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Meditation can help to restore proper energy flow to the heart chakra. And since meditation is such a deeply personal experience, you should take time to find a practice that works best for you. The color green is associated with the heart chakra.

6 Ways to Open Your Heart and Love Again

And you should find ways to incorporate this color into your daily life. Add some green clothing to your wardrobe and decorate your work space with green accents.

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Plants are a great way to add greenery and life into your work space. Mantras are a great way to affirm your meditation efforts. These are simple and help to provide focus. Chant this to heal both the physical and the spiritual heart center and to open yourself up to unconditional love and compassion. Mantras can be repeated vocally or sub-vocally while you meditate.

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Positive affirmations can help you increase the positive energy associated with the fourth chakra. These can include little notes you leave for yourself on the bathroom mirror or computer monitor. Music speaks deeply to the human spirit. Heighten and prolong your meditation efforts by incorporating music into your practice. Additionally, listening to upbeat and joyous music is a useful way to build up a positive outlook on life. Open your heart to the message of the music and allow its true meaning to resonate deep within.

The heart chakra is the centerpiece of the seven.

Reserve Your Spot below:. So, do you struggle with an under-active heart chakra?

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What number chakra is the heart? When does the heart chakra open?

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What Blocks The Heart Chakra? When is the heart chakra blocked? What is the heart chakra responsible for? Here are 5 heart chakra healing techniques. This is why it is important for everyone to heal and grow their fourth chakra. Reserve Your Spot below: So, do you struggle with an under-active heart chakra?

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