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How to make German Pretzels

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View step-by-step directions on our blog Read the blog for this recipe. Let's stay in touch Sign up to receive baker-tested recipes, special offers, and expert tips. Recipe box. Search recipes by ingredient. Recipe success guide. At a glance Prep 20 mins. Bake 8 mins. Total 1 hrs 10 mins. Yield 8 large pretzels Nutrition information. Recipe Success Guide. Your goal is a soft dough. Topping 1 cup boiling water 2 tablespoons baking soda coarse, kosher or pretzel salt, optional 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted. Topping g boiling water 28g baking soda coarse, kosher or pretzel salt, optional 43g unsalted butter, melted.

Instructions To make dough by hand, or with a mixer: Place all of the dough ingredients into a bowl, and beat until well-combined. Knead the dough, by hand or machine, for about 5 minutes, until it's soft, smooth, and quite slack. Flour the dough and place it in a bag, and allow it to rest for 30 minutes. To make dough with a bread machine : Place all of the dough ingredients into the pan of your bread machine, program the machine for dough or manual, and press Start.

Allow the dough to proceed through its kneading cycle no need to let it rise , then cancel the machine, flour the dough, and give it a rest in a plastic bag, as instructed above. To make dough with a food processor: Place the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in the work bowl of a food processor equipped with the steel blade. Process for 5 seconds. If you love those golden, buttery mall pretzels, you have to check out this recipe and step-by-step video!

I ate a lot of pretzels. The flour mixture used to make the dough is pre-mixed, so while I made literal thousands of batches of fresh dough, I never made it entirely from scratch. So no, this is not the recipe. Most pretzels in the world are made with lye, which gives pretzels their chewy, brown crust. However, lye is scary to work with, and at 28 years old, I still am hesitant to use it, let alone recommend it to home cooks. But luckily, there is a solution. Literally, a solution made of baking soda and water!

The alkalinity of the baking soda solution allows the exterior of the pretzel to brown at a significantly faster rate, giving it that signature crust and flavor. In order to bridge that gap a little, I first bake my baking soda, which makes it stronger and closer to lye but still safer and more accessible!

You can skip that step and just use regular baking soda, but I recommend going the one step further to bake it first. And if you want to skip the whole pretzel-shaping business, feel free to simply make pretzel sticks or pretzel bites. This recipe is not a quick recipe. I will include a note at the end of the recipe in case dessert-style pretzels are your thing! These pretzels are best served fresh from the oven, but store well in the fridge for up to 2 days or in the freezer for up to 1 month in a plastic bag with the excess air pushed out.

To reheat, wrap each pretzels in a slightly damp paper towel and microwave in 15 second intervals until warmed through. That is the best part of pretzels for me anyway. Good morning, Thank you for posting this awsome recipe! I was wondering, can the flour be substituted for a gluten free flour? These pretzels turned out amazing and they were so simple to make.

As recommended by Morgan in her reddit post, I subbed active dry yeast for 2 tsp of instant yeast. These looks really nice. I like the touch of brushing with butter after baking, I always seem to forget that step! I never knew how easy it was to make. The cheddar cheese dipping sauce is a great idea.

My kids would love to dip these. That is so neat that you are teaching the 2 neighbor kiddos how to cook. You are teaching them skills that will last a lifetime. I heart soft pretzels. And making it mini is even better! I am SO starring this to try for Superbowl.

The cheese dip recipe is just icing on the cake. These look fabulous Maria! I love homemade pretzels so much and these are a great idea for the Super Bowl. I love soft pretzels! What a great idea. They are definitely going on my game day menu. Thanks for sharing and that is a great photo! These look fantastic! Those look so good. They remind me of the kind you can get at the mall, but I bet they taste times better. I bet a sweet version would also be delicious! These are perfect. And your photos are becoming more and more beautiful!!!

Did you get some new equipment? The pretzels look great. Just bookmarked the recipe! These little bites look so perfect. I actually made soft pretzels for the Superbowl last year. I have a feeling pretzel bites are a little less time-conusiming. Great idea!

Soft Pretzels

I was searching for Super Bowl food ideas. This looks like the perfect choice on Sunday. Thanks for sharing, Maria. Thankfully super bowl we have all decided to meet at a local bar for wings. I am a huge Colts fan and I really did not want to spend the entire super bowl in Jeff being nice and a good host. Awesome job! I love soft pretzels especially if the dough was made with jalapenos. I would have never thought it possible to make pretzels at home, just seems like an impossible task in my mind. They look so good and I love anything in a small bite!

