs. Roundworms in Dogs and Puppies. Runny Eyes Epiphora in Dogs. Ruptured Cranial Cruciate Ligaments in Dogs. Seizures and Convulsions: First Aid. Shar-pei Special Needs and Cautions. Shock: First Aid. Snake Bite Prevention and Treatment for Dogs. Snakebite: First Aid. Spaying your Female Dog. Straining to Eliminate: First Aid.

Sunburn: First Aid. Sunscreen for Pets. Taenia Species Tapeworms in Dogs and Cats. Tapeworms Dipylidium caninum in Dogs and Cats. Tick Paralysis in Pets. Ticks Are Arthropod Parasites for Mammals. Toothbrushing and Dental Prophylaxis in Cats and Dogs. Transporting an Injured Pet: First Aid. Whipworm Infection in Dogs and Cats. Wound Healing in Dogs and Cats. Wounds: First Aid. Wrapping Up First Aid. Alcohol Ethanol Poisoning. Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs. Chocolate Toxicity Signs in Dogs. Common Household Items can Poison Pets. Electronic Cigarettes are Toxic to Pets. Grapes of Wrath. Ibuprofen Toxicity in Dogs and Cats.

Lead Poisoning in Dogs and Cats. Marijuana Toxicity in Dogs. Nicotine Poisoning in Pets. Pet Food Recall Spring Poisonous Plants for Dogs and Cats. Rat Poison's Effect on Dogs and Cats. Safe and Toxic Garden Plant Images. Safe Gardening for Dogs and Cats. Salmon Poisoning in Dogs. Snail Bait Poisoning in Dogs. Toxic and Non-toxic Plants. Winter Holiday Hazards for Pets. Xylitol Poisoning in Dogs. Xylitol Toxicosis in Dogs.

Zinc Poisoning in Dogs and Cats. Adopting a Shelter Dog. Barking Problems in Dogs. Body Language of Dogs. Destructive Chewing by Puppies and Dogs. Feces Eating in Dogs and Cats. Fireworks Fear in Pets. Food Finicky Dogs. Halloween is a Scary Night for Pets. Housesoiling Causes and Solutions in Dogs. Housetraining an Adult Dog or Rescue. Housetraining and Crate Training. Importance of Socializing Puppies and Kittens. Introducing the Dog to Your New Baby. Introducing your Dog to Other Animals.

Jumping up by Dogs. Jumping Up on People by Dogs. Nighttime Waking in Senior Dogs. Puppies and Kittens Who Bite. Separation Anxiety in Dogs. Thunderstorm Fears in Dogs. Thunderstorm Phobia in Dogs. Abscesses from Bite Wounds. Asthma in Cats. Bartonella and Cat Scratch Fever. Bladder Stones Oxalate in Cats. Bladder Stones Struvite in Cats. Blocked Cats are an Emergency. Cardiomyopathy in Cats. Cholangitis Cholangiohepatitis in Cats.

Constipation and Megacolon in Dogs and Cats. Cytauxzoonosis in Cats. Demodectic Mange in Cats.

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Diabetic Cat Diet. Distemper Panleukopenia in Cats.

Eosinophilic Granuloma Complex in Cats. Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency in Dogs and Cats. FIP: Evaluation of the Vaccine. FIP: Laboratory Findings. FIP: Pathogenesis. FIP: References. FIP: Transmission. FIV Vaccine. Fur Mowing in Cats. Hairballs in Cats. Hard to Regulate Diabetic Cats. Heartworm Infection in Cats. Hyperesthesia Syndrome in Cats. Hyperthyroidism Medication for Cats Methimazole. Hyperthyroidism Treatment Options in Cats and Dogs. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in Cats.

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Idiopathic Cystitis in Cats. Infectious Anemia in Cats. Infiltrative Bowel Disease in Cats. Insulin Administration in Cats. Itching and Allergy in Cats. Lymphoma in Cats. Mammary Cancer in Cats. Myeloma-Related Disorders in Cats. Nasal Pharyngeal Polyps in Cats. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in Cats. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in Kittens. Notoedric Mange in Cats Feline Scabies. Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Cats. Pancreatitis in Cats. Plasma Cell Stomatitis in Cats. Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism in Cats. Stomatitis in Cats. Surgical Treatment for Feline Hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid Treatment Using Radiotherapy for Cats. Tooth Resorption in Cats. Toxoplasmosis in Cats. Tritrichomonas Infection Causes Diarrhea in Cats. Upper Respiratory Infection in Cats. Urinary Blockage in Cats. Vaccine Associated Fibrosarcoma in Cats. Cat's Teeth Examination for Cat Owners. Declawing and Alternatives for Cats. Dental Care in Cats. Feeding Cats. Gingivostomatitis in Cats. Giving Birth to Kittens. Litter Box Care Guidelines. Neuter Slideshow of Cats. Neutering the Male Cat.

