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Role of Technology in Knowledge Management

As knowledge management becomes embedded within organizations it becomes more important for students to understand its principles and applications. In this textbook, Dr.

Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice (2nd ed.)

Kimiz Dalkir provides a comprehensive overview of the field on knowledge management with an emphasis on translating theory into practice. Working from a multidisciplinary perspective, Dr.

Dalkir weaves key concepts, tools, and techniques from sociology, cognitive science, content management, knowledge engineering, cybernetics, organizational behaviour, change management, and information science into a three-level approach to understand Knowledge Management from the individual, community, and organization levels.

Simply put, "The creation and application of knowledge can be the engine of organizational performance and growth," says Dalkir.

Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice.

The book begins with a look at the "knowledge management cycle," KM management models, and the difference in technique between tacit and explicit knowledge capture. Once you've captured knowledge in some way, the next challenge is to make it accessible to workers. The book also includes chapters on how to measure KM results, the ingredients needed in creating a KM team, and organizational challenges to implementing an effective program.

Most KM failures, of which there have been many, originate in organizational problems rather than in people or technological shortcomings, the author maintains.

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