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Vol 24 No 5 Management of Migraine.

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Vol 24 No 1 Update on the Management of Acne. Vol 23 No 5 Update on Psoriasis. Vol 23 No 3 Update on Parkinson's Disease. Vol 23 No 2 Update on the Management of the Menopause. Vol 22 No 6 Update on Management of Gout. Vol 22 No 5 Update on Onychomycosis. Vol 22 No 2 Overview of Chronic Urticaria.

Vol 22 No 1 Herbal Medicines. Vol 21 No 1 Contraception. Vol 21 No 2 Management of Ulcerative Colitis. Vol 21 No 3 Management of Crohn's Disease. Professional Inclination. The Sydney Trip. Happenings in Hades. La Belle Matron sans Merci. Trip to Naval College by 1st XV. The Match v. Tennis Notes. The Way of the Staff Cadet. Something for the Mag. Hints to Topographers. Nursery Rhymes Mk. Cross Country Run, The Wily German. Australian Football. Somewhere a Voice is Calling. The Annual Sports. Trench Warfare.

Corks and Effect. Some Front. Rugby Football, Our Players. Camera Club. Tennyson in C. Harry, Y. Bind, R K Pandey. Pre-Engineered buildings steel parts are required to be installed in a specific order due to structural safety requirements and to the logical sequence of erection. Garnet shop is being constructed for the sand blasting of bogies. Sand blasting is a process for removing corrosion in iron before painting.

In Paint shop painting work in trains after blasting has been done. After painting of bogies wheels will be attached in trains in this building. Bogie shop is the biggest building of the project. It is meant for attachment of shells and shaping it into bogie and after that attachment of bogies into each other of the train. Shell means the cover part of the bogies. Transport shop is constructed for transportation purpose after complete finishing of the train. Transporting engine will come here and it will carry out the all new train from the rail coach factory.

Available at:www. Htm Accessed on 25 June Brook, M. Cartlidge, D. London,Department of the Environment Transport and Regions. D and Baccarini, D, Management and Construction. Blackwell Science, London. Seeley, I. Skinner, D. Skoyles, E. Smith, N. Key foreign policy objectives, including support for democracy, trade, sustainable economic development, poverty reduction and environmental protection rely on the provision of safe, reliable and affordable energy supplies.

The average amount of sunshine hours all over the country is about 6. To enhance the developmental trend there is every need to support the existing unreliable energy sector with a sustainable source of power supply. This paper shows some economic potential of renewable energy development in Nigeria. First, the lay out estimates of employment creation that renewable energy has brought and could bring to Nigeria, exploring the issue sector by sector and looking at solar, wind, mini hydro, geothermal, modern biomass, and ocean.

Also, mentioning how renewable energy generation can be produced locally to generate employment. Above all, this paper lays out how renewable energy can save the government money, bring jobs to the country, create wealth, expand access to energy for the most vulnerable in poor communities, and foster national energy independence.

Ogunleye, I. Hankins, M. Marlborough house, Pall mall, London, Chendo, M. Sambo, A. The Way Forward. Bauchi branch, Bauchi State,Nigeria. Iwayemi, A. Sambo A. Available at www. Adeyemo S. Pg , Owolabi I. Nasir, A. Bradley, D. New Sci. Bauchi branch, Bauchi State, Nigeria, Hoff, E. Energy Journal. David, K. Rochell, M. Bala, E. Nigeria Journal of Renewable Energy. On the use of atmospheric plasmas as electromagnetic reflectors. IEEE Trans.

Plasma Sci. Ganesh Kumaran, S. Singaravelu, K. This extensive system has many features on transmission and distribution facing a lot of challenges on the constraints like integrated communication system, advance measuring and sensing system, advance control methods, advance grid components, advance interface and decision support. This paper gives about the techniques, challenges, developments on the key strategies mentioned above and based on the literary surveys made.. Sortomme, S.

Venkata, and J. Power Del. The Congress of the United States. December ,L. International Energy Agency. Distributed generation in liberalized electricity markets Caldon, A. Patria, and R. IEEE, , 99 6 — European Smart Grids Technology Platform. Bobba, K. Rogers, Q. Wang, H. Khurana, K. Nahrstedt, and T. Leon, V. Vittal, and G.


Bressan, L. Bazzaco, N. Bui, P. Casari, L. Vangelista, and M.

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Armenia and J. Smart Grid, , 1 1 — Best, D. Morrow, D. Laverty, and P. Power Del, ,25 4 — Barmada, A. Musolino, M.


Raugi, R. Rizzo, and M. Smart Grid, , 2 1 — Corripio, J. Arrabal, L. Areas Commun, , 24 7 — Gungor and F.

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McGranaghan and F. Hochgraf, R. Tripathi, and S. Akyol, H. Kirkham, S.