Pilling a Cat. Roundworms in Cats and Kittens. Senior Cats' Health Issues. Spaying Cats. Thyroid Dietary Therapy for Cats. Body Language of Cats. Getting your Cat into a Carrier. Inappropriate Elimination.

Runny Eyes (Epiphora) in Dogs - Veterinary Partner - VIN

Inappropriate Elimination House-Soiling in Cats. Introducing the New Baby to Your Cat. Territorial Marking in Cats. Acorn Toxicity in Horses. Acute Laminitis and Drugs in Horses. Allergy Testing in Horses. Allergy Tests for Horses. Amnion for Wound Treatment in Horses.

Angular Limb Deformities in Foals. Anhidrosis in Horses. Arthritis Treatment in Horses. Atrial Fibrillation in Horses. Aural Plaques in Horses. Axillary Wounds in Horses. Back Pain in Horses. Bacterial Hair Follicle Infection in Horses.

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Barn Flu in Horses. Blindfolding your Horse is a Neurological Test. Bone Growth Problems in Horses. Botulism in Horses. Botulism is Being Seen more Frequently in Horses. Breeding-Induced Endometritis in Horses. Bucked Shins in Thoroughbred Racehorses. Canker and Thrush in a Horse's Hoof. Canker is a Foot Disease in Horses. Capped Elbow Treatment Difficult in Horses. Caseous Lymphadentitis in Horses and Draxxin Treatment. Cataracts in Horses. Chronic Progressive Lymphedema in Draft Horses.

Cloudy Eyes in a Horse. Coffin Bone Tumor in a Horse. Colic Cases in Horses Need Examinations. Colic Causes in Horses. Colic Surgery for Horses is a Difficult Decision. Colic Treatment in Horses by Owner. Colic Update in Horses. Colic: Waiting for the Veterinarian. Controlling Infectious Disease on Horse Farms.

Corneal Fungal Infections in Horses. Cortisone and Laminitis in Horses. Cryptorchid Stallions. Cryptorchid Testicle Descent in Horses. Cryptorchidism Retained Testicles in Horses. Cushing's Disease Extrapituitary Effects in Horses. Cutaneous Lymphangitis in Horses. Deafness in Paint Horses. Decreased Sweating in Horses. Dental Abnormality Frequency in Horses. Diagnosing Upper Airway Noise in Horses. Diarrhea in Newborn Foals. Diarrhea in the Newborn Foal.

Distal Hock Joint Arthritis in Horses. Elbow Lameness in Horses. Endocrine Disorders in Horses. Endometritis in a Mare. Equine Recurrent Uveitis in Horses. Excessive Tearing in Horses. Exercise in Insulin Resistant Horses. Exercise Induced Gastric Ulcers. Eye Issues in Foals. False Parasites in Horses's Blood. Fly Bite Dermatitis in Horses. Flying Insect Allergy in Horses. Foal Diarrhea Caused by Lawsonia. Foot Infections in Horses.

Foot Injuries in Horses. Gastric Ulcers in Horses. Genetic Diseases in Horses. Genetic Equine Diseases. Glaucoma in Horses. Granulosa Theca Cell Tumors in Mares. Head Trauma in Horses. Headshaking in Horses. Heart Murmurs in Horses. Heaves in Horses. Heel Bulb Lacerations in Horses.

Herpes Virus in Horses. Hindlimb Suspensory Ligament Disease in Horses. Hock Arthrodesis with Ethyl Alcohol in Horses. Hock Disease in Horses. Hoof Pain Treatment in Horses. Hoof Wall Cracks in Horses. Hyperinsulinemia in Horses. Hypothyroidism in Pregnant Mares.

Impaction Colic in Horses. Infectious Anemia Facts in Horses. Infectious Arthritis in Foals. Infectious Diarrhea in Young Foals. Infertility in Mares. Inflammatory Airway Disease in Horses. Inhalant Allergies and Pruritus in Horses. Insulin Resistance Diagnosis in Horses. Insulin Resistance in Horses. Internal Parasites and Drug Resistance in Horse. Intestinal Parasite Resistance in Horses. Intestinal Parasites in Horses.