Looks great Maria! Dipping little bites of goodness in cheese is one of my favorite past times. Wow, these pretzel bites are calling my name. I was just looking in our cabinets for pretzels last night! Love the Pretzel bits…you can dip more! Yummy — I am totally making these this weekend! Our fmaily loves pretzels, and I am excited to make some homemade! I made some pretzels recently that were delicious day 1, but they lost some of their perfect consistency after a night or two in a tupperware container… Thanks!

Jami-the kids ate them the day we made them. I would reheat them in the oven if you want to enjoy them the next day. Reheat and stir the sauce too. I have made pretzels before were a favorite breakfast dish for my kids …but bagel bites I have not made…yet…and just in time for superbowl sunday, too. Thanks for sharing. Those look really yummy. I bet my girls would love them. I just tried these and they were pretty good, but they tasted a lot like baking soda? Did I do something wrong or is it possible to cut out the baking soda? They are addicting! Hi, I just tried the soft pretzel bites and they tasted like baking soda.

Do you know what I did wrong? I thought I followed the recipe.

Homemade Soft Pretzels

Our pretzels have never tasted like baking soda. Sorry you had struggles. Oh these look yummy!!! Question though…do you think i could sub some whole wheat flour for some or all or the apf in this recipe? I searched for recipes all day and came across this simple recipe. Thank you! The first time i made these they tasted too much like baking soda, so the next batch i made, i just put a little bit of baking soda in the water and they tasted great and still soft!

Hi — was wondering if these freeze well? Thanks — good recipe. I have never froze the pretzels before. I am guessing they would be fine though. Let me know if you try it! And thanks for the recipe! Such a great idea to teach cooking classes to kids…that may be something I could do in my neighborhood! Do you charge? This is a fantastic recipe.

I tried it over the weekend and it turned out perfectly — with any recipe like this though, I am always careful to make sure not to overcook. I am sure, you need a lot of baking soda to boil the pretzels. I definitely would agree…I used this recipe and the entire batch tastes strongly like baking soda!! I was so bummed! Baking soda does not go in the water that the yeast is being dissolved in, only in the water that the pretzel dough will be dipped in for 30 seconds or so before baking.

Mine did not taste at all like baking soda. Glad you liked the pretzels. The baking soda goes in the boiling water to boil pretzels!!! You are right! What a great treat! As a lover of pretzels, these definitely were delicious! I featured them on my blog — blogfoodbetter. What I did was to coat them with cheese and bake them, giving them a stronger cheese flavor and a little crunch. Are they still good the next day? If prepared the day before the event? I am sure they would still be fine, just put them in an air tight container.

Ours never last until the next day: Have fun! Hi, This looks fantastic!! Hmmm — these look super super delish and like they would make for THE perfect game day snack. Just knead the dough with your hands instead of using the mixer. You will get a good workout in:. Give it a try and let me know how they turn out! Thanks for visiting our site. So long as your flour amounts in the recipe do not exceed what your pan can handle, go ahead!

I just made these! After baking, I dipped half of them in a little bowl of melted butter then a bowl of sugar and cinnamon. The other half I will dip in honey mustard sauce. Thanks for the recipe — is the baking soda off — I only used half and they are super strong tasting still — plus the water boiled up all over the stove when it reacted with the baking soda. You need the baking soda to achieve the brown, chewy crust on the pretzels. Add it slowly to the water. If it is too strong for you, try using less, but you do need it.

This will be great for parties and such! My husband loved them! Thanks for sharing! These are seriously addicting! So easy to make, too. I just made some for a friend for her 21st birthday, it was a nice variation from traditional birthday goodies like cake and cookies. Instead of plain coarse ground salt on top, I sprinkled them with coarse ground garlic salt- added a slightly different flavor,so tasty! The standard packages of yeast sold in the store. I just made these bites today after drooling over them for a bit. They turned out SO good! Very yummy. Vanila cream cheese frosting?

Your the devil. When you say to add powdered sugar is it a little like a few tablespoons or a lot like a cup? I am still learning to cook and am not good at guessing yet. Thanks for your help! Start with about a cup, add a splash of milk, whisk and check consistency. If it is too thin, add more powdered sugar. If it is too thick, add more milk:. My version of heaven! I made these for a party last night and they were great! I made this recipe tonight and it turned out wonderfully! They were so amazing! Growing up my best friends mom made homemade pretzel bites and I have since tried duplicating the recipe, I finally found the one!

The pretzels were perfect on top and almost burnt on the bottom, and that was even after I reduced the cooking time by 3 minutes. Absolutely delicious nonetheless! Everyone should make these, so easy! I made these and they were amazing right out of the oven.

