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Batteries Not Included : Elderly East Village property owners are assisted by small space aliens in fending off developers who want to tear down the building. Ernest Goes to Camp : Ernest needs to save the summer camp from being turned into a strip mine. Beetlejuice : A real-estate developer moves his wife and Goth teen daughter into a run-down house and gives it a contemporary renovation, but must contend with the highly sympathetic recently deceased former occupants.

Everyone makes up in the end. Medicine Man : Road development threatens a village in the Amazon where a cure for cancer may be discovered. Glengarry Glen Ross : Real-estate salesmen get motivated when the head office promises to fire all but two employees. Unethical behavior ensues. The Education of Allison Tate : Native Americans kidnap the daughter Allison of a developer who seized their land.

Allison begins to sympathize with her captors and fights with them against her father. Barbershop 2: Back in Business : Gentrification threatens the barbershop along with a chain barbershop opening on the same street. Big Stan : A real-estate con artist goes to prison, where he helps the warden with a plan to get the prison shut down and sell the land.

But he has second thoughts and blows his parole hearing to stay and help his incarcerated friends. Up : An old man holding out against rampant development in his neighborhood flees by attaching balloons to his house and floating away. Two reports from the World Resource Institute look at the biggest barriers to electrifying the global bus fleet—and how cities can overcome them.

Bird, Lime, and other shared micromobility services are disrupting the legal landscape, too. The vision of the technology-powered metropolis of the future is being sold with images that bear little resemblance to the real world. Transportation Why U. Staging a home is like telling a story.

You want the buyer to be able to see themselves living in the house. In order to do that, you must set the stage. Tan, taupe or warm gray colors are best, and although some people consider those shades dull, the lack of controversy is exactly what you want. It can be distracting to buyers when a house is congested with items.

Selling a vacant home can also be challenge, because it runs the risk of feeling cold and unwelcoming. Recognizing why you are staging your home can keep you sane in the process. If you are at a crossroads in life — whether you are an empty nester, recently retired, or simply looking for a fresh start — this may be a good time to consider downsizing your home. Here are five reasons why. According to Dave Ramsay , buying a smaller home can make sense when trying to eliminating mortgage payments.

With the profits from selling your bigger house , you may be able to completely pay cash for your new home. Now your goal is to get rid of that debt as quickly as possible. The smaller the balance, the quicker you can make it happen. Once you make a dent in what you are paying on a mortgage, you can think about diminishing other debts, like student loan payments and medical bills. According to Chris Hogan , downsizing will help you permanently kick debt to the curb.

According to experts , you should be investing 15 percent of your household income towards a retirement fund. Saving up for your future can mean financial security, which means more money going towards things you love. Less space can be a good thing when it comes to maintaining a home. If you downsize, you are spending less time and money on everyday chores. On top of that, you will see a drop in utility bills, insurance and property taxes.

Downsizing undoubtedly has its financial benefits, but what about the benefit for your mental health? Once you free yourself from excessive debt, excessive maintenance and excessive items you inevitably hoarded in your larger house, you can focus on what really matters to you. As is the case with all of our possessions, the more we own, the more they own us. And the more stuff we own, the more mental energy is held hostage by them. The same is absolutely true with our largest, most valuable asset. Buy small and free your mind. Bring Fiddo to come hunt eggs in historic South Park.

Each dog is allowed to hunt a limited number of eggs that are filled with dog treats. Once they find the egg and claim it with their nose, it goes in their basket to open later. Check in begins at 8 AM. The hunt will begin at 9 AM sharp. Register each dog separately. Prizes available on-site. Co-sponsored by the Lawrence Humane Society. Pre-registration is required. This festive tradition began in under the administration of President Rutherford B.

Hayes, and successive Presidents have carried it on to present day. Join the Dole Institute for a morning of family fun, including a White House-style egg roll race, egg hunt and crafts. Prizes: All children will receive a special gift when departing the event, including candy from the egg hunt! What is an Easter Egg Roll? An Easter Egg Roll is a race for children to push an egg hard-boiled or wooden through the grass with a long handled spoon. The fastest to the finish line wins! Call the Dole Institute or email us at doleinstitute ku. The fun starts at noon with springtime crafts for the kids as the pool is filled with plastic eggs.

