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Plantation Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana

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She was beloved by the staff whom she visited at the gift shop until the day she died — in Room Another night manager, Bob Green, told me he didn't believe in ghosts. I'm a skeptic," he said of Denis. The cold hand on the neck could have been a bug, of which there are lots on the bayou. The electricity going out and tub moving could just be the failings of an old house.

Suddenly, she wasn't a witch at all: Just a trick of the eye created by the shape of an ornate column. But there are some phenomena at Nottoway that even Green can't explain. He fixed it several times before getting a familiar eerie feeling.

5 Haunted bars in the French Quarter

It was the same feeling he gets in a corner of the ballroom near the grand piano. I didn't feel anything. We stayed in the ballroom a bit longer, waiting for a feeling that never came. All the while, I kept eyeing that chair. Skip to content.

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The grounds of the Nottoway Plantation evoke another era. I was going to make a joke, but he had already disappeared. I have long hair. Some guests have ended up fleeing Room 14 at Nottoway Plantation. So where was I staying tonight? No response.

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He opened the door. But it didn't feel haunted to me. I turned out the lights and slept soundly. The "White Castle" doesn't look scary during in sunshine, but staffers say odd things happen in daytime too. The house is also full of optical illusions, he said. He walked me outside and pointed to the third floor porch of the main house. There she was! We could see her shadow, in profile, especially her pointy black hat.

Old River Road Plantation Adventure | Plantation Tours in New Orleans, Louisiana

A gold-tone faux bamboo chair was tipped. He righted it. A staffer emerged from the adjacent kitchen. Green explained about the chair. He darted back into the kitchen. Twitter: mollyhf. Most Read. Column Lakers fans deserve better than what Jeanie Buss said in first public comments. Asia Last year he went on vacation to Vietnam. Now he faces 12 years in prison. Politics What time is the Democratic presidential debate? This plantation remains unfinished but has an unusual shape cc tjelser.

This giant octagonal house is only partially completed so expect to see an ornately decorated first floor and completely unfinished upper floors.

Deep Into The Deep South: Stay the Night In A Haunted Plantation Hotel

Take the scenic byway of State Route 5 to visit the oldest active plantation in Virginia , the Shirley Plantation. The Upper stories of the house are occupied by members of the eleventh generation of the Hill Carter family, who have lived there since and still operate one of the oldest family owned businesses in the US.

They graciously allow visitors in the first floor rooms to sneak a peak at the house they have called home for over years.

Visit the former home of Thomas Jefferson. While Jefferson was an advocate for the abolition of slavery, it is curious to see the home where he kept so many of his own slaves although in far more humane conditions than many of his plantation neighbors.


See where to stay near Monticello here. Mansfield Plantation , Georgetown, South Carolina. They perfected the use of tidal water and dykes for irrigation and used African-American slaves to work the expansive fields.