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Your E-Mail:. Hey All, I am working on a project and I am trying to think of musical theatre songs about the seasons. Colors of Paradise from Spitfire Grill. Seasons of Looooooooohuhuhuhuhuhuhuuuuve. Try to Remember from The Fantasticks. I believe it is called the Lusty Month of May. Yes, Fantod.

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl (Official Video)

I believe it was originally sung by June Christy, but no Spring Marie: Don't be in such a hurry about that pretty little chippy in Frisco. One of my favorites is Think Spring from Come Summer. Junior, watch your language: it's Too Darn Hot. Follow Us Facebook. America covered it in , and the Captain and Tennille cut their own version of it in The song isn't some sort of analogy. It's about actual muskrats falling in love.

The Best Songs of 2017 (So Far)

It's unclear why the Ford Administration thought that was a good idea. If they came a year later, Jimmy Carter would have probably pulled in a better act. They're one of the few pop duos in history to actually have a long-lasting personal relationship. You don't hear it much these days, but "You Light Up My Life" was actually the single biggest song of the s. The song was written as a love song, but Pat Boone's daughter Debby always interpreted it as a song about her devotion to God.

Part six: Life and death

The song was written by Joe Brooks, who was arrested in on charges that he lured 11 women to his apartment with the promise of a movie audition, and then sexually assaulted them. He committed suicide before the case went to trial. Around the same time this was all going down, his son Nicholas was arrested for murdering his girlfriend. The New York tabloids had a field day with the two cases.

Life and death: songs everyone must hear | Music |

Knowing all that, it's hard to listen to the song in quite the same way. That feat alone earns him a spot on the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

But in the summer of he released " You're Having My Baby," an uber-saccharine song about a man overjoyed about the news that his wife is pregnant. New life was breathed into the tune in when it was featured on Glee. Finn sang it to Quinn while having dinner with her parents. At the time, he didn't know that Puck was the real father and that Quinn's dad would throw her out of the house after hearing the news.

It's hard to hate on a song about the joys of mid-day sex, but the Starland Vocal Band make it easy. The group was composed of two real-life couples that probably enjoyed some afternoon delights around the time of the song's release in , though both couples have long-since divorced. The song hit Number One in the summer of and actually got the group a brief variety series on CBS the next year.

Winter, spring, summer, and fall -- sing about them all!

The song got renewed attention when it was featured on Glee recently with guest star John Stamos. Rick Dees was a Memphis DJ who spun so many disco songs that he decided to record his own parody of the genre in He never imagined that "Disco Duck" would reach Number One on the Hot and briefly make him a household name. The song was a hit everywhere in America besides Memphis, whose radio stations didn't want to promote a rival — and Rick's own station refused to play it. He continued to release novelty songs in the late s and early s, but they failed to find an audience.

Weird Al wasn't going to keep Rick Dees down though. He started the Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 in and it's still going strong. Debbie Boone. By Andy Greene.

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