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Can You Keep Bees in the City and Keep Your Neighbors Happy?

Honeybees forage one to two miles away from their home, and in most cities, that radius includes a park or garden. Bonner says bees affect the 18, acres surrounding a hive.

So that makes a big difference in the community. Peterson-Roest says gardens around beehives in Detroit have reported increased crop yields, benefiting the residents and soup kitchens that these gardens feed. It has also led to a surge in interest, making people more hesitant to kill or spray bees once they learn about their importance. Leavey says beekeeping helps increase environmental awareness, a factor that the Georgia Tech Urban Honey Bee Project studies. Peterson-Roest notes that Detroit stands close to a water source.

Beehives may be a good fit for corporate campuses, too. Ultimately, urban honeybees are only one pollinator among many. Environment , Issues , Systems bees.

The Urban Beekeeper : A Year of Bees in the City

Tommy Coyote Photography In cities, bees get a balanced diet, face fewer predators, and avoid pesticides. And now, companies are providing native wildflower waystations, too. People think of beekeeping as a rural pursuit, but bees can thrive in urban areas. Bee Downtown. People often think of beekeeping as a rural pursuit, but honeybees and cities can help each other. Environment Environment.

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The Urban Beekeeper: A Year of Bees in the City

Last name. The theatre, full of small holding beekeepers, was electric with shock at this care-less, brutal handling of colonies. When Emma and I inspect our hives we get upset if we squash a single bee!

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Sustainable Urban Beekeeping

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The magic of urban beekeeping: a backyard San Francisco hive

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