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When the creator of Harry Potter decides to build an adventure playground for her children, you expect something magical. Victory: Harry Potter author JK Rowling has won a battle to build two luxury tree houses in the garden of her home despite protests from local residents. This picture shows a computer simulation of the twin tree houses. The towers are linked by a rope bridge and can be approached by a secret tunnel hidden underneath a raised wooden walkway. Children's dream: Each wooden tree house is to be built on stilts and boasts balconies, carvings and turrets that wouldn't look out of place in a Potter adventure.

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Eco conscience: JK Rowling's tree houses will only be built with timber from sustainably managed forests. A wooden walkway connected to the giant structure leads to a giant trampoline deck that is shielded from public view by a row of extra tall conifers. Intricate design: After the extraordinary plans were submitted with the council last month, objections were lodged by people who live nearby. Bespoke fun: Plans reveal the houses are intended for Miss Rowling's two youngest children David, nine, and his sister Mackenzie, seven.

Miss Rowling, 46, lives in her 17th century mansion with her husband Dr Neil Murray, their two young children and her year-old daughter Jessica, from her first marriage. She lives there with her husband, their two young children and her year-old daughter Jessica, from her first marriage. Giant trees were lifted by crane over the garden walls to give the author and her family more privacy.

She also got approval to build a summer house that critics said looked like the stone hut inhabited by Hagrid, the giant groundsman from her best-selling novels. Wealthy: Daniel Radcliffe is pictured as Harry Potter. Tree houses are generally considered temporary structures and therefore do not need planning permission. However this only applies if they are less than 13 feet high from roof to base. Last night a spokesman for JK Rowling said she would not be commenting on the tree houses. What do you think about either one?

I would be grateful for your advice. Abusive birth parents horrible foster parents and then going into adoption with my cousin. She falls for him and him for her but then he dies after he finds out about her secret of being a ninja at night when he tries to follow her one night. Im thinking about writing a story about this girl who is a witch in highschool, and how she runs away from her overly religious parents to join a group of people who have powers.

I would like the title of the book to be the name of their group. Does anyone have any ideas? I could use some ideas. The book is about a girl who has the power to heal, and she can never die. She moves into a small town and meets some new people, including a boy who is a bit too curious about her, and she is scared that she will be exposed. Basically, a teenager girl starting high-school, disappears from her normal life and leaves her boyfriend in pieces — and she wakes up with a pack of wolves around her.

After which, she is now apart of the pack — the Alpha. But she must choose — her life as a human, or her life as a part of the pack? My story line consists of a young teenage girl who develops amnesia, waking up in an empty and abandoned town. The entire story is about her trying to pick up the pieces of her memory and find her family again. Hi guys! Bri, I think that locked would be a great name for a book, but its overly used.

I love it. I would totally buy that book if i saw it on amazon, or a book store, or a library, or, well, you get my point. OK so my book is about 16 year olds fighting each other. They each have powers, and some want to use them for good while others want to use them for evil.

Zoe and The Back Yard Boys The Magic Garden Haunted House Adventure by Moore & Thomas

Well, its like a love story whose plot is actually based on this. So can anyone help with a killer title?? Would be great help. Any thoughts. Grace Klara. I wrote a book about a girl who is a child genius at age 18 and has been offered a job as a marine behaviorist at a facility that specializes in unusual creatures. The creatures she works with are the mythological creature Selkie and everyone tells me I should name the book Selkie but that seems like it gives away the first few chapters of building up to what the creature actually is.

Wow, all of you have great titles! She escapes while going on adventures to flee from him. Any title ideas anyone? Much appreaciated sorry for spelling btw. So yeah. I wrote a story about a girl whose husband had died She was alone and wanted to commit suicide but had a dream that made her stop. What is the best title for my story? Help please.. I need some help guys… My book is about my life and how all the messed up stuff my parents have done to me and how i still managed to stay strong and turn out alright.

It pretty much talks about family politics, lying, cheating, drinking and gambling and how it messes with a person while growing up. Please help me find the perfect name for my book. So what do you think. What kind of title would you give a story that revolves a lot around fantasy Swords and powers and stuff , the future advanced tech , demons and history? What do you think? Or should I think of something different. Crimson River is the time during the war and everything that happens in it.

For the last book, I will be writing about the after effects of war on Violet etc and how she recovers. It will only be a short book and I already have most of it plotted out. However, I think that sticking to a certain theme as well when deciding the names is key. Slowly but surely. I am writing a book on how to get ready ready for divine manifestations. This continues to happen, and as it does, the teenagers find out that the evil nursery rhymes themselves are after them.

What do you guys think? My friend and I wrote a book about people who have elemental powers. They are fire, wind, earth, and water. When thee are four cities one for each element. Each element is ruled by a king or a queen. When all the Kings and queens die teens from be ages of 13 to 18 go through different trials and 11 of each element makes it to camp.

