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Building and getting back your focus

It doesn't seem nice to call friends and family distractions, but if they don't understand that when you are "working from home" that means you are working, then they are a distraction.

Can Distraction Redirect Triggers and Addictive Cravings? | NirandFar

This particular one is unique to telecommuters. In an office setting, you are not likely to try to run a load of laundry between meetings, though many office workers can make personal phone calls, surf the Internet for information or run a few errands on company time. And so likewise, it may be OK in your work arrangement to get a little housework done during working hours, but you can't let it take over.

And the best way to keep it under control is to have a plan. Setting and sticking to a housework schedule for the whole family, including chores for the kids, means that the housework does not become the task delegated to the person working from home. Not all distractions are personal in nature. Sometimes distractions can actually be part of the essential functions of our jobs. For example, though these kinds of communications are essential to the telecommuter, they can eat up a lot of time. After all, it usually takes longer to write an email than to explain something in person.

Distractions Can Make Us Better

However, sometimes we just have to put these tools away in order to focus on the task at hand. Close your email or instant messaging program when you need a break. Or, perhaps, only open them on a schedule, checking email in the morning, after lunch and before quitting for the day. However, it is an even more immediate interruption to what you are working on when it rings. Both personal and work-related phone calls can take you off task.

Stop Getting Distracted - By Sandeep Maheshwari I Hindi I Avoid Distractions and Stay Focused

Make good use of caller ID and let calls go into voice mail when you are busy. Limit personal calls during work hours. The key is to set yourself up for success.

When Distraction is a Good Thing

To achieve this inner state, you need to work on your outer state. Flow involves a lot of feedback that is conditional upon your brain being in a certain state. Think of it like clearing a chalkboard of all information except the problem at hand and the potential solutions. Once you leave the chalkboard and come back, you bring tons of irrelevant information.

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It gets even worse. But after having a flow state artificially induced, 23 of the subjects solved the puzzle in record time. A series of three studies even showed that flow is helpful during periods of uncertainty because it provides you with an immersive experience that diverts you from feeling stress. And among the discovered benefits: Increased pleasure sensations Heightened focus Increased information-gathering abilities, thus higher likelihood of seeing new possibilities Increased pattern-recognition abilities At work, this means getting more work done faster, yes; but it also means opening up the rest of your day for other activities.


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