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Short in stature, these very different looking humans have left us many intriguing examples of Rock Art; they were gradually absorbed by the new Bantu tribes who were cattle herders and farmers. They venerated the spirits of their ancestors. Today in East Africa, only two small groups of hunter-gatherers remain; given the proper long-term planning I can arrange a safari to see one of these groups — the Hadzabe, who now live on protected land in the Yaeda valley in Northern Tanzania.

An expedition here can be linked with finding the migratory herds in the Serengeti ecosystem. For those of you heading to the Masai Mara soon, it looks as if the herds from the south will be arriving later than usual. The rains have been so plentiful this year, the nutrient-rich grasses of the Serengeti plains have kept the wildebeest munching down there for longer.

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I visited Kenya recently and the country is looking luxuriantly green. I have never seen so many fat, healthy-looking Samburu cows! As I travelled through the country many people told me how God had answered their prayers after years of drought. Owning cows is still part of the Masai and Samburu culture; thanks to those distant ancestors, it is in their DNA.

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In the bush, colourful butterflies were everywhere and stunning red and yellow flowers adorned the euphorbias. The grass is high, though, so animal-viewing is more challenging than usual. The conservation efforts of the community partnerships with safari lodges continue to expand and protect the central-north lands of Kenya. However, unfortunately, I felt this continuation of Mr. Malik's story was a real let-down.

A Guide to the Beasts of East Africa by Nicholas Drayson

I was fully half way through the book before 'the Beasts of East Africa' even came into the story beyond a mere occasional reference. Additionally, the mystery regarding the 'loss' of the critical Operating Certificate for the Club's existence was too casually resolved. Given all the time, effort and thought that went into coming u I really enjoyed Drayson's first book, A Guide to the Birds of East Africa. Given all the time, effort and thought that went into coming up with the presumed solution to Lord Erroll's murder, the protagonists seem to give NO genuine thought to the perpetrator of this other crime.

It was not at all believable that the theft was done by the painters. Circumstantial as it may be, every clue points directly to Khan, whose character comes across as a disingenuous, slithery man, much more interested in himself than in anyone or thing else. To me, as a reader, Khan is a false friend, keen on surreptitiously grabbing the club's land for his development scheme. He evidences no qualms or morals as regards his 'friends' or their beloved club. Earnest loyalty to any of them does not seem the least bit a part of his character. This is clearly evidenced by his cavalier response to its pending closure and demise.

If Drayson wants his readers to believe otherwise, he has to give them realistic clues to the actual guilt of another party. The parallel narration of the murder mystery does not do it at all. Malik and the members of the Asadi Club are back and The first book in this series, A Guide to the Birds of East Africa is a charming little novel about a protagonist vying for the attentions of the apple of his eye, the lovely Rose Mbikwa, by having a birdwatching contest with another suitor. I loved it and have recommended it to numerous people. Although it has its moments, the story meanders all over the place - Mr.

It just never really weaved a single story, which made the convoluted conclusion all the more disappointing. For sentimental reasons, I'm glad I can justify giving this book at least 3 stars. It was pretty close to 2 stars, but ultimately yes, it was better than just ok. I don't recommend the book unless you really loved A Guide to the Birds of East Africa, and you can't imagine passing up an opportunity to hear more about the characters.

I regret to say, the magic just wasn't the same for me. Sep 18, Sanhita rated it really liked it. Thoroughly entertaining and makes one really happy at the end of it. Shades of McCall Smith. The description of Indian community based in Kenya is superb, though there are slippages in customs etc followed by them. A whoddunit with a difference. Absolutely delightful. Feb 04, Sally Jenkins rated it liked it Shelves: reading-challenge. This was a book club read and not a book I would normally read but it was well written and evocative of a different way of life in a foreign place.

But I did find it difficult to immerse myself in the characters or plot lines. Nothing particularly gripped me. However, it was an easy and relaxing read at bedtime. Feb 26, Terri rated it liked it. A companion or sequel to "A Guide to the Bird of East Africa", this book is just as good a read as the bird one. An easy-going read, information incorporated about the animals of the area, but definitely not an animal, travel guide.

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I love Mr. Jun 04, Melanie Griffin rated it it was ok. It was good to visit with the characters from Mr. Malik 1, but this second effort fell short for me. Fun banter, light humor, but lacks the depth of the first one.

Book Review – A Guide To The Beasts Of East Africa

There are several mysteries afoot, but none of them really captured my attention. Aug 29, Arlene rated it really liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Story evolves around friends in a club in Nairobi. The existence of the club is in jeoprody. The story gives many details on the politics and life in general in Nairoba including wildlife and includes this in the story. Aug 29, Kay rated it really liked it.

I really like Mr. Malik and his friends! Jul 31, Nancie Lafferty rated it liked it. Jun 05, Debbie rated it really liked it. Well I want to go on the annual Asadi Club safari! Shows the Kenyan government as being pretty corrupted. Oct 25, Caroline rated it it was amazing. As good as the first one in the series. Jul 26, Bill rated it liked it. This sequel was an enjoyable read but did not captivate me as much as the first book: A Guide to the Birds of East Africa.

Feb 14, Carolyn Fagan rated it really liked it. Love Mr. I wish there were more in this series! Wonderful narration and a nice plot! Mar 31, Sue Corbett rated it liked it. Still similar feel to ladies detective agency. Love the gentle humour in these books. Predictable plot but fun getting there. Nice easygoing tale. A Jolly good read!!! This is the second book I have read by this author with the same characters, and I found it just as entertaining as the first one!!

East Africa Vacation Travel Video Guide

It's more of a gentle travelogue and biography of the characters we meet between the pages, with some good mysteries thrown into the mix to make it interesting!! Loved every moment - definitely a good holiday read kind of book I feel this is a case of a follow-on book with the same characters falling flat. Malik arranges the annual safari trek but that is just one part of this. Additionally, there are the story lines about Harry Khan's desire to take over the Asadi Club and develop it into a shopping mall, Mr.

Malik's daughter is getting married but there's trouble brewing, and the Asadi club takes up the debate of the real-life mystery of Lord Erroll's murder back in It was the Lord Erroll's discussion tha I feel this is a case of a follow-on book with the same characters falling flat. It was the Lord Erroll's discussion that was the real distraction for me.

Perhaps the "Beasts of East Africa" in the title refer as much to the humans and their behaviors as to the four legged varieties found on safari. Hmm, on that basis, I'll change my original 2 stars to 3. I wish I could give 3. I enjoyed this sequel and laughed several times, but it wasn't as good as the first book, A Guide to the Birds of East Africa , which dealt with more difficult moral and social questions and yet still had the same deft humor and goodwill.

I didn't learn much more about East Africa or the main character than I did in the first book. Still, it wasn't a waste of time. Drayson is a charming writer and I enjoy the cast of characters. Jul 18, Jenny Benn rated it really liked it. A quirky, feel-good novel. I was so happy to re-encounter the characters from the Guide to the Birds of East Africa. Drayson is quite a fascinating author, I find. I love his detailed description of the African bush and all its creatures. I also discovered quite a few things about Kenya that I never knew.

Feb 03, Marilyn rated it did not like it.