Then, at PM sharp, kids can jump in and collect eggs in their basket. Some eggs will sink and some will float! After the hunt, everyone is welcome to stay and swim for an afternoon of family fun. Pre-registration required to secure crafts; may pay fee day of to participate in egg hunt and swimming only. For more information, please call the Aquatics Division at Each participant is allowed to collect a total of five different colored eggs.

There will be additional activities for children to participate in before and after the hunt. For more information, call No, seriously. Here is the second update.

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Enjoy the deliciousness. PHONE: Like our Facebook page to stay up to date by clicking on the link below. Each year, the Lawrence St.

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Although all women demonstrated extraordinary acts of selflessness, there could be only one queen for the parade. Based on her charitable contributions and assistance efforts, the committee chose Willis to wear the crown. Willis is proud to participate, because youth programs are near and dear to her heart. She believes it takes a village to raise a healthy child. Amber Green is her designated co-queen, something that they are calling joint tenancy, which is a real estate term meaning shared property. Having been born with hydrocephalus, Green has special needs, but that does not stop her from vivaciously exploring life.

This was before I had kids, so Amber was always with me. I can get off the carriage for Mario. The Lawrence St. For more information about the parade committee, click HERE. Have you ever kayaked, canoed or fished on the Kansas River? Before the non-profit was formed almost 30 years ago, the river was nearly inaccessible to the public. Since then, the Lawrence-based organization has increased the number of boat ramps from six to 19 while protecting the river from pollution. They open your heart and your mind to what is possible within us all. Water gadgets are cool and all, but to be able to participate in the preservation of a resource that is crucial to the livelihood of future generations is arguably worth more karma points.

If we do not protect our most valuable resource, who will? The festival starts at 7 p. Friday night. For more information, click HERE. Jessica Kilroy Shape of a River. Place 1 has too much sauce. Place 2 has too little toppings. But Place 3… ahhh that one is Goldilocks. Just right. Here is the first installment of a comprehensive list of pizza places in Lawrence.

Because one slice does not fit all. Each year at the Cider Gallery in the Warehouse Arts District in East Lawrence, a handful of food entrepreneurs gather to make their dreams come true. The rustic backdrop of wood beams and exposed brick fits naturally with the event objective — to bring money back down to earth. The annual showcase is crucial for that success. Loans that stem from the night at the Cider Gallery are not facilitated by the Slow Money volunteers and are typically low-interest to the farmer.

It keeps the money local. The Entrepreneur Showcase is a no-pressure event that is free and open to the public. I want to support that local system. One little loan has led to many steps along the way to some very substantial businesses now. The showcase is scheduled for Thursday, February 21 at 7 p. For more information about Slow Money Northeast Kansas, click here. So the weather outside is frightful. According to the U.

The boom increased Phoenix's population to 1. With all these new residents, the demand for more homes will follow. In nearly 30 Phoenix-area neighborhoods, prices have bounced back to levels or higher, with prices rising the fastest in metro Phoenix's most affordable, centrally located neighborhoods, from downtown Phoenix to central Mesa, where millennials who are looking to buy their first homes are driving the recovery.

Values in another 40 neighborhoods are within 10 percent of recovering. According to the Associated General Contractors of America, the Phoenix metro area added almost 10, new construction jobs, which is the second-highest amount in the country and a nine percent increase from Showhomes is currently seeking qualified franchisees in the Phoenix area. Eager to grow, Showhomes is planning events where people in Phoenix who are interested in the franchise can learn more about the opportunity.

Interior and exterior home design trends change every season, and vary depending on what part of the country you are in. Ann Jensen, Showhomes of Minneapolis. Since becoming a franchisee, Ann has observed that many home buyers in Minneapolis are interested in casual dining areas and flexible work spaces. Jensen said technology has also impacted home designs and layouts.

