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Hector G. The local mall has a movie theater. Half the screens feature movies in English, with Spanish subtitles. The City of Salinas, Ecuador has a steady year-round population of about 50, inhabitants. Another 30, live in the rural area.

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During the off-season, not so much. Businesses that appeal to the US expat crowd can potentially survive year-round. As its name implies, it serves juicy ribs, gumbo, sausage, corn bread and all of those high cholesterol meals that make people homesick for the good old US of A. Another expat has had great success with Sin Lounge and Bar. Despite these specialty restaurants, many locals bemoan the lack of off-season activities and conveniences. Others are shocked when they discover that Ecuador is not the Caribbean.

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While it might not snow during winter, it does get chilly, rainy and overcast. People either love Salinas or they hate it. Jasmine Stephenson, blogger for Jasmine Wanders, belongs to the latter group. Calling Salinas a claustrophobic nightmare, she describes its beaches:. Where the shards give way to a tolerable surface, families occupy every single grain of sand.

To walk from the sidewalk to the ocean, you have to bob and weave in a zig-zag fashion in a way Floridian kids are taught to escape an alligator. Coca Cola has an inflatable ad that floats in the water. For children who think that building sand castles and playing in the waves is boring, Energizer Batteries has an inflatable slide, and a local ice-cream company has an inflatable kiddie playground. High rise condos dot the Salinas beach front, called the Malecon. Walk a few blocks from the beach, and the neighborhood changes.

The city has a selection of Internet providers, whose performance ranges from pretty good to pretty terrible. However, the availability of fiber optic cable Internet is a game changer. My team and I have helped hundreds of guys develop and implement legal strategies for lower taxes, dual citizenship, and lifestyle freedom.

While we value comments that add to the conversation, we reserve the right to edit or delete anything that is abusive, threatening, libelous, spammy, or is otherwise inappropriate. Out of respect to those who engage our services, we don't provide personalized advice or referrals unless you engage us. A good article, but a few things. Poverty exists all over Latin America and for class-conscience Americans, there are plenty of poor cities and neighborhoods right here in the USA.

Newark, Detroit and the Applachian Mountains,etc.

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Expats and investors are free-here in the USA or in Ecuador, to get involved in charities and help the less fortunate. The condo HOA helps pay for people locally to work there in security,etc. My dollars when I am in the country also help, as I prefer to shop locally as possible. It is a modest condo. I have been to Salinas mainly in the off season and have found none of the ghost town, depressing symptoms so many talk about. I find, during the week, it is refreshing to not be as crowded. Chipipe Beach is much more quiet and wider. Sadly, yes, there has been a lack of vision and initiative with local leaders.

Yes, there are areas poorly paved or not at all. Trash is a problem.

Having been to Peru and other areas, it is there, too. And partos of Quito. A general lack of services or, possibly, also a lack of care by people there. Instant Download. Join More than 58, people who are breaking free. Are you looking for a change? One that involves a healthier lifestyle, a more well-rounded cultural experience, and a fatter wallet? With its beautiful surroundings, ever-improving infrastructure, and near-perfect weather, more and more would-be expats are ending their search by finding themselves living in Ecuador.

Here are a few of the reasons that those looking for a better life often find it living in Ecuador. Each year International Living ranks destinations based on factors like climate, cost of living, and friendliness of the locals in its Annual Global Retirement Index. Ecuador has been performing well in most categories in recent years. In fact, in , it came in a close second with a score of The survey results cite a number of reasons that living in Ecuador in retirement is such a great choice, many of which appear later in this list.

Two big ones were its affordability and its variety of lifestyle options. Processes like buying property, investing in business, and getting a visa are all relatively simple in Ecuador.

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Not only is it blessed with immense natural beauty, Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Overall, most of the country enjoys spring-like weather year round with merely a wet and dry season , due to its location along the equator. As in most Central American countries, adjusting the temperature or humidity while living in Ecuador is just a matter of moving up or down the mountain as both generally decrease as you ascend.

The Pacific Coast offers an array of picturesque beaches. There are also two chains of the Andes Mountains, which offer relief from the heat and a number of historic colonial cities. One of the most appealing characteristics about Ecuador is its low cost of living. With the exception of some harder-to-find consumer goods, most everything is considerably cheaper than in North America. Also, we mentioned U. Much of their well-being is attributed to the clean air and clean water.

This pure, healthy water nourishes the fruits and vegetables, most of which grow year-round due to the conducive weather conditions. Due to the fresh produce, as well as the topographical barriers that make importing unhealthy packaged foods rather difficult, most Ecuadorians eat very healthy diets. You can find groups of natives who still speak their own language and wear their native dress. Cities like Cuenca , Guayaquil, and Quito have the usual list of cultural happenings, such as symphonies, art exhibits, festivals, and museums. The people of Ecuador are friendly and welcoming.

Top 10 Benefits of an Ecuador Retirement

Another thing that makes living in Ecuador so convenient is its easy access. It has two international airports, Quito and Guayaquil, and direct flights from the U. Once in the country, local transportation is also widely available, reliable, and inexpensive. The country also has a high rate of internet connectivity. Cell phones have relatively good reception, and there are internet cafes throughout most decent size cities. Many homes have high-speed internet, and the government is actively working to increase this percentage.

Quite the contrary.

Retiring in Ecuador – Pros and Cons

Many doctors speak English, and a large number of them trained in the U. They spend more one-on-one time with patients, often offering their personal cell phone numbers or calling patients at home to check on their progress. Patients travel to Ecuador to receive services such as plastic surgery, dental procedures, orthopedics, and more. The country is also well known for its alternative medicine and natural healing options. Many North Americans these days would agree that the American Dream is broken.

The reality is, though, that all of the things associated with that ideal quality of life we dream about are available in much greater abundance in Ecuador. Living in Ecuador you can spend more time doing what you love in some fantastic surroundings, we might add and less time doing the bland, tedious, hurried things you wish you never had to do again.

You can. Who wants to expend every last drop of their time, energy, and money just to pay the bills and stay afloat in a merely nice suburb when you can work less, experience more, and enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of a place like Ecuador?

These and other reasons are why so many families are realizing their version of the American Dream, just a little further south of the border. Ecuador is a great place to live immersed in authentic culture, without giving up any of the modern conveniences you crave, and with still enough left over to explore everything else the region has to offer. Living in Ecuador is more than just a bargain retirement. Today we have a guest post written by Kent Davis, owner of one of the most successful real estate brokerages in Panama City The Panama City real estate market may have finally taken a turn in ….

Ecuador: The Hidden Paradise Where A Couple Can Live Comfortably On $2,000 a Month or Less