Ivermectin Resistance by Roundworms in Horses. Kidney Failure in Horses. Knee Conditions in Horses. Laceration Treatment to the Horse's Hoof Wall. Lacerations of Synovial Structures in Horses. Lame Horses could have Vertebral Disease. Lameness Evaluation in Horses. Laminitis Susceptibility in Horses. Lavender Foal Syndrome. Lawsonia Intracellularis Infection in Horses. Lice Treatment for Horses and Livestock.

Limb Deformities in Foals. Liver Disorders in Horses. Lower Airway Disease in Horses. Lower Leg Lacerations in Horses. Lyme Disease Found in Songbirds. Lyme Disease in Horses. Medical Treatment of Arthritis in Horses. Melanoma in Gray Horses. Melanoma in Horses. Middle Ear Disease in Horses. Moon Blindness Recurrent Uveitis in Horses. Muscular Disorders in Athletic Horses.

Nasal Discharge in Horses. Navicular Lameness Heel Pain in Horses. Necrotic Vaginitis in Horses and Donkeys. Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in Foals. Neurological Problems in Horses. Nitrate and Nitrite Poisoning in Horses. Nutraceutical Treatment of Equine Arthritis. Ocular Disease in Horses. Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis. Oral Ulcers in Horses. Palmar Foot Pain in Horses. Palmar Foot Pain Treatment. Parasite Resistance in Horses. Pastern and Heel Dermatitis in Horses. Pastern Dermatitis in Horses.

Pastern Dermatitis in Horses Caused by Mites. Pastern Lacerations in Horses. Physitis in Young Horses. Pigeon Fever in Horses. Pinworms in Horses. Piroplasmosis and How to Protect your Horse. Piroplasmosis in Horses. Placentitis in Mares. Potomac Horse Fever Sometimes Fatal.

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  • Prednisolone and Laminitis in Horses. Preventing and Controlling Mange in Horses. Preventing Contagious Diseases in Horses. Preventing Enteroliths in Horses. Proud Flesh Treatment in Horses. Proximal Suspensory Ligament Injury in Horses. Pythiosis in Horses. Rabies in Horses. Rain Scald and Ringworm in Horses. Rattlesnake Bites' Effect on Horses' Hearts. Recurrent Colic in Horses. Rhodococcus equi in Foals. Rhodococcus Pneumonia Uncommon in Horses. Ringworm in Horses. Sacroiliac Pain in Horses.

    Sarcoid Skin Tumor Treatment in Horses. Seasonal Pasture Myopathy in Horses. Septic Metritis in Mares. Shivers in Horses. Sinus Disease in Horses. Skin Disease in Horses. Skin Tumors in Horses. Sleep Disorders in Horses. Slobbers in Horses. Small Airway Inflammatory Disease in Horses. Splint Bone Disease in Horses. Splint Bone Fractures in Horses. Squamous Cell Carcinoma in a Horse's Eyelid. Staph Pyoderma and Pruritus in Horses. Stomach Ulcers in Show and Training Horses. Strangles Infections in Horses. Strep Immune-Mediated Myopathies in Horses.

    Subsolar Bruising in Horses. Summer Sores are around a Horse's Eye. Supplement Effectiveness on Equine Stomach Ulcers. Suspensory Ligament Injuries in Horses. Tapeworms in Horses. Tendon Injury Treatments for Horses. Treating Clubfoot in Horses. Tying up in Quarter Horses and Other Breeds. Upward Fixation of the Patella is Common in Horses.

    Vesicular Stomatitis in Horses and Cattle. Viral Arteritis in Horses. Viral Respiratory Disease in Horses. Warts in Horses. White Line Disease in Horses. Wounds between the Horse's Foreleg and Chest. Wounds Involving Joints in Horses. Adopting an Orphan Foal. Altering a Horse's Tail and the Ethics behind It. Aquatic Therapy for Horses. Artificial Insemination Techniques for Horses. Ban on Soring Horses.

    Bandaging Horse's Legs. Barefoot Versus Shod Horses. Barn Construction for Horses. Barn Effect on Performance Horses. Best Grazing Time for Horses. Blood Builders in Performance Horses. Blood Loss from Lacerations in Horses. Blood Transfusions for Horses. Breeding a Performance Mare. Breeding Horses by Artificial Insemination. Breeding the Older Maiden Mare. Broodmare Management. Calming Drugs for Horses. Change your Horse's Diet Slowly. Chiropractic Care and Horses. Choosing Hay for Horses. Cleaning and Disinfecting Horse Stalls and Trailers.

    Cold Therapy to Prevent Laminitis in Horses. Conditioning Horses on Water Treadmills. Contagious Disease Prevention in Horses. CPR in Foals.


