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I regret nothing. Abbie Hoffman Vanderbilt University, April Abbie Hoffman "Wake Up America! Where the fuck are we? Recorded in Texas, N. Nancy Cohen's "Dinner With Abbie" -this was recorded around You can also find this video via abbie Mandatory reading, Hoffman's text captures the counterculture's atmosphere.

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Combines personal anecdotes and family tributes with excellent coverage of Hoffman's twilight years in the underground. The Trial of the Chicago Seven Definitive site on the trial of the Chicago Seven actually, Eight , including audio excerpts, court documents and penetrating legal analysis.

This site is a 'Yahoo! Make sure you catch the Information Subway. Chicago ' An Introduction Detailed historical coverage of the Chicago Democratic National Convention, a counter-culture protest flashpoint that set off far-reaching shockwaves throughout America. Resources include an exhaustive bibliography, links and chronology. A must read: Seale continues pioneering pragmatic social activism into the 21st century.

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One of the best fan sites. Thesite: R. Sirius Brief biography and links on R. Sirius, considered by many to be the postmodern heir to Abbie Hoffman. The Revolution Radical political party formed by R. Sirius that promises 'Victory Over Horseshit! The influence of Abbie Hoffman and Sirius' years within the Yippie Party is very evident: this site is designed to blow minds. Mandatory reading on the legacy of the Students for a Democratic Society.

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Cures Not Wars Online! Excellent pro-marijuana activist resource with well-researched information on the War Against Some Drugs. Remembering Abbie Hoffman Yippie co-conspirator and Hoffman friend Jonah Raskin offers some insights as to how the Democrats could apply Yippie principles to their political campaign.

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Perceptive analysis of Hoffman's current cultural influence and stature. Freedom Abbie Hoffman's revolutionary ideals are co-opted by this site, dedicated to the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender movement.

A powerful incendiary site. An example of Abbie Hoffman's legacy thriving in cyberspace. The Sixties Excellent s historical archive and chronological site, useful for understanding the Zeitgeist that Abbie Hoffman was working with. Abbie Hoffman A concise Abbie Hoffman bio. Learn the identity of Deep Throat and more riveting material. Simultaneously witty and direct. Abbie Lives! Brief essay examining the various biographies available on Abbie Hoffman.

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Now you can read them in cyberspace. From the very beginning, the project was marked by tragedy. Ten days after Borland borrowed a small sum of money from his father to help finance the first book, his father died in a car accident. After the book was published, Borland went to New York to speak at a book fair and tried getting in touch with Stahle, who had stopped returning his calls.

He soon learned that Stahle, too, had died, suffering a sudden heart attack alone in his apartment.

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Over the years, Borland has been proud to watch Sibling Rivalry authors go on to publish with bigger presses and higher-circulation magazines. Or Bushra Rehman, a Pakistani-American writer who recently published an essay in the New York Times Magazine and is under contract with a mainstream press. Of course, there are also writers who opt not to graduate. They have a role to play in Arkansas. All sections Close sections. Arkansas Blog.

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