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Though his philosophy of "inhumanism" was increasingly unacceptable to the postwar generation, his best work proclaimed a kind of dignity in man's inevitable defeat. Critical interest in Jeffers's poetry has waned in recent years, but a few of his best poems, such as "Apology for Bad Dreams," "To the Stone-cutters," "Shine, Perishing Republic," and "Roan Stallion," continue to be admired.

Jeffers's free adaptation of Euripides's Medea was an immediate sensation when produced on Broadway. He published some 19 volumes of poetry and drama. He wrote primarily in free verse, relying mainly on direct statement and rhetoric to set his forms. Jeffers died in Carmel on Jan. There are sections on Jeffers in Hyatt H. John Robinson Jeffers.

The Death of Jeffers

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Actions Facebook Tweet Email. Updated: Z. By: Joe Enea. He tried to hire another inmate to kill her. Jeffers told her, he had given her enough heroin to kill a horse.

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Copyright Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. The most important advance in his intellectual life occurred at this time. He read deeply in recent theories of psychology, myth and cultural anthropology -— Freud, Jung, Frazer, Harrison and others, either directly or indirectly. The knowledge he gained underlay most of the major work that followed, but was acquired after the publication in of Californians.


His second volume introduces his first verse-narratives in addition to lyrics, but their aesthetic and intellectual patrimony is uniformly of the nineteenth century, and not of the iconoclastic early decades of the twentieth. Jeffers had not yet broken through the imitative mode.

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Maturity — Around Jeffers began to develop a distinct prosody based on accentual meter, and abandoned the metrical forms he had previously emulated. At the same time, the ideas and themes that would shortly propel him onto the American literary scene as an authentic original were gathering and cresting: his apprehension of the divine in nature and the forces that animate it, the subsidiary role that humanity has to play in the drama of existence, a deep reverence for the regenerative cycle of nature and the role of natural violence in the cycle.

In he undertook construction of Hawk Tower, an iconic foot structure of native granite boulders that he hauled up from the beach below his cliff. The stonemasonry was completed without assistance in In his breakthrough volume Tamar and Other Poems appeared, setting a pattern for the contents of most of his volumes to come: one or more long narrative poems followed by shorter lyrics that function as commentaries or reflections on the themes of the narratives.

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This was written as a verse-drama, a secondary narrative form Jeffers exploited repeatedly during his maturity. When the volume finally caught the attention of major reviewers, his position in contemporary American poetry was secure.

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Over the next ten years he published seven major volumes of verse. This success was tempered by the critical failure of his greatest effort, The Women at Point Sur , but was largely restored by Cawdor and Other Poems , followed by Dear Judas and Other Poems Jeffers was never socially inept, but neither did he require social engagement or validation.

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In the family toured the British Isles for six months. Jeffers plumbed the experience to write a powerful slim volume of lyrics, Descent to the Dead This may account for the gradual decrease in the poetic output over the decade.

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The first of these was well-received, and Jeffers became the first American poet to be featured on the cover of Time magazine in But the later collections met with mixed reviews. As their sons were maturing, the Jefferses felt the need to offer them new and different experiences.