    CPR in New-borne Foals. Death in Young Foals. Deciding to Breed your Mare. Decreasing Horse Colic in Winter. Dehydration and Electrolyte Loss in Horses. Dental Needs Change as Horses Age. Dentistry for Horses and Your Veterinarian. Dewormer Resistance Increasing in Horses.

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    Deworming Strategy for Horses. Dietary Tips for Hauling Horses. Differences in Horse Sweat. Digestion in Foals. Digestion in Horses. Digestion of Forage by Horses. Disease Protection at Horse Shows. Dispensing Prescription Drugs to Horses. Disposal of Used Needles in a Horse Barn. Donkey Basics. Dormosedan Gel Use in Horses. Dust Management in your Riding Arena. Electrolyte Supplementation in Horses.

    Embryo Transfer in Mares. Emergency Care for Horses. Endurance Riding Emergencies with Horses. Equine Psychology. Equioxx vs. Previcox in Horses. Estrous Cycle Control in Mares. Estrous Cycle Manipulation with Lutalyse in Mares. Estrus Control in Performance Horses. Examining your Horse's Foot. Exercise and Sweat in Horses. Exercising Mares in Early Pregnancy. Extra Label Drug Use in Horses. Extreme Heat Care for Horses. Factors Affecting Pregnancy in Performance Mares. Farriers and Difficult Horses.

    Feed Poisoning in Horses. Feeding a New Horse. Feeding Alfalfa to Horses. Feeding Beet Pulp to Horses. Feeding Bran Mashes to Horses. Feeding Bread to Horses. Feeding Concentrate to Horses. Feeding Corn to Horses. Feeding Donkeys and Mules. Feeding Horses During and after Colic. Feeding Horses with a Hay Net. Feeding Horses with Pasture-Associated Laminitis. Feeding Oats to Horses. Feeding Recommendations for Miniature Horses. Feeding Strategies for Senior Horses. Feeding the Geriatric Horse. Feeding the Lean Lactating Mare at Weaning. Feeding Young Horses. Feeding Your Horse. Fire Ants in Horse Pastures.

    First Aid for Horses. Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance in Endurance Horses. Fluphenazine Reactions in Horses. Freeze Branding Your Horse. Frozen Semen in Horses. Glue-on Shoes for Horses. Guttural Pouches in Horses. Hard Surface Impacts on Horse's Limbs. Hay Damaged by Rain for Horses and Cattle. Hay Replacement Options for Horses. Hay Storage Tips. Hay Waste for Horses Affected by Feeders. Health Effects of Restricted Grazing in Horses. Heat Breeding in Mares after Foaling. Heat Problems in Horses.

    Herpes Virus Vaccination in Horses. High Potassium Levels in Horses. High-Risk Pregnancy in Mares. High-Starch Diets and Horse Reactivity. Hoof Care in Horses. Hoof Trimming in Horses. Hoof Trimming Techniques and how they Affect Horses. Increase Horse's Water Consumption in the Winter. Influenza Vaccination in Horses. Infrared Thermography for Diagnosing Lameness in Horses. Injecting Alcohol into Horse's Hock Joints.

    Injection Shyness in Horses. Injuries in Horses. Insulin Response in Healthy Older Horses. Intestinal Parasite Egg Shedding in Horses. During a dental procedure, the cuff is commonly overinflated to prevent water from entering the lungs; this should be avoided to prevent possible tracheal tearing. Ruptures of greatest length tend to be associated with high-volume, low-pressure endotracheal tubes. Most tracheal tears in cats are iatrogenic and occur with cuff overinflation, as seen with dental procedures.

    This injury can be avoided with proper cuff inflation and postural drainage. Suction can be placed in the pharyngeal region to collect fluid. When the dental procedure is complete, the mouth and pharyngeal area should be examined to make sure no sponges are left in place. Tracheal tears can be life threatening and difficult to repair but can be prevented. Team members should pay appropriate attention to endotracheal tube size, cuff inflation, and patient positioning.

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    J Am Vet Med Assoc. Trachea and bronchi. Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal. Louis, MO: Saunders-Elsevier; Holt D. Tracheal trauma. Small Animal Critical Care Medicine. Tracheal rupture in cats: 16 cases Bhandal J, Kuzma A. Tracheal rupture in a cat: diagnosis by computed tomography. Can Vet J. Tracheal rupture associated with intubation in cats: 20 cases Anesthetic emergencies and resuscitation. Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell; Unstable endobronchial intubation in a cat undergoing tracheal laceration repair. Vet Anaesth Analg. Anesthesia considerations for dental prophylaxis and oral surgery.

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