Because people use cell phones and laptops to do business in their houses, there are fewer homes with designated office spaces. Ginny Hawkins, Showhomes of Pasadena. According to Hawkins, the weather in Pasadena also plays a role in the way homes are designed and staged. We are also blessed with flowers year-round, so people have a lot of fruit trees and roses in their yards. When choosing the colors and patterns of furniture, artwork and accessories, Salas takes her surroundings into consideration. Carol Apa, Showhomes of North Charlotte.

When staging her homes, Apa also tries to achieve balance with color, texture and accents. We staged a home that had a grey exterior with a teal front door. We were able to incorporate these colors in the interior of the home, so we brought the outdoors inside. With the most competitive home-selling season of the year underway, many homeowners are leaning on home-staging experts to ensure their property stands out among the rest.

Shelly and Pratt Barndollar, owners at the Houston Showhomes, were recently recognized with the "Best Makeover Design" award at the brand's annual conference for a home they staged in their territory. Feeding off of this momentum, the Barndollars are gearing up for the busy home-selling season in the next coming months.

While interior design trends are ever-changing, Pratt and Shelly have noticed several develop in the past several months that have continued to stick, including changes in flooring and outdoor spaces. Aside from flooring, Shelly and Pratt have also noticed a lot of innovation with outdoor spaces. Rather than using decks and patios for gatherings and cookouts, Shelly said many homeowners are turning outdoor amenities multi-seasonal rooms that families are able to regularly enjoy.

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Another entertainment-focused piece of the home that the Barndollars have seen become more of a staple is the bar or wet bar area. Shelly and Pratt said the open bar layout is very popular and often showcased in the dining or family room. To accommodate for more homeowners looking to utilize home-staging services, Showhomes is looking to expand into areas of the country where its franchise units would be most helpful, with a specific interest in the Bay Area and the Washington DC-Northern Virginia market. On April 22 nd , Showhomes' entire franchise system gathered together in Santa Cruz, California for the brand's annual conference.

This was a time when the brand was able to celebrate some incredible milestones and shine a light on franchisees that have found success in the system, whether in their first year or business or their fifth year. Celebrating the brand in California was also an opportunity for the corporate staff to explore development opportunity in nearby markets, specifically the Bay Area. As the market continues to develop, there is so much growth potential for new staging companies to move in and take their share.

It's a market where people have a deep understanding of staging and design, and will appreciate our product and services. Building on the positive momentum in California post-conference, Showhomes is now looking for ideal franchisee candidates in the Bay Area to spearhead the brand's growth.

This typically falls in line with someone who is extremely passionate about the home design and staging industry. Those who explore open houses as a hobby and leave their channel tuned into HGTV already have the interest in the product, and simply need to learn operations through the proven franchise model. Potential franchisees can look to Sacramento franchisee Bob Kohlruss as a forecast of how the concept is expected to perform in the Bay Area, with noteworthy market similarities between the two cities including population density and median age of population.

Showhomes currently stages the top 20 percent of homes being sold across the nation. This noteworthy success paired with the strong residential real estate growth in the Bay Area in lieu of the technology industry growth in the market positions an unparalleled opportunity for Showhomes. Currently, Showhomes has six available territories within the Northern California area. April is Florida's prime selling month, so if you're putting your home on the market consider this: Cleaning and decluttering can improve the looks of a house but sometimes it takes more than that to really wow buyers.

That's where Liliana Warr comes in. Warr is a professional home stager who helps transform blah-looking houses into ones that stand out and, ideally, sell faster. The only thing that makes it different is how they feel in the house. After 20 years in the fashion industry in Italy, the Romanian-born Warr moved to the Tampa Bay area in , married a real estate investor and got a real estate license. Then, embarrassed by the condition of some houses she showed, she decided to get into the staging business. In , she bought the Hillsborough County franchise of Showhomes, the nation's largest home staging company, and she recently acquired the Pinellas-Pasco franchise.

