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The legitimate government, the private sector and civil society were cast aside in favor of for-profit aid companies in the United States and other foreign experts.

Accountability and Anti-Corruption

Today it is a policy that has only served to weaken the state and perpetuate the corruption, this time on an international scale. Seemingly in contrast at first, Petrocaribe put funds directly into government coffers, allowing the government to fill wide gaps left by the earthquake. But rather than helping develop a more effective aid regimen, the infusion wound up delivering a highly efficient patronage system.

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Nine years after the earthquake, there is still little to show for the billions received. Last year, a Haitian Senate commission published a page investigative report on the Petrocaribe program.

15 ways young people can fight corruption

The movement itself is improbable. It has no clear political leader. Unfortunately, tensions are rising as change begins to appear possible. Last July, three days of riots followed a gasoline price hike, revealing how close the nation is to a social explosion. Then came Mr. Still, armed gangs close to the ruling party, together with corrupt police officers, massacred at least 60 people just days before the Nov. In Haiti, stability has often been cited as a reason not to challenge misgovernment, but the events of last summer and fall revealed that continuing the status quo will only generate more instability.

Nonviolent protest that puts pressure on officials to promote accountability would seem to be an obvious path out of that conundrum, but recent history does not point to much hope for significant change.

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In Peru and Colombia, protesters took aim specifically at sitting attorney generals accused of stymieing Odebrecht probes in their respective countries. Protests were mostly about him and Morales, rather than the entire political establishment as in the case of demonstrations in Different factors are driving this transformation in social mobilization. One is education: After several years with corruption at the top of the national agenda, citizens know more about the issue, journalists are better at covering it, civil society is more experienced in its response and compliance has become a priority for serious private sector leaders.

Also, even slight improvements in the economic scenario in countries like Brazil and the emergence of new faces in presidential offices and parliaments across the region has calmed the anti-establishment rhetoric — at least for now. Looking ahead, this evolution could lead to political outcomes that are also very different from what Latin America has experienced in the past couple of years.

If the anti-establishment impulse ceases to be a catalyzing element, the appeal of outsiders and new political leaders might also diminish. Also, the heightened scrutiny of law enforcement, judges, government officials and lawmakers could increase the costs of behind the scenes maneuvers against anti-corruption investigations and policies.

Changing the rules

Even in Brazil and Mexico, where protestors have been silent in the last few months, there are reasons to believe that the 2. With Bolsonaro and AMLO in office, anti-establishment rhetoric is losing traction and the anti-corruption discussion is becoming more specific.

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In the end, the anti-corruption protests 2. Greater scrutiny of public officials involved in combating graft, coupled with less anti-system rage will be good for Latin American democracies. However, its limits are clear. Using messaging campaigns to deliver social norm change is relatively common.

Diakonia’s work against corruption

While messaging can be a useful part of a social norm change intervention, it is by no means a silver bullet. There are essential nuances around social norm change messaging that are often missed during campaign or program design. These resources helped us to conceptualize key elements — and often missteps — of social norm messaging campaigns,.

Intuitively, we know that social norms can be more or less entrenched depending on the context. New literature however is starting to explore what factors make norms more resistant to change. Understanding the systems holding a social norm in place is necessary for designing social norm change programming that works, and for dialing up the elements of your programming that can address these dynamics head on.

These resources helped us to understand what might make a norm stronger or more resistant to change , or what target groups might be most relevant when designing a social norm change intervention. For examples of what good social norm change programming can look like, refer to the following. If your work is not on this list and you think it should be, please get in touch.

Notably, examples of aligned theory and practice largely come from the public health and gender equity sectors, though we believe their lessons are applicable to anti-corruption programming in fragile states. We do our best to stay current with the newest materials. Your help with that is most appreciated. Hi, I appreciate this initiative of response to this big challenge of social norm today.

As Sociologist i think that it is necessary and will be helpfull for our current social problems. Thank you for your interest. We agree that understanding and addressing social norms is key to creating positive social change. Hope, I very much liked your article.

Pls can you send me your Masters Thesis or the link to it… would like to read it.