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This course, one of the most respected in this field, is designed for students wishing to conduct paranormal investigations and research apparition and ghost sightings, the nature of the soul, poltergeist activity, and voice, electronic, and photographic evidence of paranormal activity.

Paranormal research is a tremendously growing field that has been ignored for many decades by the established scientific community. Yet paranormal events are much more common than most people think.

The episode audio is being processed and will be ready shortly. Eye on the Paranormal Kirby Robinson ghost hunting paranormal ethics haunting If you think there's a ghost in your house, what kind of people are you allowing into your home to investigate the alleged haunting?

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Paranormal Safety and Code of Ethics

Who is NTPI? Since then, they have participated in over a hundred investigations, case studies, appeared as speakers for many live events, and have published a book about their theories and fieldwork.

Codes of Conduct and Ethics for Paranormal Investigators

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