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Click here for a larger online version or click map itself to zoom depending on device. A gold bit in hand, Tharkensen considered what it would be like to kill a legend. Challenging for sure. And oh, so satisfying. He inhaled deeply, savoring the thought. The feat meant as much to him as a drink did to a man dying from thirst. The pay was simply a bonus. Tharkensen rolled the coin across the top of his calloused hand from his pointer to little finger and back again. Whether as a single gilded coin or broken down into ten silver monarchs or a thousand silver bits, it was a small fortune.

He had killed for less.

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Much less. He wore homespun linen, a moth-eaten mantle, its collar pulled high to hide his neck, and he slouched down under the brim of his grease-stained hat. One could easily mistake him for a step above a commoner. And none who claimed to be a blacksmith ever had hands so smooth. Then there was his scent: as clean as a babe soaped and washed fresh by his mother. Besides, Thar never forgot a face. May the Dominion shine on you. With a shake of his head, Thar watched him leave, waiting for the click of the door lock before he began his meal.

Even if the boy thought more with his prick than with his head. How else to explain their defeat despite the training I gave them? Taking a deep breath, he stopped himself from becoming ecstatic. He wondered if it was worth it to take on this adversary or if he would again be wasting his time.

The coin, which was ten times what he normally charged, gave him a measure of hope. In small bursts, like miniature lightning bolts, tingles eased up his arms and face. Perhaps things would be different this time. Perhaps he might actually be risking his life. Perhaps he would find one worthy of their name.

After all, what was life without a challenge? The thoughts sobered his enthusiasm. Only the most lethal of his number ever earned their true name. As good as his target was supposed to be, she would never see him coming. The certainty in his own skill, and the ensuing result, saddened him.

Mouth downturned, he considered his last few contracts. To prove the story true, Thar had greeted him with the point of his blade. Over and over again. The whimpers, wheezes, and leaking red that followed had been disappointing. Might as well change my name to the Myth Killer. He sighed. Overcome by past disappointments, hunger as dead as the bacon on his plate, cold coffee like mud, Thar pushed away from the table, the chair scraping the wooden floor.

There was no use in brooding. His job was death. The time had come to begin his service. First on his list: a trip into the Smear. He turned to leave and froze. She was lounging on a chair no less than ten feet from him. The price may be the seller's own price elsewhere or another seller's price. The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay.

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Etchings of Power (Aegis of the Gods, #1) por Terry C. Simpson

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Condition: New. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Who shall unite the kingdoms? Who can bring the world's power to heel? Who can walk the knife's edge of harmony?

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If none can, then Denestia is doomed. Amazon Kindle.