Warr says about 90 percent of the Hillsborough homes she has staged went under contact within two weeks of prepping. What's the first step? We send out a qualified designer who goes to the house with a buyer's eye and sees whatever a buyer's objection is going to be. That way we know before the buyers show up why they would not like the house.

What is the first thing the designer looks for? Curb appeal, that sets up the expectation of the buyer. If the house doesn't look good on the outside, oh my gosh, what's inside? Even if the owner is spending a lot of money on the inside, they started with a disadvantage. A lot of times this can be fixed by just a nice pressure washing and painting the front door a nice color. It's an easy fix.

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Does it help to paint inside, too? Buyers go in the house thinking that repainting is not only a major expense but also the trouble to find a good painter that doesn't leave a mess all around.

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That house goes to the bottom of the list. We have a painting crew. We have worked with Sherwin Williams to create for us a certain palette. We choose the exact color combination that's going to sell that house - neutral, light because we need the house to be light and airy. What do you do if the seller is going to stay in the house while it's on the market? We may rearrange their furniture and sometimes they may need some piece of art or accessories or a rug or lamp to give that house a new life. Sometimes when it's a lot of furniture, we ask them to remove it because we need to have an open flow.

We can get everything ready in half a day. Are all homes staged the same? Every single staging is catered to the style of the house and the price point and what is the target market. So if I'm doing a house in downtown Tampa and it's a single professional, I'm not going to do a kid's room or very traditional furniture. If I have a modern light fixture and everything is tile and gray walls I will not bring in brown colors - but if the house has a traditional chandelier I will go more for traditional staging and bring in heavier colors.

We have two warehouses full of furniture but we do not sell the furniture; we want to sell the house. Every piece of furniture and accessory has to complement the house's features. How do you market your business? We market to Realtors. Our goal is to create this long-term partnership with Realtors who are movers and shakers that want to be successful. They know they have to stay on top of trends. I'm doing this on a volunteer basis; I do not charge.

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Showhomes has a program called "home management. That is the best program we ever had. A lot of times these big homes need staging, and traditional staging means a monthly fee upfront for the furniture and the seller has other costs. Let's say it stays on the market six months. They have to pay electricity, insurance, security. So what we do is not only stage the house, but we have somebody live in the house called the house manager who pays the utilities, the lawn.

The seller has peace of mind because the house is not vacant. And the seller pays on the back end when house sells , not upfront. Do many people really want to live in somebody else's house temporarily? We have at least 12 home managers active. We can help them move in. We can set up the house in 12 hours. The home manager is going to live in this beautiful home and have a very high living standard. We interview them; we meet all the family members; we do criminal background checks.

They are part of our team. Showhomes is America's largest home staging franchise, and its franchisees across the county help homeowners sell their home significantly faster by staging their home once it goes on the market. Declutter, declutter, declutter! While this should be done year-round, the months before putting your home on the market is a great time to go through your old items and get rid of anything you don't need anymore. I always recommend people getting a hamper to put old items in throughout the year.

If your son grew out of his shoes in December, put them in the hamper. If you don't use your old VCR, put it in the hamper. This will decrease the buildup and make spring cleaning easier. When you put your home on the market, whether you use a home staging company or not, you should be putting everything that is on your counters and tables away.

Proactively doing this before putting your home on that market is a great idea. I also tell my clients that this is pre-packing, so it will help you be proactive in the packing process. Deep Clean Everything. No matter how bad your winter season is, it is always necessary to do a deep clean inside and outside your home. In Florida, I notice a lot of people don't wash their screens and windows as thoroughly as they should.

This causes less light to shine into the home, which looks bad when people are touring. In addition, it is important to do a cleanse of your outside areas. Having an outside living area is a huge plus no matter what part of the country you live in. Being able to show this to potential sellers can really make a difference. Finally, if you have pet, it is important to get rid of all their hair. Aside from people's preferences about animals, many people are allergic to animals, which could be a huge issue if someone is touring your home. Freshen your Accessories.

