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Income inequalities in perspective

He volunteers in his spare time at MathNerds. Skip to main content.

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GCSE Revision Video 24 - Inequalities

Halmos - Lester R. Ford Awards Merten M. Pietro Cerone and Sever S.

Thinking about math from someone else’s perspective

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Log in to post comments. He has been involved in various conferences and has also been awarded numerous international research grants, such as the Research in Group by the International Centre for Mathematical Sciences and the World Academy of Sciences Visiting Scientist fellowship.

Mathematical inequalities / Pietro Cerone, Sever S. Dragomir - Details - Trove

His research areas include classical mathematical analysis, convex functions, best approximation, numerical integration, geometry of Banach spaces, operator theory, variational methods, Volterra integral equations, qualitative theory of differential equations, theory and coding, guessing theory, adaptive quadrature rules, adaptive cubature rules, numerical methods for differential equations, numerical methods for PDEs, game theory and Kolmogorov complexity. He has written several papers on differential geometry, partial differential equations, evolution equations, fractional differential equations and fixed point theory.

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  • He is on the editorial board of various international journals and acts as a referee for a number of international journals in mathematics. His research interests include various branches of nonlinear analysis, such as fixed-point theory, partial differential equations, differential equations, and fractional calculus.

    Springer Shop Amazon. Advances in Mathematical Inequalities and Applications. Existence Theory on Modular Metric Spaces. Qualitative Aspects.