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That doesn't jive with Tolkien. I would also suggest that they are more prone to a 'larger view' of the world rather than just focusing on Booh and South Pim. The town is dwarfed by the huge and ancient watch tower which gives the town its name. The town is a typical halfling one, with beautiful gardens and in no short of foodstuffs and fermented beverages.

Warhammer Fantasy Legends - Halfling Hot-Pot

A large system of caves is found beneath Booh, used by the Halflings to store food and for military purposes. The largest population of Docrae has also settled there.

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Ramshead is another Halfling Town pop , where Philo is Sherrif. Hot tip - expect there to be a Chaos Knight Upgrade Sprue on the way too so you can convert your smaller and larger Knights already in the range. We also got to see more of tghe Sisters of Battle with a painted version of the model floating around, but don't look too closely or you'll see the low-res printing on her Bolter! There's also a sprue image from Garro's Facebook showing this mini - notice no alternate head.

As mentioned above, Adeptus Titanicus continues to grow - with the addition of a new Titan, weapon upgrades and scenery.

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The new Titan is the Acastus Knight which has existed in 40K scale for years, but makes its hefty presence known in this laces very soon thanks to Battle Bunnies for the extra pics of this cool little guy. The weapon upgrades have been mentioned as Forge World , but from what we saw this weekend they seem to be plastic, so that's a sign of how popular this range is - to delve into the expensive world of plastic production is a good sign.

We also have new scenery and buildings on the way, which if you have played the game you realise is all-important for some form of cover. We also wonder if these smaller buildings may see the introduction of support vehicles soon. The Horus Heresy books are winding up, and Forge World may have butchered their range of Heresy miniatures, but they have been pumping out new ones of late, mainly themed around the new Black Book Malevolence. Of real interest are the new Daemons of the Ruinstorm Brutes.

Havards Blackmoor Blog: Hobbits of Blackmoor

These look very cool! It's been a pretty surprising weekend, and out of all of these releases all I really want it this Nothing too exciting this week - in fact if Kill Team was just a supplement, not boxes off well-named minis, then it may have just flown right passed - but it's not just Kill Team this week, even if that's what GW are spotlighting.

So Kill Team: Elites allows you to take the big boys of your armies into combat. You would have seen these previewed ages ago, but we now have Funko POP! These are pretty cute and the paint applications aren't too bad. Could be fun for customizing!

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This boxed set comes in at the Silver Tower price range, but if collect either army you get quite a lot of value and actual multi-pose minis too. Do you want to add a fearsome and slightly absurd Troll to your Orcish Blood Bowl team? Or maybe a Goblin team? You've come to the right place.

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This excellent multi-part plastic kit contains the parts you need to assemble a rather large Troll look at him - he's wearing a human's helmet as a knee pad, for Nuffle's sake , winding up to fling a Goblin into the end zone. Or maybe a Add to cart.

Blood Bowl - Champions of Death. Shambling Undead teams are drawn from a mix of vicious undead creatures and former Blood Bowl players that died on the pitch and - through the art of necromancy - have been given the chance of a second career!

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  • Most famous of all the Shambling Undead teams that have graced or stained the pitch over the years are the mighty Champions of Death. The Champions of Death team set contains 14 multipart plastic players covered in rusted armour, and eight thematic gaming accessories. Shambling Undead teams are drawn from a mix of vicious undead creatures and former Blood Bowl players that died on Blood Bowl - Core Set.

    The classic game of fantasy football is back!