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We have a 3rd child, an amazing spirited, energetic 7 year old. He is an amazing brother and helper to his siblings. Because we decided to stop chasing normal we were able to easily say yes when presented with the task of adoption.

And if we are being completely honest I didn't even consider adoption before the day it landed in our lap, we checked our facts found out that unspeakable things are happening in eastern Europe to disabled children. But not many are outraged because it isn't happening here, so people can easily just close their eyes to it.

Well I can't. My children have showed me a love that defies normal. It is a special envious love that anyone would long for.


The children I plan to adopt have been neglected, starved, abused, abandoned, and until now forgotten about. One will age out this summer, and has endured things we can only imagine but don't.

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The 3rd child is blind, with a host of other medical needs. All three have the chance to thrive, my children are a prime example of how i know that to be fact. Here in america and other well developed countries the disabled are equal, in other areas of the earth they are shunned until death. I can't save the world. No one of us can, but we can make it better one life at a time and if enough people follow there will be triumph. If only 1 in every people would adopt there would be no more orphans left in the world.

Sadly it is to easy to turn a blind eye, and not many adopt nor support those who are. Today I encourage you to stop chasing normal, and chase reality because the reality is scary and we need to change it FAST. If you can't adopt you can still help. Adoption is expensive and we ourselves are having to raise all of the funds to give these kids a loving home. There are also many other families fighting the great fight who can't do this alone. We stopped chasing normal and now we are chasing hope for these three.

He will turn 16 this summer and be trapped in an institution forever. She is frail, unable to move on her own and is in dyer need of nutrition. She is blind with a host of other medical issues. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home.

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Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. But it does not take long for her new friends to figure out that Annie is anything but normal. Annie's goal is to fly under the radar drawing as little attention to herself as possible. But she soon discovers that being normal does not always bring happiness.

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Melinda Chip Fullerton is a gifted athlete with two wishes to be taller and to be on a good team for once. Personally, I find feet disgusting and feet that have been sweating in shoes and socks all day are even worse—why would I want that in my house?? But I was greatly in the minority on this interestingly, the vast majority of the tiny minority who was in favor of shoes in the house said it was because they have pets and well, step carefully. I was not normal again. Pick one. But really, hardworking compared to what? To people working 3 jobs to support 3 kids?

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Um, no. Compared to the trust-funded adults we both know? And lazy compared to who?

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Chris is building a business single-handedly, marketing, shipping, buying inventory, and doing customer relations, and regularly commutes 4 hours each way, not to mention being the chief cook and dog walker in our home. Somebody does every one of those things better than we do. Plus, his job involves wine and we watch more reality television than we want to admit. Also, Netflix. And that got me thinking about writing. My writing in particular shocking, I know. For example, I was genuinely surprised at how many people are offended or bothered by or just really judgmental about!

And swearing!


I forget that many people how many? On the other hand, I had no idea how non-original I was in giving my dogs theme songs. And I truly had no idea that compassion-fatigue was a real thing and that that is what I was going through when I was learning about the horrific treatment of farm animals in our food system, and many of my heroes in the animal rescue world combat this constantly. All fascinating discoveries.