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By NewsHound Ellen. Image from: Screengrab. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Email. Former Judge Jeanine Pirro's checkered past probably means she's a great candidate.

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A steadily paced and insightful look at friendship, marriage, betrayal and deceit and one of the most honest takes on middle-class mental illness that I have read. View 2 comments. The story revolves round Connie, from the day she met Ness in the park. They both had children that after a brief smartie war moment became best friends so it was enviable that they became friends too, then both families.

In no time at all Connie became a little concerned, Ness took on the same hair style as her, then was wearing her favourite perfume. Then the story jumps to find Connie in a The story revolves round Connie, from the day she met Ness in the park.

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Then the story jumps to find Connie in a psychiatric unit, This is one of those stories that lets you know that something massive has happened but not what it is, then it drops back to drip feed the story of the terrible event that happened and finishes a few chapters down the line from where it started. I must admit that this type of story really hooks me every time. Connie was as clueless as me as to why she was in this secure unit but Emma, her psychiatrist, was working with her from a point she could remember in her own time.

This story is so well written though that it is easy to follow. My mind was ready for exploding in a cascade of fury, hurt and betrayal, as my heart went out to Connie. The author masterfully takes you into the mind of Connie to share how she sees the world and at times it is overwhelming with such extreme emotions. The question is will Connie be able to finally face what happened as her mind had shut down once already. A brilliant read.

I wish to thank NetGalley and Ella at Transworld Publishing for an e-copy of this book which I have reviewed honestly. So when your main character wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with a memory loss, you know that the box of unreliable narrator is ticked straight away.

What ensued was a dark and twisted look at family life slowly crumbling beyond repair. Oh Connie, how did you let it all go so wrong? There is a massive elephant in the proverbial as I read. What drove Connie to do what she did? Was she mentally unstable or a victim of circumstance which I was yet to So when your main character wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with a memory loss, you know that the box of unreliable narrator is ticked straight away.

Was she mentally unstable or a victim of circumstance which I was yet to find out. Unhappy in her personal life, she sees Connie as her challenge, consuming her thoughts.

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I think the author picked the right words to spell as they sounded, just like a child developing the vocabulary and handwriting would do! The author lulled me into a total false sense of security. I thought I knew where I was heading but no, Ms Daniels blew my ideas out the water and sent me reeling in a different direction. This is a brilliant debut and I look forward to what Ms Daniels has to offer next!

Mar 25, Machelle rated it it was amazing. This one started slow, but builds in to this story you can't stop reading. The main character pulls on your sympathies as well as tweaks your "yikes, she is crazy" button.

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  6. Very well done and the author is great at keeping you turning the pages. Definitely will be searching out more of her work.

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    Jan 31, Breakaway Reviewers rated it it was amazing. If I could give more than 5 Stars I would. The quality of her writing is outstanding, and I could not put the book down. Her gritty, very moving account of a woman driven to the very brink of the precipice is so real and written with such humour that at times I laughed out loud. Constance Mortenson is not your typical heroine, but in my eyes, Best writing I have read in ages Natalie Daniels is the pseudonym for Clara Salaman, an English actress well known for her roles in The Bill and EastEnders.

    Constance Mortenson is not your typical heroine, but in my eyes, she represents a very modern-day woman, juggling a career, two children and a marriage that is starting to crack. She is also struggling to cope with her ageing parents, especially her beloved mother that has been diagnosed with dementia. Then she meets Ness in the local park, discovers that she lives around the corner, has a daughter the same age and the die is cast.

    Do they share too much, are they too close to one another? There are so many serious themes that are touched upon, and the way they are woven through the storyline is nothing short of genius. Emma ends up crossing the line between patient and doctor, partly because she seems beguiled by Connie and partly because of her genuine desire to help Connie make sense of her world. I loved both characters and was once again so very impressed by the quality of the writing and the beautiful relationship that blossoms between the two women.

    Too Close To Call

    Natalie Daniels has written a truly brilliant book and she is one to watch. I highly recommend this book. Gillian Breakaway Reviewers received a copy of this book to review Dec 03, Joanne Robertson rated it really liked it. Sometimes a cover really calls to you and this one, showing the everyday normality of two takeaway coffee cups, really did call to me from the first moment I saw it. As a psychological thriller, it also had all the elements within those pages that I love with a darkly atmospheric setting, well drawn and often unlikeable characters and a trail of subtly placed breadcrumbs that lead to a twisty finish!

    Connie is in a psychiatric hospital and psychiatrist Emma has been sent in to help her remember what happened. The plot is very dark and I will warn you now that it can be deeply distressing at times, especially towards the end. The slow build up was perfectly pitched so that the ending was as shocking as it was unexpected. This is one of those books that I guarantee will have you flicking back the pages once you get to the end to reread the last few pages again. Dec 03, Stephanie rated it really liked it. It is crime fiction but it is approached differently.

    You see the thoughts of Connie who has been accused and judged by everybody. You also get to see what her psychiatrist is going through and I can understand fully why their friendship started. Innocence is so lovely to read in a novel that at times could be upsetting.

    The crime Connie has committed is a terrible one, but apart from a brief moment fairly early you are not aware of the details until the end. Instead the focus is on what led to it, the emotion, betrayal and from those she loves and the jealousy that she feels. You see the lack of help from those who should do more and the devastating loss of somebody very close. But you also saw her bizarre friendship with Sita, something I could visualise clearly and loved the description of. You also get to know her psychiatrist Emma and how she dealt or otherwise with her own issues.

