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Andrew Hovan June 29, Slawecki June 29, Album Reviews Nexus Music Vol. Album Showcase Buy Now. Buy Now. Featured Albums. Sign in Sign up Email address. I agree that God's majesty is too great to totally comprehend, but let's look at two ways in which we can reason our way from finite creation to an infinite, intelligent God.

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The cosmological argument for God says that everything in the universe is an effect of some cause. Therefore, the universe must have a cause. Aristotle called the first cause of the universe "the unmoved mover. The world has an intelligent design.

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Therefore, the world has an intelligent designer. If watches must have watchmakers, the world must have a world-maker. Thank you, Alex, for this profound statement. If you could watch a parade from a high mountain, you would have a different perspective from someone viewing it on the ground. You would see the beginning and the end at the same time.

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When Moses asked God his name, he said, "I am who I am. They knew only God could make such a claim.

How Can God Have No Beginning and No End?

The question "How old is God? He's no older this year than he was last year because infinity plus one is still infinity, says theologian Millard J. Neither is God limited by space. While some may imagine God as a divine superman flying from place to place faster than the speed of light, in reality he has access to his entire creation at the same time.