Clements, and M. Department of Energy, Britz and R. Deep, B. Petersen, and J. Power Del, , 24 4 — Ghassemi, S. Bavarian, and L. Kallitsis, G. Michailidis, and M. Anderson, A. Boulanger, W. Powell, and W. Clement, E. Haesen, and J. Conejo, J. Morales, and L. Hutson, G. Venayagamoorthy, and K. Ibars, M. Navarro, and L. Han and M. Anderson and S. Cho, T. Yamazaki, and M. Chertkov, F. Pan, and M. Smart Grid, 1 — ,. Cai, M. Chow, W. Lu, and L. Power Li, C. Liu, and K. Smart Grid, ,1 3 — Chen, W. Li, A. Lau, J. Cao, and K. Smart Grid, ,1 2 — Overman and R.

Moreno, G. Strbac, F. Porrua, S. Mocarquer, B. Elbakush and A. National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST framework and roadmap for smart grid interoperability standards, release 1. January Talal K. Kassem, Ali S. Alosaimy, Ahmed M. Hamed, Mohammad Fazian. Studies to improve the system performance have been discussed. Benefits and conditions of the use of liquid desiccant for dehumidification purposes have been stated. It is clear from the survey that the desiccant dehumidification is more energy-efficient compared with the conventional vapor compression system.

Moreover, new configurations of the solar regenerator, to improve the system performance, have been demonstrated. Mirunalini Thirugnanasambandam , S. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 14 — 2. Renewable Energy ; — Patnaik, T. Lenz, G. Chen, C. Kuo, R. Radhwan, H. Gari, M. Kavasogullari, P. Gandhidasan, A. Ertas, E. Fumo, D. Goswami, Study of an aqueous lithium chloride desiccant system: air dehumidification and desiccant regeneration, Solar Energy 72 4 — Mei, Y. Dai, A technical review on use of liquid-desiccant dehumidification for air-conditioning application, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 12 — Katejanekarn and S.

Kumar, Performance of a solar-regenerated liquid desiccant ventilation pre-conditioning system, Energy and Buildings 40 — Collier, The analysis and simulation of an open cycle absorption refrigeration system, Solar Energy 23 4 — Johannsen, G. Grossman, Performance simulation of regenerating type solar collectors, Solar Energy 30 2 87— Lof, G.

Cler, T. PatnaikF S. Ji, B. Wang, Z. Xia, Desiccant cooling air conditioning: a review, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 10 Yadav, Vapour-compression and liquid-desiccant hybrid solar space conditioning system for energy conservation, Renewable Energy 6 7 — Kinsara, M. Elsayed, O. Al-Rabghi, Proposed energy-efficient air-conditioning system using liquid desiccant, Applied Thermal Engineering 16 10 — Zurigat, M. Abu-Arabi, S.

Abdul-Wahab, Air dehumidification by triethylene glycol desiccant in a packed column, Energy Conversion and Management 45 1 — Sheridan, J. Mitchell, A hybrid solar desiccant cooling system, Solar Energy 34 2 — Davanagere, A. Sherif, D. Goswami, A feasibility study of a solar desiccant air-conditioning system—part II: transient simulation and economics, International Journal of Energy Research 23 — Vineyard, J. Sand, D. Oberg, D. Goswami, Experimental study of the heat and mass transfer in a packed bed liquid desiccant air dehumidifier, Journal of Solar Energy Engineering — Gommed K, Grossman G.

Experimental investigation of a liquid desiccant system for solar cooling and dehumidification. Solar Energy ; —8. Anderson, I. Kiris, Properties of a new liquid desiccant solution — lithium chloride and calcium chloride mixture, Solar Energy 49 — Younus Ahmed, P. Farayedhi, Thermodynamic analysis of liquid desiccants, Solar Energy 62 11— Hassan, M. Salah Hassan, Dehumidification of air with a newly suggested liquid desiccant, Renewable Energy 33 — Kima, C. Grossman G.

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Solar-powered systems for cooling, dehumidification and air conditioning, Solar Energy ; 72 1 — Yang, P. Grossman, Solar-powered systems for cooling, dehumidification and air-conditioning, Solar Energy 72 1 53— Krause, W. Saman, K. Yan, Simulation study for an open-cycle absorption solar-cooling system operated in a humid area, Energy 17 7 Analysis of open regenerators for absorption cooling applications-comparison between numerical and analytical models.

Sol energy ;—8. Alizadeh, W. Zaetsev, G. Alizadeh And W. Kabeel, Augmentation of the performance of solar regenerator of open absorption cooling system, Renewable Energy 30 — Alosaimy b, Ahmed M. Hamed, Theoretical and experimental investigation on the application of solar water heater coupled with air humidifier for regeneration of liquid desiccant, Energy 36 Li Yutong, Yang Hongxing, Investigation on solar desiccant dehumidification process for energy conservation of central air-conditioning systems, Applied Thermal Engineering 28 — Esam Elsarrag, Evaporation rate of a novel tilted solar liquid desiccant regeneration system.

