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Embark on a mythical quest with Nella and her friends to uncover the legend of the fabled Bafflin! Molly and Gil are lost in a forest! Join Oona and Deema, the Flutterguppies, as they sing them a song!

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Water Park game! Plus, kids can earn prizes by trying their luck at the prize wheel.

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Are you ready? What happens when you mix sorbet with pie?

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Rusty and Ruby help Sammy and Betty mix their peachy recipes! Sing along with Nella and her friends as they give Smelgly, the dragon, some advice on having good manners!

Sunny, Rox, and Blair get soccer stylin' in time for Junior's soccer game. Help Shimmer, Shine, and Leah collect the stolen stars and wands from Zeta! Fly through the skies on your trusty Zaharacorn to collect them all! Rusty and Ruby find out that their latest invention still needs some work when Liam's toys go copy crazy.

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Jake is stranded in the middle of a blizzard, but a super brave pup named Everest is here to help! Shimmer, Shine, and Leah come up with a plan to keep Zeta from stealing the snowflake gem! Welcome to Nick Jr. Kids can visit each place in the resort over and over again, celebrating the snowy holiday season with their Nick Jr. When bouncy berries start bouncing everywhere, Nella comes up with a fun way to get rid of them!

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A Máquina dos Desejos / Die Maschine Der Wünsche by Philipp Vitor

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Laughing like a child Listening to a bird song To write a poem of love That will never be torn To form an ideal pair Bathing in the waterfall To learn a new song To expect someone at the station Cheese with guava Sunset on the farm A feast A guitar A serenade To remember an old love To always have a friendly shoulder Clapping with joy A mild afternoon To put on old slippers Sitting in an old armchair Play guitar for someone To listen to the rain on the roof White wine Bolero by Ravel … And my great affection.

Apparently, there are two versions, one with a little more cultural reference and the one above.

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After so many battles the good angel killed the bad angel and threw its body into the river. But a light that no one knew how to say from where it came appeared to clear up the world, and the other angel pondered the wound of the fighter angel. The mature are privileged to love stretched out in the narrowest of beds which becomes larger and grassier touching lightly, in each pore, bodily sky. That is love: the unexpected reward, the subterraneous and glittering prize the reading of ciphered lightning which, deciphered, nothing more exists.

Love begins late.

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His parents were farmers of Portuguese ancestry and remote Scottish ancestry. He worked in government service for most of his life, eventually becoming Director of History for the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Service of Brazil. The work of Carlos Drummond is generally divided into several segments, which appear very markedly in each of his books.

The shape and the feel of the sounds and the visual of those sounds on paper was something that left its mark on him.