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Having local spies means employing the services of the inhabitants of a district.

The Secret Agent Summary & Study Guide

Most people are just trying to get on with their daily lives. Wars are troublesome for them and can make life much harder. If the people where the enemy is residing do not like the enemy, then it should be easy to persuade bold individuals, especially those who have been wronged, to spy for you. This is the best type of local spy. If the local people are suffering hardship, then rewards of money or food may make it worth them taking risks for you. Worst is to coerce them into spying for you, for example by threatening to 'expose' them. Having inward spies, making use of officials of the enemy.

A good spy, if you can turn him or her, is one who is trusted and who works within the enemy forces. Best of all is when they have access to plans and can overhear important discussions. Many people working in wars are co-opted into their position. Administrators, especially are not natural warriors and may resent being held under strict command.

Inward spies may be gained by simple payment or, better, their simmering resentment may be amplified so they decide to side with you. This can be especially powerful if they believe you will win the war so persuade them of such. Having converted spies, getting hold of the enemy's spies and using them for our own purposes.

If you can catch and turn the enemies spies, you then have a double-agent who you can get to send back false information and to tell you critical information, in particular about other spies although spy networks are often organized to prevent such information being passed on.

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You may be able to persuade the spy to turn, or you may need to use a more coercive approach. The threat of harsh punishment may be sufficient for some. Beware of enemy spies pretending to be double agents or acting as triple agents. This is a murky world and you can never fully trust double agents. Having doomed spies, doing certain things openly for purposes of deception, and allowing our spies to know of them and report them to the enemy.

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When one of your spies is lost, for example when they are compromised, you can still use this to your advantage, such as having deeper spies 'whisper' information about them to the enemy. In this way you may lose one spy but another gains greater confidence and access to better information. Surviving spies, finally, are those who bring back news from the enemy's camp.

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Spying is not a game for the faint of heart nor is it one where escaping detection and survival is likely to be gained, especially over the longer term. The only useful spies are those that provide information. Vladimir , who berates him for the lack of concrete results from his work; instead of just preventing attacks, Mr. Verloc is ordered to lead his radical associates to carry out a terrorist act that will strike at the very fabric of the British middle class, so that they will finally allow for repressive legislation.

Verloc—who lives with his wife Winnie, her mentally handicapped brother Stevie , and her mother in their shop selling shady wares—hosts Red Committee members Michaelis , Comrade Ossipon, and Karl Yundt. The radicals are quick to spout vainglorious statements, but Mr. Verloc despairs of their being able to accomplish the extraordinary act Mr.

The Secret Agent

Vladimir has asked him to produce. On a later date, Ossipon meets with the Professor, an eccentric, solitary man who produces explosives. Ossipon shows him a newspaper article about the Greenwich Bomb Outrage that had taken place in Greenwich Park that morning: a bomb meant for the Greenwich Royal Observatory detonated prematurely and blew the bomber to pieces without injuring anyone or causing any damage.

The article says that Mr. Verloc was the killed bomber. Leaving from their meeting, the Professor runs into Chief Inspector Heat , a police officer who has just investigated the scene of the bombing.

After letting the Professor off, Heat meets with the Assistant Commissioner , his superior, and reveals his former acquaintance with Mr. The Assistant Commissioner, annoyed by what Heat has been keeping from him, complains in turn to his own superior, Sir Ethelred , the Home Secretary, about the danger of using secret agents like Mr.

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad - Full Audiobook

After his meeting, he walks to Mr. In the past few weeks, Mr. Verloc has spent some time in Europe; since coming back, he has been taking long walks with Stevie. Verloc, who cares as a mother for her highly sensitive and easily devoted brother, is glad to see her husband seemingly taking care of the boy. However, on the day of the Bomb Outrage, Mr. Verloc, who has in fact not been killed, comes back home looking physically ill. After a visit from Mr. Vladimir and another from Chief Inspector Heat, Mrs. Verloc learns that Mr. Verloc had given Stevie a bomb for the Greenwich Observatory but that Stevie tripped and let the bomb off early.