    I admired the way she dealt with the way her patient was regarded by her friends and wondered if this was how many who worked in similar situations felt. It is crime fiction but unlike many others it concentrates on what lead up to the event. I found it fascinating, often sad, often chilling but also glimpses of humour. Nov 13, Book-Lover Book Blog rated it liked it. I feel awful for giving this book a 3 star when I really enjoyed it by the end, but some of the scenes were a little far-fetched, maybe even a little realistic. I also felt the story was unfinished.

    I mean, what Connie did was awful, yet by the end?? Also, I spent the majority of the books confused. Especially when it seemed to jump suddenly to different scenes before back tracking to before that scene. It was awfully confusing and I found it frustrating. Apart from that, the story I feel awful for giving this book a 3 star when I really enjoyed it by the end, but some of the scenes were a little far-fetched, maybe even a little realistic. Apart from that, the story is written really well, and the authors writing style is pretty darn good too.

    Is she bisexual? She was awfully jealous of Ness a lot throughout the story but I felt that part of her character was unfinished. Unrealistic and for me, spoilt the story a fair bit. A great rest, though struggled to stay interested. They met one afternoon in the park and they struck up a conversation.

    Connie and Ness have a lot in common: they both were writers, they both had two kids the same ages and they happened to live 4 houses down from each other. Ness had just moved into the neighborhood with her wife, Leah, and Connie figured her and her husband, Karl, could welcome them to the area. The two families became intertwined. The kids became inseparable and the two couples got along great. But despite that, they remained close for 6 years. Now Connie is in a psychiatric ward. Her husband, her kids, her job, are nowhere in sight.

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    She takes medication like clockwork, spends her time with nut jobs and doctors, trying to figure out just what happened that fateful night. Robinson, urges Connie to tell the truth. No amount of honesty will make things right. Instead of working on her own treatment, Connie manages to get inside the mind of Dr. Robinson, manipulating her thoughts. Although Dr. This book had me hooked from the very beginning.

    Seeing the toxic relationship unfold between Ness and Connie made me anxious because I knew it could only lead to destruction and I was just waiting for things to fall apart. Thank you to Edelweiss, Harper Paperbacks and Natalie Daniels for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. What did I just read?

    Although it was very, very dark at times it was full of black humour. Well, this was similar for me. She is very damaged both literally in body but also in mind. Annie and her best friend Polly are hilarious, they are terrific characters if not somewhat macabre for being so young! I think we could all name a few of those actually my foul mouthed pugilist was pretty good at this!! I liked the way that despite all the trials and tribulations in her life, Connie gives Emma strength and in many ways they save each other. The book ended on an optimistic note as Connie is on the road to recovery and Emma made a vital change in her life.

    A great read. Dec 03, Aileen Mckenzie rated it really liked it. I have a confession to make. Not that I was unhappy about that, sometimes I enjoy something predictable yet enjoyable, however within a few pages of Too Close I realised I had something a bit different here, as we find main character Connie in a mental hospital, with no recollection of how or why she is there. We know she has committed a crime that has earned her the ti I have a confession to make.

    So Connie and Ness meet one day in the park by accident, their kids are the same age, and when Connie bumps into Ness again they become firm friends. The story slowly begins to unfurl the more sessions Dr Robinson has with Connie and manages to start coaxing her thoughts, feelings and memories out of her, and just as with a spider web and a fly, you are pulled in and cannot escape the inevitable.

    Too Close (Next song)

    Piece by piece the reader can begin to put together the events leading up to the event that left Connie where she is now, when the kettle finally reached boiling point. The plot is exceptionally well crafted, I thought I saw where the plot was going, on the whole I did, but it gave me so much more than what I was expecting, throwing up a few curve balls towards the end.

    Too Close is an immersive psychological thriller bursting with intrigue. I got this book for honest review from netgalley- it was in the mystery and thriller section- but what I read can't really be categorised into mystery? Or even thriller? This book is mostly a tale of mental illness- which still remained at the end of the book very unexplored or explained. The writing style was decent- which is why I awarded it 2. Connie is in the hospital- they are saying she's done someth I got this book for honest review from netgalley- it was in the mystery and thriller section- but what I read can't really be categorised into mystery?

    Connie is in the hospital- they are saying she's done something terrible but she can't remember what- so the book is mainly flashbacks of what lead all these things to happen. Also we're given glimpses into her psychiatrists life and past to be honest this added nothing to the story It's only towards the very back of the story that Connie goes into further detail or starts to recall and explain what she did and why she did it- the lead up to the main event was extremely long winded and dragged out. Had the writing style not been as good as it was I probably wouldn't have finished this book- I did finish but felt unsatisfied in the end.

    Nov 23, Maureen Moyes rated it really liked it. I was looking forward to reading this debut novel from Natalie Daniels as soon as I read the blurb. I was fascinated! Too Close is a tense psychological family drama which had me gripped throughout. Overall, I found the book to be quite dark and uncomfortable as the author weaves a shocker of a story that was very emotionally disturbing at times. It tells a story of friendship, betrayal, deceit and is a very tense read.