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The world is continually shifting, and you are continually moving within it, in whatever direction you want. Just turn. Cut across the grass. Take a back road.

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To smile at the things you cannot replace, cannot fix, cannot make perfect. Nothing is perfect. You are not perfect. Forget the jar. Throw it down. Shatter it.

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Watch it fall and break and crush into a thousand tiny pieces and celebrate that change hurts, and that growth sucks. But now you are free falling, and it is terrifying, but terribly freeing. Then start over. Begin again. All at once, or piece by piece.

Start with the little things. That stands for Spunky Old Broads. All the hosts are women over fifty. Everybody says so. True Tales of Puget Sound sold out in three weeks and is now in its second printing.

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Filled with warm, quirky, vignettes of the history of Puget Sound, True Tales really are, as Dorothy Guarantees, stories you never heard before. Across the Fence: Dorothy Wilhelm tells Sound history. If you feel that you have heard all of Puget Sound history and nothing could surprise you anymore — think again! And I just wish history in school were taught as lively and interspersed with fun facts as this beautiful book manages to do.

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Dorothy Wilhelm has a gift for turning history into an experience which brings the past right to your doorstep. At the fringe of these productions, local residents told Dorothy Wilhelm bits of history that are not mentioned in your everyday history book.

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History that they or their family experienced from the times of the first settlements up to the presence. Now, everybody who knows my friend Dorothy also knows that she is very inquisitive, constantly checking out things across the fence, and wants her facts straight. So, she started checking on what she had heard and backing up these tales by countless interviews with historians and reading numerous books the bibliography is quite impressive.

Dorothy Wilhelm links up seemingly unconnected topics with astonishing ease.

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Or would you know e. Most of us would stop after the first few miles of the Oregon Trail and return home with blisters on our feet and complaints about the weather.

Well, Dorothy Wilhelm has that gift to point out such things without sounding reprimanding. And a fantastic compilation of old photos and artwork illustrates the text and makes the book a true work of entertainment as well as of local history. An ebook version is also available. From the shores of Gig Harbor to the slopes of Mount Rainier, the towns surrounding Puget Sound all have incredible stories to share.