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Except at Isle Royale, that is. Conserving wildlife unimpaired in the national parks for the enjoyment of future generations can be tricky in today's recreational circles. At North Cascades National Park in Washington state, park staff work to balance the needs of peregrine falcons and climbers who share the same habitat. From an outcrop of flint in today's northern Texas, spear points and other Clovis-era tools spread across the continent thousands of years ago.

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Today the spear points are one of the most famous and defining items known to North American archaeology. Seals was here because black bears have slowly been returning to northeastern Alabama, where the 15, acres of Little River Canyon National Preserve run along the ridge tops, and he let me tag along when word came that one bear had stumbled into a trap.

But is it? If you're not familiar with the lay of the park system, these ten tips will help prepare you for what you'll encounter. The Everglades are a vast network of subtropical freshwater wetland and estuarine ecosystems that once spanned the length and breadth of south Florida. Fifty years of dredging and diking, starting in , greatly reduced their extent, altering water flow patterns and causing widespread ecological damage.

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Latest Podcasts. Using national park settings as a backdrop for these programs can serve double duty — the resources are the perfect educational tool, and the settings can really connect youth to nature. These settings seem to resonate with students', teachers', and adults' innate thirst for nature.

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Saul Weisberg, who helped found the North Cascades Institute in , has seen students from every walk of life positively affected by their experiences in North Cascades National Park and other public lands that the Institute uses as outdoor classrooms. Saul joins us today to talk about the benefits of these outdoor programs.

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Kim Titchener, the founder of bearsafety. In his commentary, host Kurt Repanshek suggests that the National Park Service be pulled out of the Interior Department and set up as a freestanding agency. Independent filmmaker Tom Huang discusses his new project, Find Me, a movie that uses national parks as a backdrop for a story about personal reflection and rejuvenation in nature.

It also touches on the issue of cultural diversity in park visitors. With the official start to summer on June 21, we also offer some tips for staying safe in parks, and look at the gateway town of Estes Park, Colorado. Are you familiar with Sooty terns? After they nest in the spring, where do they go?

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What do they eat? What will they face in the future? Jacob W. Frank is one of the photographers who frames Yellowstone National Park's wildlife, geysers, lakes and forests for you to enjoy.

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