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You can either freeze the dough in a ball or cut the dough into the bites and freeze them. Let us know if you try it! Made these today — so addictive! Thanks for sharing a great recipe! All this time, I have only been buying the boxes of frozen soft pretzels. These are SO delicious, I have made them twice within a weeks time! They take some time, but the work is actually very minimal and the results are amazing!

These look SO amazing. I just finished making these and my husband and I really liked them! I think I may be addicted. I would love to have these for NYE. Just made these for NYE. I am going to get fat. And I am not sure if my guests will get to try them. The dough is amazing! I love it! But the everything about the boiling was worthless…the baking soda made them taste nasty and the water will make them super soggy if you let them soak for to long! Just wondering what is exactly a package of active dry yeast???????

I have a jar of about 4 oz, do I need to only use like 2 tablespoons???? They sound delicious!!!! Made these last night and they are yummy, though I found that I could only eat three or four bites because of the bitter aftertaste. Is it possible that something went wrong? But the recipe made so much we made three kinds, one with just the salt and dipped in cheese, one batch we mixed brown sugar, powdered sugar and cinnamon and sprinkled that over the dough before we put it in the oven.

Finally we made a batch with garlic powder and italian herbs that batch was the worst out of the three :. The best were the ones coated in the brown sugar, cinnamon and powdered sugar. Perfect timing! Our church has a bread auction every year on Super Bowl Sunday and these will be a huge hit! Thanks for the idea…and the Sugar Rush! Would I be able to make these by kneading with my hands? If so, how do I do that?

Anyway, they came out great!! Mad these this afternoon. They very very good. I usually make the tradition pretzel shape. So much easier. Made these today, had that bitter after taste. We even put them in vinegar and they had a little bit of a reaction. Im not sure what went wrong i follow the recipe exact…. I JUST made these. Some things I would do differently: 1. Not be lazy and cut out perfect squares, although I did some squares and some just squished together — both look fine, just not as perfect as the shown photos 2.

Use more water with the baking soda, Im not sure I used enough so I got some of that taste on my pretzel. DONT use too much salt on top!! My reasonsing for making is because A. I love soft baked pretzels, and B. Best pretzel with a salsiccia in the middle. So I cooked a HOT italian sausage, cut it into small pieces and put into the middle of my mini pretzel bites.

Will make these again! I made these last week and they were addicting! Making them again today for Super Bowl. Go Giants! Also how long should this dough be kneaded for? Wish I had seen the comments about the baking soda. I also made them for the superbowl, they looked beautiful but were unedible. I will have to try it again. YUM cant wait!! So I tried making these last night, and I followed the recipe to a T.

The dough smelled great, just like a pretzel dough should. After they were baked, they came out of the oven with baking soda around the pretzels they were golden brown just had white dust all over them.

They tasted great when you first bit into them too but after a few seconds they tasted soapy and had a horrible after taste. I want to try to make these again because they look delicious and now Ive been craving them, any suggestions as to what might have gone wrong? These are gone within a couple of hours of being made. If you do try it, just be careful when you add the baking soda to the boiling water. The second time I made these it bubbled like mad and overflew all over the stove, haha. My mistake! I would say to just stir in the baking soda at the beginning and let the water come to a boil with it already in there.

Delicious recipe! Will definitely make lots more. I just made these yesterday and they were amazing!! All 4 kids loved them. Will make them regularly and no more mall pretzels for us. Thanks so much!! These sound delicious! I would add brushing them with melted butter to make them taste like the ones at the mall ;o. I wonder if you made them a little bigger they would be like the Sister Schubert pretzel rolls — worth a try. The first time was a huge hit with my family.

Is there anything specific you could think of that might cause that? It rendered the pretzels almost inedible. I made these with the intention of having them as a treat for my guests that are coming over in an hour. I seriously just ate almost all of them, so my friends are getting chips and salsa tonight instead haha! Thanks for this awesome recipe! I wonder what makes some of us have it and some not? They tasted fine but were not very appealing to the eye.

Did I soak too long? I just mad full sized pretzels with tho recipe and I already want to Ale more. They are amazing! I wonder if they are freezable? The first time the water foamed up all over the stove—it was a mess! Just trying to think thru the process to understand what could be causing the different reactions. Sorry you had issues. We use a stainless steal-large soup pot.

Add the baking soda in slowly.

Not sure what to cook?

We use water from our faucet, nothing special: I hope this helps. I am really not sure why you had such differences in the batches! Not sure why the differences either, but we will be making more! I wish I could come bake with you so we could figure it out: We do turn it down a bit, probably to medium heat, but the water is still boiling a bit, just not going crazy. I hope that helps! Also, do you have to use unsalted butter? Just made these this afternoon for a snack — SO good! As in, Hubby and I probably ate enough for them to count as dinner! These were so easy and so amazingly delicious.