As we get into the spring season, the popular colors are changing from warm muted colors to bring and vibrant colors. It is important to invest in bringing accent colors into your home with pillows, vases and artwork. I always recommend people to accessorize with matching colors to the artwork to tie the whole room together. Right now, in Florida, blues, light greens and whites are super popular. Another accessory that many people overthink is using fresh flowers. During the spring season this is a great idea to brighten the inside of a home, especially if potential buyers are touring on a dreary day.

I recommend people putting flowers on their coffee table, kitchen island or counter and in the master bathroom. Increase Curb Appeal. The phrase, 'you only get once chance at a first impression', holds true also with homes.

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It is important to put a lot of effort into increasing your curb appeal. This means to touch up your lawn and garden. After the winter season, there can be old leaves, dead grass and flowers or trash on your lawn. It is worthwhile to invest in cleaning up your lawn and planting new grass or flowers to make the first impression of your home the best possible. Find a Hidden Place for Personal Items. As you are decluttering your home, keep in mind to take away any personal items. This doesn't just mean to hide personal information like your checkbook or passport but also anything that personalizes your home like beauty products, vacation souvenirs or an abundance of family photos.

Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves living in your home so providing a clean slate is a great way to create this possibility. Showhomes: What We Do. Cheryl Thomas. Kent Welch. Leanne Zumbrunnen. Edward Lothamer. Ryan Welch. Why stage? Why showhomes? Owner Occupied Homes New Homes. Paint Replace old carpet. Johnson County Dream Home Wrap this one up and put a bow on it! Prairie Point Perfection Warm and inviting, open concept two story home!!

Two story home in desired Deerfield Trace! Unbelievable Remodeled Westport Home 3 bed, 2 bath in Westport area. Spectacular Overland Park Gem You have to see it to believe it! Outstanding Liberty Estate Must see and move in ready! Unbelievable Traditional Shawnee Home This home boasts 3, square feet of traditional charm. Look at this Beauty!!!! Wornall Head Turner! Stunning De Soto Estate!! Stunning Leawood Estate Hallbrook defined! Plaza Condo Sophisticated Luxury city living on the Plaza! Wonderful Plaza Condo You can walk to the Plaza from this phenomenal location.

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Updated Home in Wooded Setting This beautiful 4 BR, 3 BA home in the densely wooded subdivision offers a fully updated kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, vaulted ceilings and walks out to a spacious deck. Tuscany Reserve with backyard oasis One of the best lots in Tuscany Reserve, water views and backs to green space. Harwycke 1. Mooresville, NC. Tampa,FL, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. Minneapolis MN. Winston Salem, NC. Santa Fe, NM. Highlands Ranch, CO. Troutman, NC.

Mueseum District Houston TX. Westminster, Colorado. Denver, Colorado. St Augustine Beach, FL. Read More. Couple overcomes hearing barrier in building business Santa Fe couple overcome obstacle to find success with Showhomes franchise. Showhomes Aims to Expand in Phoenix The home staging franchise is seeking partners to help the company grow in a booming market. Showhomes Explores Expansion Opportunities in Northern California The nation's leading home staging franchise celebrates brand accomplishments at annual conference in Santa Cruz, California and explores nearby growth opportunities in Bay Area.

Even in a seller's market, staging a home can help sell it faster, staging pro says A home prepared by Liliana Warr, a professional home stager. Five Tips to Prepare for Home Selling Season Franchise brand Showhomes provides helpful tips to prepare your home before the selling season. Deborah Simpson KS Great properties and professional service.

David Mason Liberty MO They staged more of the house than we discussed, and did a great job doing it. Deborah Simpson KS Very personalized, professional and quality service and management. Quality work and execution. Alex Goering KS Responsive and helpful. VERY patient. House looks great. Thanks for all you do! Joyce Cook KS The staging is awesome, fast, and efficient! Layton Hein KS They are friendly and very helpful. Security by having on premises management. Jennifer Flaspohler Hill KS Wow Cheryl and Showhomes went above and beyond to help with some updates and staging that gave us the ability to sell this home.

