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Don’t do it without planning

Arrange for your work to get done. Ask someone else to cover your work, says Bennett.

Is it OK to call in sick after a breakup?

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Good and Bad Excuses for Missing Work |

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Text Resize Print icon. It seems like everyone has that summer cold that's been going around. Ready to call in sick?

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1. How To Call in Sick

If you're wondering how to request a mental health day off work , you've come to the right place. Jesse Viner MD, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Yellowbrick, a nationally-recognized provider of mental health services, tells Bustle, "Asking for a sick day to address a mental health concern is no different than asking for a sick day to address a physical health concern — either request may be brief and general.


Is it exhaustion, family issues, [medication] changes, anxiety, etc.? However, before you make your request, Ipsan says: "It is vital to assess if your company and work culture is open to the idea of mental health days. If asking and explaining details will ultimately create more stress, it's better to take a sick day with no explanation of the mental health needs.

Calling in sick: What to do when employees lie

On the Glassdoor blog, Marianne Clyde, founder of the Marianne Clyde Center for Holistic Psychotherapy , concurred that you are not required to explain yourself when using a sick day. However, Dr. If your company is supportive of work-life balance and mental healthcare, Ipsan says there is another way to approach it.

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Increased productivity and concentration, a friendlier attitude, and better mood in general. Last year, an email about taking a mental health day went viral after the reply to said email from the company's CEO was tweeted.

Almost half of workers fake sick days. Here's what to do when it's legit.

When an employee informed her team she was taking a mental health day , she got the best possible response from her boss who praised her for her candor and reiterated the importance of employees using their sick days to take care of their mental health. While this tweet and its response is an ideal way for companies to support their employees' mental health, that's not always the case.