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Historical Biographies. Historical Autobiographies. Randy Taraborrelli. In Stock. Philip Owen Ayton. Penny Olsen Lynette Russell. Blanche D'Alpuget.

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The Diary of a Young Girl. The Twelve Caesars Penguin Classics. Churchill Walking With Destiny. Leonardo da Vinci. The Autobiography of Malcolm X. David H. Night Night. Elie Wiesel Marion Wiesel. Ned Kelly. Malala Yousafzai Patricia McCormick. Malala Yousafzai Christina Lamb. The Missing Man From the outback to Tarakan, the powerful story The Gulag Archipelago. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. See highlights below:. The Audies are the premier awards competition in the United States recognizing distinction in audiobooks and spoken word entertainment; winners will be revealed at awards gala, on May 31, , at the New-York Historical Society in New York City.

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Mashable announced the full short list this morning. Please click here to see the full list of finalists in all categories. Field — who has never extensively discussed her private life — has been writing this memoir for more than five years. Grand Central is honored to be publishing this important book.

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Orbit author N. Through September 30, publishing division highlights were Partworks up 9.

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Hachette Book Group announced today that it has entered into an agreement to purchase a successful line of books from Minnesota-based Meadowbrook Press, a publisher known for its high-quality titles in the areas of pregnancy, childcare, and parenting. The purchased backlist to be published by Lifelong comprises approximately 25 titles, including Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn , which has sold 1. Each of the three books will be available in hardcover and eBook, with an audio edition from Hachette Audio.

The book features advice from major female voices such as Sheryl Sandberg, Elizabeth Warren, Valerie Jarrett, Joy Behar, Melody Barnes and others, and will be updated throughout with new statistics, fresh interviews, and thoughtful commentary about the importance of knowing your value in personal relationships. Leventhal has been a force in publishing, an original, and a splendid collaborator.

His genius for bringing visual content into books in new ways has brought joy to millions of readers. It has been a pleasure having him and his team become part of HBG, and we look forward to his DNA living on in the imprint he created. Titles currently under the Weinstein Books imprint will be published by the Hachette Books imprint, and the Weinstein Books team will join Hachette Books. The imprint was re-formed as Weinstein Books after the separation of Miramax and Disney. Headed by publishing director Georgina Levitt and editorial director Amanda Murray, Weinstein Books has published about 10 books a year in the areas of memoir and biography, fiction, health and wellness, self-help and relationships, popular culture and entertainment and movie tie-ins.

The following as-yet-untitled standalone novels will release in In North America, the Crash and Burn series will be published as simultaneous trade paperback, e-book, and audio editions with the first book releasing in Fall A mass-market edition will follow in The Crash and Burn trilogy follows the Alpine Hotshots, a diverse group of elite wildfire firefighters who work in the most remote mountains of the U.

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Read the Full Press Release. The book is tentatively scheduled for publication in the Spring of Chef, caterer, and award-winning Broadway and TV actor David Burtka believes that a great party is all about great food and warm hospitality. In his debut book, Life Is a Party , David will share all of his insider knowledge to help readers create amazing and unforgettable parties and gatherings no matter what the occasion.

Each chapter, divided by season, will feature delicious and easy to prepare recipes based on comfort food favorites with a fun and inspired twist — from barbecued ribs and funnel cakes to caviar and chive cream puffs and butter-roasted lobster tails.

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  • David will suggest endless ways to mix and match these dishes to suit every entertaining possibility, while offering simple-to-stunning decorating tips, countdown to party techniques, and delegating tactics to make every party a success. Life Is a Party will be the go-to book for entertaining at every level with ease and grace.

    Senior Editor Paul Whitlatch acquired and will edit the book, which Hachette Books will publish on November 7, , on the one-year anniversary of the election. Packed with never-before-reported revelations, Hacks is the first book to take readers inside the inner workings of the election from one of its central figures. Winner of the Tony Award for Best Musical, the book will be published on November 21, in hardcover and ebook. He also writes about his burgeoning acting career, the choices he made, and the compromises he refused to make.

    The partnership launches in Spring with the paperback publication of Phantom Wheel by Tracy Deebs, a fast-paced young adult thriller. The partners will conceive, develop, publish, and produce content across a wide array of traditional and evolving entertainment media. This initiative seeks promising new talent and encourages the development of high-quality picture books that resonate with readers of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

    Hachette Audio is proud to announce that four of its audiobooks were named Audie winners by the Audio Publishers Association at the annual gala awards ceremony last night. Hachette Audio had sixteen finalists this year, ranging fourteen diverse categories — including those as varied as Original Work, Romance, Humor, Young Adult, and Fantasy. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. By using our website you agree to our use of these cookies. She evades all attempts to make her conform to the usual path of childhood, including sending her to an orphanage, attending school, or even going to bed at night.

    The first translation of the trilogy reduced to two books published in —53 did not differ greatly from the source text. However, when reprinted with a much larger print run from 10, per volume to 50, in —63 under Mirman, it was drastically cut—as the quotation above made clear, the character did not conform to the norms of the series.

    In other words, Pippi was a joyous rejection of all the values that France craved to return to in the wake of the Second World War, and ran counter to the discourse on the responsibilities of literature. In striking contrast, Pippi was welcomed into the American and British literary systems.

    The first British edition from embraced, even amplified, her anarchism. The front cover illustration by Richard Kennedy depicted Pippi on horseback brandishing a pistol, riding away from school leading a group of children to escape school as the teacher looks on, horrified. However, the extent to which the French and British understandings of what was appropriate reading matter for children could differ is best understood by looking not at the innovators, but at the case of Enid Blyton, the most conservative of British authors and who wrote for the mass market.

    Given that she was also a passionate spokesperson for the British campaign against horror comics Lent 74 , one could be forgiven for assuming that her books would pose no moral problems in France. However, she fell foul of the dictum that parental authority must be upheld. She relegated her adult characters to the background, and her young protagonists often ridiculed adults for seeking to interfere in their activities Rudd 97— Five get into a fix features a six-year-old girl, Aily, who runs wild, and whose parents do little to prevent her from playing truant.

    The European stereotype of the unruly American child was a longstanding one.

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    American children, it was suggested, living in the vast wilds of their country, were put to work earlier and granted much more autonomy by their parents, who were not interested in civilising them. As a result, they were more likely to be disobedient and discourteous to adults Fass and Grossberg 3. This was a nostalgic paean to his free-roaming Wisconsin childhood. French law in the aftermath of the war leaned heavily towards a protectionist model of rights.

    Even the ultra conservative Enid Blyton proved to be too progressive in her emphasis on freedom from adults. Becchi and D. Lent, John A. Heer and K. Briggs, D. Butts and M. S14C48B1 Fiches techniques, notices de publication: R. Guillot, —