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1. Classics help us understand people better.

Books Children Love by Elizabeth Wilson.

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This is a Child-Light Book, and is written from the perspective of a Charlotte Mason educator trying to find the best living books for children. The organizing force behind this book is genre of literature. Each title is described and appropriate age level is noted. The American History book is sorted chronologically, the World History volume is listed by geographical region and further subdivided by historical time period.

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Both of these volumes include biographies as well as historical fiction listings. Read for the Heart by Sarah Clarkson. Librarians and teachers have relied on this book for more than sixty years. First published in , each subsequent edition includes the recent additions to the classic books recommended in the original. Since we collect books published primarily before , I have a few editions of Children and Books dated before This slim guide is very helpful in determining which living books to study for history with different aged students.

Historical fiction and Biography choices are also included. The bulk of this book is the tables of book titles, authors, reading levels, time periods, settings, and brief descriptions. This guide is sort of like an expanded version of Let the Author Speak. An emphasis on Christianity and Biblical History is found throughout.

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