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Email No time to chat? Discover IPS In-Plane Switching monitor technology, which allows you to enjoy lifelike picture quality with minimal variation from wider viewing angles.

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Featuring superior consistency in colour temperature and less change in contrast, LG IPS panels boast excellent image reproduction. Vertical Alignment VA panels have high contrast ratio, solid colors, and the ability to display deep blacks, but with one weakness: they might produce noticeable ghosting effects.

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Therefore, when choosing the VA panel, consumers need to make sure that their monitor is FreeSync- or Freesync 2-compatible to eliminate these ghosting effects. In-Plane Switching IPS panels have the best encompassing color quality, robust gray-scale performance, and wide viewing angles. They just cannot match the response time a TN monitor can provide and are prone to motion artifacts.

Therefore, besides panel types, gamers also need to figure out what other specs they need to enjoy games to the fullest. HDR monitors can show details more clearly and vividly and achieve a more natural-looking image. With HDR technology, monitors will have Freesync and Freesync 2 implemented to get the best console-gaming experience.

How to Buy a PC Monitor: A 12222 Guide

FreeSync 2 can run both adaptive sync and HDR at the same time for an optimal gaming experience. If you want to have better gaming experience, find a monitor equipped with a fast response time and a high refresh rate. Measured in milliseconds, the response time signifies the time a pixel needs to transition from one shade of gray to another gray to gray, GtG ; a fast response time helps remove the smearing of moving images, providing a smoother picture. A response time of 4 milliseconds is enough.

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  • Nowadays you can even find monitors with a 1ms response time, enhancing your gaming experience to the fullest. The refresh rate of a monitor is the time per second it takes to update images on the screen; it is measured in Hertz Hz. Most LCD monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate, meaning it can be refreshed 60 times per second.

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    What is noteworthy is that fast moving images may appear blurry at this rate. To have a better gaming experience, go for a monitor with a Hz or the higher refresh rate, such as Hz, which will help reduce blurry images and eliminate tearing; this is a must if gamers would like to go for active 3D technology. Note: game consoles like Xbox can adjust the refresh rate up to Hz. For gamers who value picture quality and smoothness, response time is the top priority. However, gamers who pay attention to an immersive gaming experience, may find color performance more essential.

    The monitor is not connect by usb. It's connected by the video cable. The usb is for the ports on the monitor.

    Best to connect that usb cable to the back usb ports on the computer since those are the best powered ones. Do not connect anything crucial to the usb ports on the monitor--no keyboard or mouse, no boot crucial hardware should be connected there. They belong on the back ports too. I use them for camera, web cam, card reader, etc.

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    Mine is connected via the parallel I think, not sure. I'll have to pull it out and check the connection and then find the cables for it. Thank you so much for the information. The video ports kind of look like parallel ports, but they are not. Parallel ports are the old pre-usb connection for printers.

    Finding the Monitor

    You can't find them on computers any more. Everything you need to connect your monitor came in the box video cables, maybe an adapter and a usb cable. That's all you need and it sounds like you are already set up properly. I have an older computer. It's using a parallel connction now. I don't think I have a DVI connection.