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Know your requirements. Please, inform us of your issues. We can meet you in Oaxaca City for the deposit upon confirmation of reservation.

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The remaining payment due is collected at the beginning of the session. We only accept cash in Mexican pesos. Skip to content. Blood of the Gods in the Sierra Norte. The Session: Oaxaca state has over 30 ceremonial cacao drinks, each unique to a specific village. Reserve Now. In the basement of a hair salon they are recreating a truly Mexican feeling with a exquisite selection of Mezcales, Bacanoras, Sotols, Raicillas and Tequilas.

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Chapter 6 concludes the first season of Elixir of the Gods! Now we have a favor to ask. Did you like the format? What else would you like to hear about? Where did we mess up?

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Do you have a recommendation you want us to try? Would you like to join us for a tasting?

Reach out to us and let us know! Twitter, Instagram: elixirpodcast, Facebook: elixirofthegods, Mail: elixirofthegodspodcast [at] gmail [dot] com. The cousin of Mezcal. Traditionally a Mezcal, but now a days we know it is not an Agave, but a Dasylirion.

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The plants are very similar and in this chapter we will try to explain the differences between them. We will be trying the same brand, but different varieties of Dasylirions, which is not something that was common in the past years. In this chapter we are going to go for the methods. We have seen the process but now we go a bit deeper.

The method begins with the Jima, the different tools used for cutting. The cooking, the different ovens.

Blood of the Gods

The mashing, how do they mash the plant once its cooked. The fermentation, times, tools, yeasts, etc. The distillation, most common techniques per region. Esteban in Berlin. We went through the basics and also invited Maria and Cassandra on the stage to have a tasting with us On Stage for the live tasting We only had time to taste one bottle, Diego brought a bottle of Fidencio Clasico.

We recorded this chapter to give you a feeling for the experience.