They compete in games and get eliminated as they go. Each eliminated person gets a position in the palace somewhere. The winners of the last game become either king or queen but in the last game something happens and the non-elementals start a war against the elementals by taking their powers. The elemental a win in the end but now they have to rebuild the destroyed cities. Hey everybody : Im writing a book about a bad man. But its too simple, I was thinking about something more unique. Anyone has any ideas pleease? Any other ideas?

Much like the feeling all I knew is I wanted more. Our kiss was beautiful, much like the touch of the sunset on the horizon Your lips tasted like the rain and I was patiently waiting for the storm. All elements hit me at once. I felt the lightening coursing through your veins A tsunami crashing against your chest The hurricane in your mind But What I felt the most Was the hope in your heart The love within you, you fragile human.

Oh what a shame no one has loved you like you deserve. Take my hand. Secure, the feeling. And as you lay upon my chest know that each time you do the disease within me dies. I would not want you to fall in, and hurt yourself. And as you lay your head on my chest ignore the shouts from that locked up thing in the cage it could utter something entirely too irrational.

I may start a whole new natural disaster. Grab on. Hold tight. Enjoy the ride. She refuses to go back to her abusive family and rather live on the streets. Anyone have any ideas? All very interesting titles, they all inpired me too use a quote within a title.

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My title is: Practice makes Perfect, which is about this guy practicing to kill his friend before he actually does. I hope this helped :. What do you think. I wrote a short story about a teenager volunteering afterschool to help some of the senior citizens in her community. The novel also has elements of fantasy, scifi, romance, horror, thriller, comedy and western. Hey, entering this competition with a story I wrote.

This girl ebony runs away, after her mother the president evicts all males including her brother from the city. Any help?!

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Any would be appreciated! This site has already been a huge help to me in understanding what makes a good title, however! The second is a fast paced adventure, set in many different times and places. Yes, the backyard. Sorry if I rambled. Thank you in advance to anyone who is willing to give me title tips : Hannah.

The book is about a boy and a girl, music, finding yourself and betrayal. I really need help to pick the title. This is the options: 1. Love at first sight? Be yourself. Find yourself 3.

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When you least expect it 4. The dust of the starlight 5. Bitter sweet symphony Which one do you think would be the best? I wrote a short story for my English Folio about a boy and his mother who decide to go to his office building and stand up to him. I would like some help.

It takes place in medieval times. She is the only one who survived, not that it matters because she is held captive. But the books begins with this girl in wolf form in the woods where she was hunting with her pack 2 years earlier. Then there is this other girl who got lost in the woods, she is of royal blood.

She got badly injured and this wolf girl sees her laying against a tree, dyng of her injury. The wolf girl heals her and the other girl wakes up, scared of course. But there is this brief moment where she stared into the wolfs eyes, and she was no longer scared. She reached out to the wolfgirl but she ran away. Then 2 years later when the wolf girl gets captured, she finds out that it was this girls father, the king of a mighty kingdom called ….

There are many more advemtures to come but I cant describe them all of course. Does any one have any idea for a title? Mint: I would be reading the back of that book in a flash. It has to do with ballet How do you make a poetry book sound exciting?! Rosie that sounds mysterious. It almost contradicts itself and draws readers in.

I need help! My book is about a superhero girl trying to be a normal teenager. The main character Toronto Springs can shoot tornadoes out of the palms of her hands. I am stumped! Any help whatsoever would be awesome. Try saying your title out loud. Some of the most memorable titles are these which sound great when spoken. I titled my debut novel The Sheep Walker. When it came time for the publisher to design the book cover, that gave her problems. Some titles compels us to buy: 1.

I beat cancer 2. Mind Fantasy and Healing 3. Moon walking with Einstein. Then ofcourse: 5.

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Strategic Marketing. One that always struck me was The Stars Tonight.

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It was a book on astronomy, but the title felt almost magical, hinting at dreams and longings and possibilities. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Facebook 0. Twitter 0. Pinterest 0. LinkedIn 0. Submit To Our Review Board. I need a story title — please help me! Thanks, GoldenGirlOriana. Can anybody help, please? How about this title: Love at First.. Sight What do you think? How does this sound? With so many friendly characters, fun songs and surprises you will be sure to look for the next adventure to see what Zoe, Zeb and Cooper are up to!

Daniel Pinkwater. The Things I'm Grateful For Arnie Lightning. Henrietta: There's no one better. Martine Murray. The Magic Within. Maxine Hyde. The Rosebaby. Jeffree Wyn Itrich. Oh Gran! Stephanie Dagg. Dog Diaries.

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Clare Lawrence. A Whisper.

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