Michael Hagen KS Great value, great staging Sharon Aubochon KS No home should ever be listed vacant. Showhomes brings top dollars to my listings. Cnb Services KS The staging is amazing. The whole process has been very smooth and efficient. Nice job! Sharon Aubochon KS Showhomes helps my homes sell quickly. Rick Zeitun KS Showhomes is an important part of our business. Rick Zeitun KS Exceptional customer service. Shelly Lockett KS Kent and the team are very easy to work with and always available to answer any questions. Sharon Aubochon KS My listings sell faster!

George Medina KS Company was very responsive to my clients needs. William Vandever KS Attention to detail. Sharon Aubochon KS Gets my listings sold fast and for top dollar! Tom Wolfe Peculiar MO Easily to deal with to set up the agreement and staging, thrilled with how you stage the property and love the results of selling the property within days at near my asking price. Cathy Heitzman KS The staging was excellent and helped show off my home in the best possible light. Michael Falgiani KS Excellent service with amazing attention to detail! Rick Zeitun KS Kent is terrific. Great communication and service.

Cynthia Duncan KS Showhomes did a wonderful job of staging a home with a very unique basement layout. Cathy Heitzman KS Kent was wonderful to work with, and the stager did a phenomenal job. Tom Wolfe KS Responsiveness, communication and quality of job on the staging with good furniture. Robert Richardson KS Clean, on time, friendly, professional. Sharon Aubochon KS My listings sell fast. Linda Curry KS I enjoyed my time as a home manager. Sharon Aubochon KS my homes sell fast! David Hahn KS Good communication, prompt, responsive. Quick response. Paula Hepin KS Very friendly and professional.

Todd Rhodes KS It matches my needs near perfectly in not requiring a lengthy lease and - depending on availability - properties are very acceptable. Paul Gerni KS Friendly and cooperative, anxious to please agents and eventual homebuyers by providing staging and home managers to further keep the valued property in show condition. Nice job on staging the home. Wonderful program for sellers.

Michael Hale KS Personal attention to detail, and excellent staging. Shelleen Wienke KS The houses always sell for more and sell more quickly. Suzy Goldstein, Better Homes and Gardens, Kansas City Homes KS Showhomes stages and decorates vacant home with "Today's" furnishings and accessory decor, then they add a screened home manager to keep the home fresh, clean, and ready to show. When a home is "staged", it's furnished and decorated in a way that's carefully designed to maximize the home's appeal to prospective buyers.

What benefits does home staging offer to a Homeowner? A properly staged home has just the right quality and quantity of furnishings for a buyer to understand how rooms function and how spaces flow. Staging creates warmth, life, and positive emotion. Good staging avoids clutter or overly personalized decor that might be a turn-off to some.

It maximizes the home's strengths while minimizing any shortcomings. Staging engages prospective buyers, increases their interest and perception of value. A prospective buyer becomes more likely to buy! Do you provide staging services for owner-occupied homes? Yes, we are a full service staging organization and can provide help for homes that are occupied either for sale or for those who just want to update the look of their property. A Home Manager is an individual or family who assists Showhomes by living in a Showhome and caring for it while it's on the market.

Showhomes painstakingly selects and trains each Home Manager in accordance with the system we've developed through three decades of experience. Why would I use a Home Manager to help sell my home? A Home Manager benefits the Homeowner by caring for the home and reducing the Homeowner's carrying costs. Some examples of carrying costs that a Home Manager would cover would be utilities, gas, water, and the ability to take advantage of the savings of our national insurance program. The Home Manager helps in the sales effort by readying the house for showings and through the added life and emotional appeal their belongings contribute.

Homes staged with live-in Home Managers typically out-perform vacant homes by large margins. No, Home Managers are not present during showings. Prospective buyers won't know that your home is even staged; it will simply look and feel like a homeowner lives in and loves the home. Everything is in its place and your home shows as well or better than it would if you still lived there.

