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      True North Box Set Volume 2. Good Boy. True North Box Set Volume 1.

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      Rookie Move. Pipe Dreams. Hard Hitter. Man Hands. Goodbye Paradise. Boy Toy. Tanya Eby. Man Card. Falling from the Sky. Shooting for the Stars. Sarah Mayberry. The Gravity Collection. Hello Forever. The crossover for the MTM version uses a similar topology to the original TM version, but with a few changes. The woofer circuit is 2nd order electrical, with the. The tweeter's filter is 3rd order electrical, with the 10 Ohm series resistor acting as attenuation.

      The crossover point is around Hz, and the acoustic slopes are In the world of sound reproduction, there's a limit on bass extension vs.

      Denovo Audio Overnight Sensation kit

      This rule is called Hoffman's Iron Law, and this design is as close as I've ever come to breaking it. These are fairly small speakers, and to most ears they will put out a sound that defies their size. This is one speaker that will keep you wondering, "Is the sub still on? Part of the magic of the Overnight Sensations series is in the drivers. The HiVi B4N can put out deceivingly-good bass in a very small enclosure, and the price is very reasonable.

      They also have quite a bit of power handling; I have pushed the MTM version here with program material to 99 dB with no problems. The ND20 plays very clean. It's downfall, in my opinion, is that it's not the easiest tweeter to work with. Small changes in filter values cause large changes in Frequency Response; shaping its response takes time and patience. The end result is worth the work, though. The sound is big, and they sort of pick up where the TM version leaves off.

      Where the TM version does its best work in a small room, the MTM version can easily rock the walls in such a room They still work as desktop speakers, and will have a nice, immersive soundstage, but please be careful with your hearing--and be respectful of those whose desk is near yours. These things pack a bit of a party. You may remember his phenomenal version of the Overnight Sensation TM with the curved cabinets.

      Well, he's one-upped himself with this build. He did curved cabinets using thin plywood bent over an MDF frame, then veneered with some beautiful Sapele veneer to match his homemade gainclone amp under the desk lamp. His complete build thread is here. Vendedor: WorldWide-Records Vendedor: Scanner Vendedor: golden-oldies Vendedor: xxRecordsxx Vendedor: epicentre Vendedor: chaoticbrilliance Vendedor: brymonty60 Vendedor: Keimi Vendedor: 13thwaterman Vendedor: FijiStreet Vendedor: djraf