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For more information on Peggy Joyce Ruth visit her Web site: www. Get A Copy. Unknown Binding , pages. Published December 15th by Creation House first published December 31st More Details Original Title. Other Editions 4. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Psalm 91 , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jul 28, Beth Beutler rated it liked it Shelves: christian-inspirational. I am probably in the minority here, but I have mixed feelings about this book. An acquaintance gave it to me as a gift, knowing it could apply to someone I care about. I appreciate her thoughtfulness.

The book explains the idea of using Psalm 91 as a guide for prayer, especially for those in the military. About half the book is the author's thoughts about the Psalm and it's application to direct prayer for protection and safety. The other half are true life stories of safety and survival, tied to I am probably in the minority here, but I have mixed feelings about this book. The other half are true life stories of safety and survival, tied to people praying the Psalm. The appendix also contains a thoughtful piece for those who have lost their lives in service.

I'm certainly not against using Scripture as a guide for prayer, and I do believe God's Word is powerful. My concern about this book is that in my own view it comes across almost like a "magical" approach to ensuring safety of loved ones in dangerous jobs, particularly the military.

Also, it can have a tendency to feel like safety is up to us--those praying--even containing stories that soldiers began to experience suffering when a church slowed down its praying for them. To me, that starts to make the power feel like it belongs to a person rather than God, and it could be our fault if we don't pray enough.

That is dangerously close to a dependence on our own good works. As one reviewer mentioned elsewhere, this book gives a sense of Psalm 91 being a tailsman--something with magical properties. While I believe God's word has power as mentioned above I also think we need to be careful about lifting one portion and reciting it as a sort of covering almost guaranteeing safety. But ultimately, God's will should be sought with an understanding that sometimes, He does allow loved ones to be hurt or killed.

While I was kept safe, many families had terrible losses. Did Psalm 91 not apply to them? I felt this book would be hard for those remaining behind to read, despite the short appendix item, which I'm not sure fully addressed the question that arises about why some die and some do not.

If you can read this book with a discernment to appreciate God's power and love and the value of His word, and cooperate with Him by surrendering to what may be His will instead of turning one Psalm into a magical near-guarantee of safety as long as we make sure we pray it enough, then it can be a helpful book. View 1 comment. Very uplifting. Good reminder of my "family" ties to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Just gotta call on them more often. Jun 06, Clara Roberts rated it did not like it. Ruth presents the case for using Psalms 91 as an oral talisman or amulet.

Book Review: Psalm Real-Life Stories of God’s Shield of Protection - Prophetic Crossroads

I do not think that God's word is to be used in this fashion. I found much of the book to be offensive. The woman supposely is a Bible teacher, but she substitues storytelling for Bible study. When there was a quote by the heretic, Kenneth Copeland, I had had enough. There was nothing for me to learn from reading this book. Many people will be drawn in by this woman's hersy and think they are learning about God rather than Ruth presents the case for using Psalms 91 as an oral talisman or amulet.

Many people will be drawn in by this woman's hersy and think they are learning about God rather than see that this is a mystic hersy about God. View 2 comments.

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Jan 06, Shelia Thompson rated it it was amazing Shelves: worth-rereading. This book explains more about God's promises of protection in Psalm If you have not, behold God's promise of salvation which includes health, healing, deliverance, rescue, safety, protection and provision. Do you find yourself worrying over ever little thing? Do you trust God? I mean really trust Him? As Christians, we know that there is power in God's Word, and there is power in prayer, but how often we fall into just a routine of prayer or reading the Bible without actually taking in what we're reading.

You know, "Lord, bless so and so. I've been guilty of Do you find yourself worrying over ever little thing? I've been guilty of this, but what if we actually took in what we read, really prayed with power, really applied the Bible to our lives? How different we would be! My mom has told me about how amazing Psalm 91 is, and how she prays it over our family, how she prays it and claims it when she's nervous or afraid of something. She let me borrow this book on Psalm 91 by Peggy Joyce Ruth, and it changed me.

The Bible says in Isaiah , "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. I asked myself, do I have that kind of faith? Why do I worry so much about things I have no control over?

