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March 16-24

Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. Clark shares producer credit on "The Fix," which focuses on a former prosecutor, Maya Travis Robin Tunney , who lost her most famous case: The racially charged trial of a British movie star, Severen "Sevvy" Johnson "Lost's" Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje , who was found not guilty of a double murder in When Sevvy is suspected again of a new slaying, Maya is called out of retirement by her former colleague "Tyrant's" Adam Rayner , who shows up at the rural community where she's taken refuge and tantalizingly says, "He did it again.

You have to come back, Maya. Well, who wouldn't want a shot at redemption? Still, the O. In essence, "The Fix" uses the "trial of the century" as a come-on, and a means of differentiating this latest serialized mystery from recent ABC series see "Secrets and Lies" and "Ten Days in the Valley" cut from a similar cloth. Perhaps foremost, the show is smartly cast -- not only in terms of the leads but around the edges, including Scott Cohen as Sevvy's sleazy defense attorney given the production auspices, would there be any other kind?

It's hard to assess the show's timing, more than 23 years after the Simpson trial ended, but only three years removed from FX's limited series based on that case. If Clark and her collaborators do enjoy the thrill of victory ratings-wise, it would suggest that when it comes to sensational crime, maybe you can win for losing. Dan is disappointed because now he knows that the Global Music Awards are, in fact, a fix.

The Fix TV Review

Lifetime Achievement The choice is yours! The judges walk out onto the stage in the Milton Hotel. Five hundred excited, nervous people are watching them. Five hundred cameras flash when they go on stage. Dan feels very scared.

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He also knows that millions of people around the world are watching on TV. There is a moment of silence then lots and lots of really loud applause as the judges read out the names of their friends. Who will win this year? Will it be Dylan Roberts, voice of a generation?

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Or Jack Michaelson? Or Nobbo, bringer of world peace? Millions of people are watching him on TV.

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He opens an envelope which has a piece of paper in it. Nothing is written on the piece of paper. There is total silence in the room. You are the most important people!

TV Review: ‘The Fix’

There is the sound of surprise in the big room. The music business is a fix!

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If nobody listened to or bought the music, there would be no winners here tonight. That is why YOU are the winners! I liked both the story and the Adam's commentary - thank you very much. Nevertheless, once a star is among the final candidates, I have the feeling that the final decision takes into account more implications. In my opinion, the story reflects an extreme situation to show that the best is not always the final winner. Probably, some awards are a total fix; but prestigious awards cannot be a total fix.

Sponsors know they have to ensure that judges have a sense of responsibility in order to maintain the awards within the ranking of best awards. I suppose, the more important the awards are the more pressure the judges feel. Any case, I would rather believe in honesty and fair play.

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Zoltan writes "I believe that your story is true. ICP : Log in Subscribe Newsletter. Do the preparation task first. Then read the story and do the exercise. A big problem.