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Each feature support table includes a "Usage relative" button. This will resize each browser version cell to be relative to the amount of support it has for the selected usage source. The caniuse browser scores are tallies of all features tracked on caniuse excluding those marked as "unofficial". The fully opaque part represents supported features, the semi-transparent part represents partial support.

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JavaScript Promises: an Introduction

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What is a promise?

Follow the feed if you'd like keep up with all the changes made. JS Array. We give the constructor a factory function which does the actual work.

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  8. This function is called immediately with two arguments. The first argument fulfills the promise and the second argument rejects the promise. Once the operation has completed, we call the appropriate function. In order to use a promise, we must somehow be able to wait for it to be fulfilled or rejected. The way to do this is using promise. With this in mind, it's easy to re-write our earlier readJSON function to use promises:. This still has lots of error handling code we'll see how we can improve on that in the next section but it's a lot less error prone to write, and we no longer have a strange extra parameter.

    Following our example through, what we really want to do is transform the promise via another operation. In our case, this second operation is synchronous, but it might just as easily have been an asynchronous operation. Fortunately, promises have a fully standardised, except jQuery method for transforming promises and chaining operations. Put simply,. To put that another way, use.

    This feels like a good time to warn you that what jQuery calls a promise is in fact totally different to what everyone else calls a promise. Fortunately, instead of using jQuery's strange version of a promise, you can just convert it to a really simple standardised promise:.


    Most modern browsers now support promises natively caniuse. None of the browsers currently support Promise. It's generally not seen as good practice to polyfill things in node.

    Creating a Promise

    Instead, you're better off just requiring the library wherever you need it.