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Advancement Because radio and television stations in smaller markets have smaller staff, advancement within the same small-market station is unlikely. Important Qualities Computer skills. Do you work as a Radio Host? Review this Career. Radio Host Jobs. Undo Filter Reset.

Add To My Jobs. Radio Host Career Paths. Radio Host. Communications Director. Communications Manager. Content Director. Director Of Publications Marketing. Marketing Strategist. Media Director. Media Relations Director. Media Relations Manager. Production Director.

Public Information Officer. Senior Communications Specialist. Help others decide if this is a good career for them Review Career. Morning Show Host 4. Radio Announcer 4. Radio Broadcaster 3. Radio Producer 3. On-Air Host 3. Radio Personality 3. Talk Show Host 3. Show Host 2. Radio Board Operator 2. Radio Show Host 2. Radio Disc Jockey 2. Radio Host 2. Co-Host 1. Radio Internship 0. Internship Server 9. Sales Associate 8. Volunteer 6. Reporter 6. Cashier 3. Production Assistant 3. Administrative Assistant 3. Customer Service Representative 3. Writer 3. Columnist 3.

Assistant 3. Office Assistant 3. Staff Writer 3. Co-Host 3. Production Internship 2. Editor 2. Teacher 2. President 2. Account Executive 2. Sales Associate 7. Production Assistant 5. Customer Service Representative 5. Volunteer 4. Reporter 4. Writer 4. Administrative Assistant 4. Columnist 4. Owner 3. Writer And Editor 3. President 3. Editor 3. Cashier 2. Instructor 2. Program Director 2. Morning Show Host 2. Radio Host Demographics. Male Female Unknown 1. White Hispanic or Latino Black or African American Asian 7. Unknown 3. Spanish French German 5. Italian 4. Chinese 4. Arabic 3. Mandarin 2.

Hindi 1. Tagalog 1. Portuguese 1. Japanese 1. Cantonese 1. Turkish 0. Gujarati 0. Cornish 0. Norwegian 0. Catalan 0. Russian 0. Filipino 0. Albanian 0. Radio Host Education. University of Florida 8. Georgia Southern University 8. University of Alabama 6. University of Missouri - Columbia 6. Brigham Young University 5.

Winthrop University 5. Hofstra University 5. San Francisco State University 4. Pennsylvania State University 4. Florida Atlantic University 4. Indiana University of Pennsylvania 4. Syracuse University 3. Wake Forest University 3. New York University 3. Temple University 3. University of Tampa 3. Northern Arizona University 3. And then we got married and then I get laid off the day we got back from our honeymoon.

So, two weeks in to marriage is bliss. And the husband is not working.

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And then I round up doing a lot of freelance for Sirius when they were just in their infancy stages. I helped Sirius start the NFL channel. I did updates and shows on that. Then I got a fulltime job at Island with coalitions [].

How to Become a Radio Personality

And I was there probably four years and then we had a son in New York. Then with our family we went to Raleigh for about five years. And then we were back from New York. That would have been very difficult. So it was never had decided but she, has been, from day one, incredibly supportive. Her huge passion is to have a family.

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So yeah, that answers your question. I never had to move apart from her. So we certainly run together. So we travelled and moved heck in it a lot. We bought a house. We rented primarily. We bought a house in Raleigh. Before we had, the house furnished, I was laid off from my station at my job in Raleigh.

Radio Presenter

And we moved all over. But yes, you have to be prepared to move. But if you are willing to sacrifice and you know not lay down roots to firmly then maybe it is. You mentioned going from job to job and how you got into Sirius and how you got all these other opportunities. It seems like throughout your career you somehow have been somewhat blessed to kinda know the right people, right?

Was it all blind or were people turning you on to other people and helping you get job that ways. Was it who you know rather than what you know or? That is very important and I will always tell young people I speak to, you know, as important as your education is and I would never, you know, say negative about education.

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  2. What Is Needed to Become a Radio Personality? | Career Trend.
  3. Be a Radio Talk Show Host!
  4. The Creative Path: Promotions Assistant;
  5. Maybe as important as, you know, your schoolwork. Internships are so important and you meet people. When you know people and you have contacts and you can go from person to person. Just be aggressive. Thinking back, my first job was pure luck. My second job came from them hearing me on from my first job when I was in Providence. It was a lot of word of mouth, it was a lot of being aggressive to get into Sirius. And then I went to Cable Vision. I just saw the job online and applied to it and they responded to me. When I went to Raleigh, my wife worked with Westwood One, which is a radio company and she knew that this new station was launching so she put me in touch with the new program director and I spoke to him and he liked me and we kinda made a deal that way.

