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Sign up for FREE to receive the latest saltwater fishing videos, tutorials, product reviews, and fishing product discounts! Or click either button below to go directly to iTunes or Stitcher to download the episode. In this video, John shows how he catches flounder from shore with his favorite bucktail rigged with a Berkley Gulp bait. Note: this is the same flounder that made the cover of his book, Summer Flounder.

To catch a walleye: 10 tips for the fishing opener -

Here is a link to see all of the John Skinner custom bucktail jigs. I noticed that every fish was caught on the lower hook bucktail. Great stuff! Is there any of that action taking place in fla or is it all out of state? Recently moved to tarpon springs and these flounder are stumping me. John Skinner is The Man when it comes to fluking. Any chance of an Insider discount on his jigs or book? Thank you. I have been following John and his videos for several years.

Thank you for featuring his excellent work. John Skinner is awesome! Just happened to buy two his bait casting outfits from JT Tackle! Great videos and explanations of tackle and techniques. I cannot offer a valid opinion on fishing for flatfish from shore. But, I think I can when it comes to vertical jigging from a boat. Whether jigging for halibut, fluke. This is based on almost 40 years of fishing for flatfish in Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf waters, many of them as a licensed guide.

Drilling rigs

Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my flatfish experiences. Capt Pete. Great videos wish i had them years ago when i still lived on Long Island. The question is now where do you fish for fluke from shore in Central Florida? Email Address:. Remember Me. Account Settings.

How to Become an Offshore Worker: Oil

Like Salt Strong on Facebook:. Comments 0. Enjoy and make sure to check out the interview and other videos below after you watch this one. Sign me up! I hate fishing. Subscribe to Salt Strong. One of the halibut fishing tips I got early on is that a sturgeon rod is fine but is light tipped, which will wear you out on a long day of fishing. J-Hooks or Circle Hooks? This is your choice, depending on how you like to fish. I prefer to let the Halibut eat the bait so a rounded hook is perfect for me.

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Use a J-hook if you intend to 'set' the hook by yanking up on the rod before reeling it in. Lures There are literally thousand options to choose from. Octopus-resembling rubber lures seem to dominate the market, as do the Dart, Zzinger and Stinger and hoochie skirts.

Best Jobs In The Oil and Gas Industry And Tips On How To Be Successful.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to what will work or what color! Always attach some sort of bait or use a liquid bait scent to smear over the lures - remember, halibut smell their food! It's up to you! It's truly a preference thing - do you wish to be more 'active' while you're fishing? Then do it!

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  • I like to do both - let my circle hook work it's magic for a while and when I get bored with that - switch it up! That is because for us living in Alaska, free shipping is unheard of! And through Amazon Prime, they offer free shipping! If you're in the lower 48, most of the time they guarantee 3 day shipping! It's a super deal for me and although I don't receive the product within the 3 days, who cares as long as the shipping is free!!! I hear from folks in the lower 48 and they say they can even get same-day shipping. If you're not a member, they have a "try it free" deal that I recommend!

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    Ketchikan Webcams. Ketchikan Weather. Walking Tour Map. Read More. Quite simply the easiest and super scrumptious clam chowder recipe direct from Ketchikan, Alaska! Passed on for generations and still incredible. This Alaskan halibut recipe is one of those easy halibut recipes - perfect for fresh or frozen Alaskan hali…. Guard Island in Ketchikan Alaska - gorgeous, huh?! So easy a kid can do it! Hey, that's me! Halibut Fishing in Ketchikan Alaska.

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    Halibut for dinner tonight!