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Sign in. Not registered? Sign up. Publications Pages Publications Pages. Search my Subject Specializations: Select Users without a subscription are not able to see the full content. Byrd Abstract This book is the first comprehensive study of its kind to explore how American colonists used biblical texts to justify the Revolution and inspire those who fought it.

More This book is the first comprehensive study of its kind to explore how American colonists used biblical texts to justify the Revolution and inspire those who fought it.

Jesus Wasn't American—Neither Is The Bible

Authors Affiliations are at time of print publication. Print Save Cite Email Share. Show Summary Details. The coalition will insist that no one be permitted to ruin this worldwide revival. Those who do not agree to cooperate will be considered disloyal, unpatriotic, anarchists and, finally, dangerous fanatics who must not be tolerated.

As we study the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, it seems apparent that the real enemy is always the devil. Is this true? Satan is always the real enemy. Satan is the one responsible for all evil. They are sometimes totally unaware that they are harming anyone. But that is never true of Satan. He is always fully aware. He hurts God and His people intentionally. How would the death of the pope or the election of a new president affect the prophecy of the United States in Revelation —18?

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The prophecy will be fulfilled no matter who is pope or president. A new president or pope may temporarily speed up or slow down fulfillment, but the final outcome is assured by Bible prophecy. Are the lamb-horned beast of Revelation —18 and the false prophet of Revelation the same power? In Revelation , where God mentions the destruction of the antichrist beast, He also refers to the destruction of the false prophet. So the lamb-horned beast and the false prophet are indeed the same power.

Quiz Questions 1. What do the two horns represent? What does "coming up out of the earth" signify? At about what time does the prophecy of Revelation chapter 13 indicate America would arise? Revelation chapter 13 indicates that America would eventually speak "as a dragon. How will America make an "image to the beast"? What punishments does Revelation say will be inflicted upon those who refuse the mark of the beast?

Which two earthly powers will have the most influence in the end time? Which items tell the truth about the battle of Armageddon? How successful will God's true, end-time revival be? The devil will stop it. How successful will the end-time counterfeit movement be?

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U.S. Army Study Proves Bible Prophecy True

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  3. 1. Two world powers are symbolized in Revelation chapter 13. What is the first power?.

Visit AFBookstore. Sharing Magazines Witness to friends and family with these powerhouse resources on a wide variety of biblical topics. Devotionals Strengthen your walk with Christ with these life-changing devotionals from your friends at Amazing Facts. Get yours before supplies run out. The Mark of the Beast. The Other Woman. Lesson 21 Can it really be true—the United States in Bible prophecy?

But even more surprises await you as the Bible reveals how the leading nation of the world came to exist and why! Please read Revelation —18 before beginning this guide, because these eight verses give a prophetic picture of the United States in the days ahead. The beast of Revelation symbolizes the papacy. Die USA in der biblischen Prophetie. USA i profetiene! USA i biblisk profetia Swedish. Related Video and the Mark of the Beast.

Bowing to the Beast. The Final War Over Worship. The Mark of Cain. Related Audio How does the mark of the beast relate to buying and selling? The Beast, Pt. Iraq, the traditional regional counterbalance for Iran, is at best emasculated, and at worst has key elements of its government acting as proxies for Iranian interests.

As the conflict expanded beyond its original boundaries, the colonial creation that was the Iraqi-Syrian border was effectively erased. Bashar Assad, having misjudged his ability to control the Salafist foreign fighters that he gave safe haven for the better part of a decade, found himself threatened by the very forces that he had exploited to avert an American invasion—an invasion that in actuality was never forthcoming.

Syria was plunged into a vicious civil war that devolved into a brutality only seen in the worst conflicts of the 20th century, resulting in a death toll that has topped half a million, repeated use of chemical weapons, and the worst refugee crisis since World War ii. Kurdistan evolved from a proto-state into a de facto nation, a development that has created deep tensions with Turkey.

The danger of a Sunni-Shia regional conflict, with potentially globally destabilizing effects, is now greater than at any time since the original schism. Not only did the Iraq War empower Iran, these authors state that it led to the ongoing civil wars in Syria and Yemen, the potential conflict brewing between Turkey and the Kurds, and the mounting tensions between the two main sects of the Muslim world. What a disaster! As the study said, these are profound consequences, but for greater reasons than even they realize. All these events are themselves prophetically significant. Bible prophecy shows that in this end time, the Islamic world will be divided, with Iran leading a radical camp against a moderate Islamic camp allied with Germany, which leads a European power.

And it is all leading to even more war! The Iraq War is just one in a long string of lost conflicts fought by the U. One of the reasons for losing the war, the authors point out, is because they failed to learn the lessons of the Vietnam War. Why did America lose the Vietnam War?

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Or the Korean War before that? Or the dozens of smaller wars fought over the last 70 years? Another bold prediction the Trumpet continues to make is that America has won its last war. Herbert W. Armstrong, who founded the Plain Truth magazine, the predecessor of the Trumpet , first made that forecast just a few short years after the end of World War ii. God is doing this because the U.

James P. Byrd

In , Mr. Armstrong wrote,. Fifty years ago we had less power, but we had pride in our power. And He is now withdrawing the blessings. The United States has now won its last war! We were defeated humiliatingly in South Vietnam by little North Vietnam. We have the power, but we are afraid to use it! Throughout the war, the commands in Iraq had too few troops to accomplish their military missions.