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Laura Andersen. At the Mercy of the Queen. Anne Clinard Barnhill. The Fatal Crown. Ellen Jones. Red Rose, White Rose. Joanna Hickson. White Heart. Sherry Jones.

The Queen's Nectarine Machine - 1969 - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble (full album)

Rory Clements. The King Must Die. The Maidservant and the Murderer. Sam Thomas. Death at St. Her Highness, the Traitor. Susan Higginbotham. The Lion and the Rose. Kate Quinn. Elizabeth Norton. The Lady of Misrule: A Novel. The Sisters of Versailles. Sally Christie. In the Time of Kings. The Accidental Empress. Allison Pataki. The Shadow Queen.

Sandra Gulland. Sisters of Treason. Elizabeth Fremantle. The Honor Due a King.

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The Alchemist's Daughter. I, Jane. Diane Haeger. A Borgia Daughter Dies. Maryann Philip. Queen By Right. Anne Easter Smith. Stolen Remains. Christine Trent. The Chosen Queen. Joanna Courtney. The Virgin's Spy. Thomasine Rappold. Dangling by a Thread. Lea Wait. The Queen of Last Hopes. Erasing Memory. Scott Thornley. Root of the Tudor Rose. Mari Griffith. Four Sisters, All Queens. Tightening the Threads. The Royal Nanny. Karen Harper. First of the Tudors. In The Shadow of Lady Jane. Edward Charles. Evelyn Anthony.

Roses Have Thorns.

The Queen's Gamble

Sandra Byrd. The Queen's Pleasure. Brandy Purdy. The Lazarus Curse. Tessa Harris. The Serpent and the Pearl. The Rivals of Versailles.

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The Lady Who Lived Again. Mistress of Mourning. The Queen and the Courtesan. Freda Lightfoot. Royal Mistress. The Forgotten Queen. Threads of Evidence. The Taming of the Queen. Philippa Gregory. Threads: The Reincarnation of Anne Boleyn. Nell Gavin. The Virgin's Daughter. Tears in the Grass. Lynda A. The Queen's Vow. Promised to the Crown. Aimie K. The Siege Winter. Ariana Franklin. The Queen's Vow. C W Gortner. The Fatal Crown. Daughter of York. Hugh and Bess. The Queen's Pawn.

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Christy English. The King's Curse. Philippa Gregory. The Taming of the Queen. The Enemies of Versailles. The Sumerton Women. The Queen's Pleasure. Brandy Purdy. At the Mercy of the Queen. Anne Clinard Barnhill. To Die For.

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Sandra Byrd. The Queen's Rival. In The Shadow of Lady Jane. Edward Charles. Empress of the Night. Eva Stachniak. Mary Queen of Scots. Alison Weir. Rival to the Queen. Queen's Gambit. Elizabeth, The Queen. The Second Empress. Michelle Moran. A Dangerous Inheritance. The Winter Crown. Elizabeth Chadwick. The Queen of Last Hopes. The Scarlet Contessa. Jeanne Kalogridis. The Tudor Princess. Darcey Bonnette. Rivals in the Tudor Court. Lady of the English. First of the Tudors. The Secret Bride. Gemini Sasson. The Stolen Crown. The King's Mistress.

Emma Campion. The Confessions of Catherine de Medici. The Tudor Throne. The Agincourt Bride. The Thistle and the Rose. Jean Plaidy.

The Borgia Betrayal. Sara Poole. The Devil's Queen. Four Sisters, All Queens. To Defy a King. Henry VIII. Mary Boleyn. A Rose for the Crown. Elizabeth I. Margaret George. Those in Peril. Wilbur Smith. The Last Queen. The Captive Queen. The Kingmaker's Daughter. Merlin's Handbook for Seekers and Starseeds. Margaret Doner. The White Princess. The Tudor Rose. The Summer Queen. Secrets of the Tudor Court. Three Sisters, Three Queens.

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The Women of the Cousins' War. David Baldwin. The Girl Who Came Home. Hazel Gaynor. Madame Tussaud. The Tudor Secret. Christopher Gortner. The Lost Souls of Angelkov.