    But yeah. You have to sell yourself from the beginning. You have to act like your own agent.

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    You must be aggressive like an agent. So you have to kinda pick up on that line as well. But maybe if you email them once every two weeks, it stays fresh in their mind. Sending this email and try to meet them for lunch. That must be appropriately aggressive. You have to be aggressive.

    You have to be willing to knock down walls. But no. This is not a medical school, where jobs are given to you because of your education. This is very different. This is very an uncharted field where you have to make your own path and speak to the people. Be aggressive and knock on walls. Be your applicant.

    How To- Host a Radio Show WGRD 97.9

    It is very interesting and unique industry. How were you able to develop those relationships? Is there any advice that you would give to upcoming respective talk show hosts on developing relationships with people so that you can get to them next level. I just think you have to be extremely accommodating and hardworking. So why not go with someone like that? So when it comes up to either, you know, a contract time, why would we even think about moving on?

    Be easy. Be willing to do extra. Obviously you have to be talented and obviously you have to be skilled. But you have to be…I think you need to be easy to work with. And easy to work for. So, I continue to really make it as easy on my employers as I can. How were you able to do that? Next day, here we are! But you know, what choice do you have? I mean, you have to be your own advocate and it sucks you know. But I never wanted to do that, so if I never wanted to do that then I got to the point where it was a difficult moment.

    You got to get up and you got to push forward. And my life is always been supportive. Always, you know, giving me the good tough love when I needed it. So you have to deal with that also. But what are your options? I mean, anything. But once you get passed that mourning period, what are your choices? Your choices are to continue for not beneficial to anybody or anything. You know what? Michael Jordan was cut from his high school team.

    You know, Vince Lombardi was not considered a good coach until he was considered a good coach. I feel vindicated as I sit here talking to you right now, that I find that happens. And you want to think up and you got to move forward. So when you look back at this career at one point. What do you say are the keys to succeeding in your industry? I think hard work is a key and I dedicate so much time to my craft, and to my industry, and I just throw myself into it.

    How to become a radio talk show host ‐ CareerExplorer

    Like, it is incredibly important for me to be well prepared for me to know everything going on and I never take it for granted, what I do and that everyone breaking into my industry, wants to do what I do. I always prepared getting ready for the show. My whole life kinda, not dedicated, but is a microcosm of what I do at the end of the day which is my show. So I spend a lot of time and a lot of effort. Get in touch with my producer all day and we go by forth with ideas and creating things to do. And I went to work one day in a producer.

    I like it. This was about three years ago ago and it became a hit. You can be creative. To think outside the box, to be very well prepared, to always be willing to do more, and I think if you can package that then and at least you have the blueprint for some success. Pay attention to your nitch and really know and be extremely knowledgeable about it? Do you remember that show? I forget the name of it. The top 3 on 4 people of it have actually gone onto successful careers. I mean. From to Turn it off. And I think in my industry, and to be ultimately, incredibly successful in your industry, you have to be consumed with it.

    And I am. Of course. Will I still know every football game? Do I tackle it differently because I am a sports talkshow host? This is a labour of love. Not a lot. You know? Maybe my parents, maybe my siblings, and maybe sports. And maybe too much so at the times. It can be a lot. It could be a lot from the people who lives with me or who is involved with me on a day-to-day basis. So do you think it is more important as a host to be yourself or to be different to stand out in some particular way, not necessarily to have this shtick but maybe something unique?

    Or is it important to be more of yourself? But I can answer for me. I am a huge fan. But when they kick the field, I will root against the Yankees. And I will never let that happen to me, ever. I love the Giants and I will always love the giants. So I take that passion to the airwaves. I will tell you that there is not one talkshow host into this country that is more passionate about their teams as I am.

    I need to be myself. You need to be yourself. And again I think you need to be honest. And if you can find that, thoses pieces that get wrapped up into one. My big thing is: make sure this is what you wanna do. Press hard for it. Work harder than you can possibly imagine.

    Make as many connections as you can. Stay in touch with those connections. Be aggressive.

    How to Be a Talk Show Host

    Be aggressive without being obnoxious. Knock down doors, make calls. Be willing to do anything. You really want to do this? Are you willing to move Laredo, Texas? Like are you willing to do that? The money is typically terrible when you start. So yes. Probably so. You just have to think creatively. I know a lot of people who work fulltime in radio and have other jobs.

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    Then you supplement it by working at a grocery store or at a gas station or as a telemarketer. Something like that. So there is always ways. And is it a small salary? I think you can find your way and make enough to at least get by. How many times you have laid off?