Solar Energy 82 — Effect of regeneration mode on the performance of liquid desiccant packed bed regenerator. Renewable Energy 09— Perfor- mance analysis of dehumidification rotating wheel using liquid desiccant. Renewable Energy — Kabeel, Solar powered air conditioning system using rotary honeycomb desiccant wheel, Renewable Energy 32 — Volume 4, No. Solar Energy 85 11 77— Performance evaluation of open-cycle solar regenerator using artificial neural network technique.

Energy and Buildings 43 2—3 — Solar-powered open absorption cycle modeling with two desiccant solutions. Energy Conversion and Management 52 7 68— Gao, J. Liu, Y. Cheng, X. Zhang, Experimental investigation on the heat and mass transfer between air and liquid desiccant in a cross-flow dehumidifier, Renewable Energy 37 Evaluation of heat and mass transfer coefficients in a gauze-type structured packing air dehumidifier operating with liquid desiccant. International Journal of Refrigeration ; Misha a,b,n, S. Mat a, M.

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Ruslan a, K. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 — The effect of inlet parameters on the performance of packed tower-regenerator. Renewable Energy 26 2 : — Giovanni A. Longo, Andrea Gasparella, Experimental analysis on desiccant regeneration in a packed column with structured and random packing, Solar Energy 83 — Kabeel, Dehumidification and humidification process of desiccant solution by air injection, Energy 35 Agung Bakhtiar, FatkhurRokhman, Kwang Hwan Choi, A novel method to evaluate the performance of liquid desiccant air dehumidifier system, Energy and Buildings 44 39— Xiong, Y.

Dai , R. Wang, Development of a novel two-stage liquid desiccant dehumidification system assisted by CaCl2 solution using exergy analysis method, Applied Energy 87 — Audah, N. Ghaddar, K. Ghali, Optimized solar-powered liquid desiccant system to supply building fresh water and cooling needs, Applied Energy 88 — The flanges primarily resist the applied moment, while the web primarily resists the shear.

A thin plate in shear is a simple representation of the dominant loading case in a slender web panel of the plate-girder and is a combination of the principal tensile and compressive in-plane stresses. The elastic and plastic behaviour of a simply supported steel plate can be predicted using the existing design theories. This paper presents the details and results of finite element analyses FEA carried out for a thin square steel plate subjected to pure shear.

The objective is to predict the linear elastic and nonlinear plastic behaviour of the plate using the FE analyses and compare the results of the analyses to the theoretical predictions for validation. The FEA results for the elastic critical load and the ultimate plastic load of the plate were in very good agreement with the theoretical predictions. The FE analyses also predicted correctly the elastic buckling and the plastic failure modes of the plate. Rockey, H. Evans and D. Nilsen, M. Mydin, and M.

Alinia, M. Shakiba, and H. Silva, P. Cruz, and H. Al-Saidy, F. Klaiber, and T. Timoshenko, and S. Trahair, M.

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Bradford, and D. LUSAS, version Ali A. Yassin, Hikmat Z. The security is a constitutive trouble that hinders its widespread adoption. The password authentication is a first level of security in cloud computing, aiming to guarantee that only legitimate users are allowed to be used data that stored in the cloud server. The demeanor of multi-factor authentication schemes such as token, biometric provided a promising password authentication solution. There are many challenging matters that raise fears of using multi-factor are the high cost, not easy to carry, does not provide the functionalities of revocation, and fails to resist well-known attacks such as off-line guessing password, Man-in-the-Middle MITM Seed-tracing.

In this paper, we propose a scheme of Two-Factor Authentication 2FA that overcomes aforementioned issues and reduces the cost. Our proposed scheme includes many security characteristics like mutual authentication, user anonymity, session key agreement, freely chosen password, no time synchronization, and has a good performance of password authentication.

Subashini, V. Kavitha, A survey on security issues in service delivery models of cloud computing, Journal of Network and Computer Applications 34 1 Zissis, D. Lekkas, Addressing cloud computing security issues, Future Generation Computer Systems 28 Khorshed, A. Ali, S. Wasimi, A survey on gaps, threat remediation challenges and some thoughts for proactive attack detection in cloud computing, Future Generation Computer Systems 28 Shin, K. Kobara, H. Yassin, H. Ibrahim, W. Qiang, D. Goldwasser, S. Micali, C. Lu, J. Han, Y. Liu, L. Hu, J. Huai, L.

Ni, J. Jean-Jacques, M. Muril, M. Louis, M. Annick, G. Anna, G. Soazig, T.

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Anshul, S. Viet, A. Mizuno, K. Yamada, K. Arasatnam, S. Yang, Z. Das, A. Saxena, V. A-S K. Pathan, C-S Hong, T. Ayad Ibrahim Abdulsada, Aqeel N. Reese, G. Song, D. Goh, E.