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Joshua, on the other hand, was adopted at age two, and he has had multiple surgeries with the expectation of many more throughout his childhood. His first two surgeries to repair his lip and palate were completed in China. Since coming to the United States, Josh has had two more surgeries to repair his birth defect. He receives specialized care through a cleft lip and palate team. We travel over two hours each way to ensure that he has the best care possible. Because kids with clefts need a variety of special services, cleft teams help provide this specialized care in a coordinated manner.

Real Stories: Living with Cleft Lip and Palate

Even though we know there are multiple surgeries in his future, we are so pleased with the efforts of specialists and national associations in this country to provide exceptional care for children like Alissa and Josh so that they can have the best possible future. Josh was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. As a family of three, we decided to adopt a child from China. During the adoption process, we agreed to adopt a child with special health care needs, and shortly thereafter, we were matched with Josh, a little boy with cleft lip and palate. His condition was surgically repaired while he was still in China, when he was about two years old.

He was reexamined after we brought him home, and the doctors were impressed with his repair. Josh is doing beautifully so far. At first, he needed some speech therapy to make sure he was on track, but he no longer needs these services because his skills are age appropriate. He also did wonderful at picking up his new English language. Josh is becoming quite the entertainer.

He loves to make people laugh and tease his older brother. We are so lucky to have him. Joshua had many challenges in his first three years, but is now a happy boy who can drink from a straw, blow bubbles, kiss, and most of all — smile.

The Rise of the “We” Narrator in Modern American Fiction

Joshua Aiden was born with a cleft lip and palate. Other than the fact that he looked a little different, he was just like any other healthy baby. He had his first surgery at only 3 months old. Surgeons repaired his lip and after the surgery, it looked so good. But, after only three days, the sutures starting coming out and his lip reopened. Joshua had over 14 heartbreaking surgeries over the next three years.

His palate repair healed as planned, but not his lip. A professional baseball player named Mike Adams approached us about Joshua and asked why his lip had not been repaired. When we explained our situation, he asked if he could help us. Because of this, Joshua received a special surgery using a technique that had not been used on Joshua before, and this time the lip did not come apart.

As parents and grandparents, it was hard to watch Joshua undergo so many surgeries and procedures. We only wanted Joshua to be healed and start living his life without being stared or laughed at. The first time Joshua was able to drink from a straw or even blow bubbles came just a couple of months ago. And yes, I cried tears of joy, because he was so excited that he could drink from a straw.

I can really do it. I am drinking from my straw. Today Joshua can drink from a straw, blow bubbles, kiss and most of all — smile. Joshua will have a few more surgeries in his future, but this was the one that has changed him forever.

Babies are born with clefts every day, here and around the world. I know how hard it is to see your child be treated differently just because of the way they look. It is my prayer that each and every baby born around the world with any form of cleft will have a chance to smile just like Joshua has. Pablo was born with a cleft lip and cleft palate. He is a brave and strong little boy who is growing into a wonderful role model for other kids with this condition.

Pablo is a bundle of energy. He can spend hours with his Legos, and he is a proud Cub Scout. He loves video games, bike riding, and taking care of his dog. I used my grief to create Joshua. What would you like for readers to take away from the book? Society is becoming toxic. It is increasingly easy to get pulled into a negative mindset.

At the end of the day, forgiveness is not to help the people who wrong us, it is to help us move forward and heal. Can you speak about your own personal background and how being adopted, and making the decision to find out about your biological parents, inspired the premise of this book and what the main character is dealing with? I spent a big part of my childhood being very ill. For decades, no one was able to diagnose my disease. I found information about my birth mother, who hails from Denmark, but was unable to locate material about my birth father.

I turned to genome mapping to learn more and discovered that there were Turkish markers in my genes.

Full text issues

In short, there are two old world conquering empires duking it out inside of my body. I started reading about Danish and Turkish history and learned that the Berserkers, champion Norse warriors said to have fought in a trance-like rage, really existed. You might say. Season eight is. At the bottom it is, indeed, a betrayal to logic and emotional consistency.

The wight plot was absurd. And yet, plenty of coolness. The cinematography. The acting.

How the Bible Led Me to Islam The Story of a Former Christian Youth Minister by Joshua Evans

So how do you feel about the ending? The ending to such an engrossing, massive televisual schematic which, for a while at least, deserved every bit of attention it received? I have one key left on my belt, but all it opens is that final door, the one marked. There is so no such thing as a happy ending.

We suppose, perhaps crave, a conclusion that deepens whatever came before it.