I cannot believe how many it made. I stored them in a ziplock bag overnight after completely cooling the pretzels. The next day they were not nearly as tasty. The salt kind of dissolved into the pretzels. Any recommendations as to storing the leftover pretzels? I was thinking of freezing them right away and then re-heating them in the oven. The pretzels probably got too moist in the bag. You can put them in an container and crack the lid or leave them out. Freezing will work as well! This recipe is delicious!! I just made some today, and wow, I cannot stop eating them- thanks for posting!

I now I could use different oil, but anything else besides oil and butter. We could not stop eating them! So a batch of these feeds a family of 6, including younger kids. Thank you for this recipe! Are any alterations required for this? Love the blog!! Made these for a football game and they were delicious — thanks so much!

When I started to make the cheese sauce I realized my milk was sour. I could use evaporated milk, but decided to use beer and it was really good. Just a quick question- even though I know this is an old post. About how many pretzel bites did this make? I need to know if I should double the recipe! Thank you!! Made these today as the inaugural use of my new stand mixer. They came out wonderful. Can I use a hand mixer for combining butter, yeast, water and sugar…or does that get kneaded together too?

I just found this website and was in love with the best of recipes. Last night for our New Years party we made these pretzel bites… Awesome- just like the ones you buy at your favorite sporting event… And we made the guacamole grilled cheese sandwich- again so good. I know this is one of your older recipes, but I made them when my friend called me the day before his NYE party and begged me to bring some snacks because all he had were frozen pigs in blankets.

They were fun to make and a huge hit at the party! Great recipe, love the blog!!

How to Make Pretzels at Home

These will be made at home, brought to a party, then sit out at the party. Do you think that will be a problem i. You can always heat it up in the microwave on on the stove. Stir it up and it should be just fine. Would love to see this one! I know this is an old post, but I have a question!!

Gotta have soft pretzels in NYC! Anyway, is there any point where I could freeze them, so they can be do ahead? I just tried these for Super Bowl Sunday. It seemed like a large amount of baking soda, and I felt like I could taste the soda on the pretzels after baking. Is it possible to do this with less baking soda? If so, I would love advice on how to make these yummy pretzels. The pretzels are amazing.

My kids ate them up. Thanks for a great recipe.

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I will definitely make them again. I made the cheese sauce, too, but mine turned out grainy. Any idea what I did wrong? I made these last night and they were delicious! The cheese dipping sauce was amazing, as well. Learned my lesson for next time. Great recipe, my husband told me I have to add it into the rotation. These were good but I think the temp is a little too high. The tops and bottoms were basically burned and the inside was still a little doughy.

Will make these again using a different temp but thanks for the recipe! I will right away snatch your rss feed as I can not to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. That seems like way too much! These were so good but a little on the salty side. I made this and they came out perfect! I am sure this piece of writing has touched all the internet visitors, its really really fastidious article on building up new weblog.

These came out incredible!! My husband said these were so much better then the ones that we love to eat at our local mall. I made these tonight and what a success! Because I plan on absolutely making these again! Can the dough be frozen? If so, at what stage in the recipe can the dough be frozen, eg. Or is freezing not recommended?

Just made these and they turned out wonderful! My whole family inhaled them as quickly as they came out of the oven. Do they need to be baked immediately after boiling, or can I get them that far, then wait a couple of hours to bake them? Just made these and they came out great!!! I used to live in Jersey where we had the Philly Pretzel Factory chain by us. I used to buy a box of rivets every sunday for football. These came out delicious. I no longer miss PPF, I can just make them myself!! I cursed this recipe the whole time I made them because they were more work than I wanted them to be and led to a very messy kitchen!

Well worth the trouble. What a great recipe. Easy, quick, and fun. I used the same batch of dough to make both cinnamon sugar and salty pretzel bites. I am also a vegan, so I simply used vegan butter Earth Balance in the actual dough and in replace of the egg wash. I have commented on how great these are already, however I did that on the day I made them. Just pop then about a degree oven for a few minutes and they got soft again. These look soooo good, thank you for posting this recipe.

I am definitely making these. Made them last week and they turned out fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Any thoughts on how these would turn out using gluten free flour and xantham gum? I am still new to the gluten free cooking. There are two different measurements for water. Which one goes into the mixer and which one do you boil with the baking soda? Just wondering if this dough could be done in a bread machine? I am so excited to make these! What are your thoughts on freezing? I am wondering if I could freeze them after I bake them and then reheat them in the oven.

Thanks so much for a great recipe!! One big mistake in the recipe! The pretzels were great fun to make and serve with lots of different mustards. Have you tried to freeze these after making?