God's Shield of Protection for Your Children

God has promised to protect me and my family, I just need to trust Him! I have begun to pray this Psalm every time I start to worry or fret, I have begun claiming its promises of protection over me and my family. I highly recommend this book, and this Psalm for each and every Christian! Let me tell you, there was a specific instance where my husband was going to be gone over night, and my mind started making up things that could happen, like what if someone approaches him and hurts him?

What if something bad happens? I couldn't sleep because these what-ifs kept coming to my mind. I decided that I would get my Bible out, pray Psalm 91 over my husband and go to sleep. When I finished praying and giving my husband and his safety over to God, I had a peace, and I went right to sleep. As a mother, I worry about my children as well, especially in this crazy world we live in. It's an encouragement, and it gives me peace to claim these promises straight from God. Take the time to read Psalm 91, and get your copy of this book today, such an encouragement and a great resource!

Nov 06, Oscar rated it it was amazing. Peggy Joyce Ruth really breaks down the Psalm verse by verse to educate the reader of the awesome power that is behind Psalm I would recommend it to anybody whether the person is young in their faith or has already matured in their walk with God. This book truly reveals how much God loves us by establishing all of the Promises of protection in one Psalm. Way to go Peggy Ruth. It was a wonderful book to read. Mazel tov. Dec 26, John Crawford rated it it was amazing.

I enjoyed the short chapters because I was able to make apart of my daily devotional. The 2nd part of the book with all the testimonies was my favorite! I cried reading them. Great book! Aug 05, Nova rated it it was ok Shelves: christian , non-fiction , war , faith , belief.


So, I'm a little late in writing a review for this book. I had marked a few areas while reading that I wanted to touch on in a review. After looking them over, I've dropped the rating I originally gave the book. Psalm 91 breaks down the 91st Psalm for the reader. The author not only talks about how this Psalm and the protection promised in it has changed her life but also relays stories of those who experienced God's divine protection in the midst of dangerous situations.

I always stress being ca So, I'm a little late in writing a review for this book. I always stress being careful of taking everything in from any writer or preacher. Always, always, always listen carefully and then check what you are hearing with the word of God.

Psalm 91 Workbook: God's Shield of Protection - Study Guide Edition

If the two don't line up, drop what you heard, and hold on to what Scripture states. While reading Psalm 91 this book, not the actual Psalm in the Bible , there were a few instances where I went "whoa! Now, that doesn't sound quite right In her own words: "Defensively pray, for example, that God protects you from ever hitting a child on a bicycle, being involved in a wreck that kills another person, and causing someone to walk away from the faith" page Certainly, Scripture urges us to be anxious for nothing and to pray about everything, but this specific line of thinking induces fear.

In fact, I think it is worse than that. It seems to imply that God, in whatever way, is not sovereign, so we must constantly be on our guard to prevent disasters. What a terrible way to live! Just imagine being terrified because you forgot to pray before getting in your car!

In addition, at the start of chapter 9 page 45 , the author makes it very clear that she believes God does not cause hail, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods; basically, she believes that God does not cause any kind of natural disaster. I'm not sure what version of the Bible she is reading Does the story of Noah ring a bell?

Many verses in Job specifically Job , Jonah , Matthew , Psalm , Psalm , Jeremiah all point to the fact that God can and does control natural disasters and the weather. The point: you can't just take one verse out of a single Psalm and then ignore all of the other Psalms and misapply Mark , where Jesus rebukes the storm, simply because it fits one's personal view of God. Mark just shows that Christ can command the wind and the waves. It shows that He has power over both. Now, does God send every storm and cause every natural disaster?

I don't have an answer to that I'm not sure that I would say that He does , but I will say that Scripture is very clear that He truly does have power over natural disasters, and there were times when He did cause storms and disasters to occur. His truth will be your shield and protection. Psalm New International Version NIV He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.

You can run under his covering of majesty and hide. His arms of faithfulness are a shield keeping you from harm.

God's Shield of Protection

Psalms English Standard Version ESV He will cover you with his pinions, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness is a shield and buckler. Psalm ,4 Share. English US. View in App.