How is Showhomes different from others who offer staging services? Life sells homes. Buying a home is an emotional decision for most people and Showhomes is unique in the way it helps to sell homes. Using a live in Home Manager assures you that the entire home is staged to perfection and that it is always tuned up and in show-to-sell condition. Because of this, your home is far less vulnerable to low-ball offers than it would be if it were simply staged with furniture.

Showhomes provides staging services that make your home far more attractive to prospective buyers. Almost all Showhomes are listed by full-service Realtors. Showhomes does not represent buyers or sellers in the real estate transaction; that is the service your Realtor is trained and licensed to provide. Does Showhomes offer staging services without Home Managers? If you are interested in staging services without a Home Manager contact your local office. Pricing varies by location.

Our promise to homeowners is a smoke free home that appeals to the largest percentage of prospective buyers. As soon as you accept an offer, we begin the process of relocating our Home Manager. Unlike a tenant, our Home Managers are under contract to move on short notice and once we succeed in selling your home, we are often ready to begin staging another home. We return your home to you in as good or even better condition than when we received it and the new buyers get a fresh, clean home to move into.

Flexibility, low housing costs, short or long-term housing solution, no long term committment. A critical requirement of Home Managers is that they have an inventory of fine furniture and accessories that meets our quality standards that they move from house to house. Showhomes supplements furniture as needed for each home.

Visit the Home Manager section of our website or click on "Locations" to talk to your local representative. How can I learn more about your services to Homeowners? Click on the locations page to contact your local representative for a free consultation. Showhomes helps homeowners and their Realtors sell vacant homes faster and for higher prices. In today's market, staging a home with a live-in Home Manager can steeply reduce the amount of time the home sits on the market and bring in offers far above what a homeowner would get if the home remained vacant.

For a Realtor, this means less hassle, faster sale, higher commission and a happier homeowner. How can I learn more about your services to Realtors? Realtors who use us often comment that Showhomes are the easiest to show; often they are easier to show than owner-occupied homes. All Showhomes are available to show by appointment. Simply call the local Showhomes contact and make the showing appointment and we'll ensure that the home is available to show. Showhomes is growing!

To see what markets we serve, click on the Locations page. How can I learn more about Showhomes franchise opportunities? Showhomes is a fun and exciting business that helps others.

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If you have a love of real estate and people, click on the Franchise Opportunities page or visit showhomesfranchise. Edward Lothamer Phone: Email: showhomeskc gmail. Ryan Welch Phone: Email: Ryanwelch comcast. WHY stage? Owner Occupied Homes Known for our success in staging vacant homes, we also help sellers with owner occupied homes. Paint While that favorite shade of purple was perfect for you, it may be a turn-off for that potential buyer. Click here to read the article. Spring Color Trends Neutrals are a key element of all interior design. Spring Decorating Trends With the rising popularity of decluttering and simplifying, minimalism is trending this spring more than ever.

Control panels and thermostats Photo by Jessica Forbes Interior Stylist Artwork is your friend when it comes to concealing knobs, temperature controls, and other boring gadgets attached to walls. Five Tips for Staging Your Home During the Holidays It's that time of the year when holiday decorations come out of storage, are dusted off and showcased throughout the home.

Take Staging Photos Before the Holidays While your home may go on sale during the holiday season, it may stay on sale past this time of the year. Try to Defer from Showings on Holidays While the real estate industry works 7 days a week, days a year, it's in the homeowners' best interest to defer showings on a holiday. Instead, just swap out the existing decorations with small, festive accents to really dress up the home Stage Presents, Don't Put Real Ones Out During the home sale process, potential home buyers from all over are walking through the home, going through closets and checking out each area of the home.

Keep Decor Elegant and Simple "As you decorate, it's best to keep the staging of the home in mind," said Gulliver. Affordable Change for Countertops While renovating your countertops seems like a pricey, long-term project, installing a backsplash of granite or tile in your kitchen is much less grueling and adds a layer of dimension.