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Victimless crime - definition of victimless crime by The Free Dictionary

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vic·tim·less crime

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A few days later, another body was found in the area and identified by merchants as the alleged assailant of the murdered man. International organized crime syndicates — traditionally involved in crimes such as drug and human trafficking, prostitution and corruption — have become attuned to the lucrative profits to be made from the product counterfeiting trade.

Between to , it is reported that global counterfeiting has increased from an estimated U. While countries have negotiated multinational trade agreements to increase legitimate trade, for many years organized crime has created or exploited existing trade routes for contraband. For these organizations, counterfeit products are simply a new commodity to add to their ever-expanding criminal portfolio.

Typically, however, the proceeds from trade in these illicit goods have been invested in the furtherance and diversification of their criminal activities. In places throughout the world, secret factories are making fake products for gang bosses. A characteristic feature of such laws is that since no third party is harmed, there is no one who has an immediate interest in complaining to the police and presenting evidence against the culprits. Victimless crime is mainly related to awareness and unawareness of victim for crime.

Is Illegal Drug Use a Victimless Crime?

When victim aware about crime and he or she knows he or she is a harmed and in this case he or she is a victim of crime but when the victim is unaware of crime and harm caused to him it is a case of victimless crime. Consent leads awareness and if the subject of the crime is not harmed unless he becomes aware of the crime, then such crime is victimless, i.

For e. Offenses with arguably no material harm in which all parties are consenting between adults such as prostitution, pornography and gambling.

Examining a list

Crimes in which the damage caused is overwhelmingly borne by the perpetrator, such as suicide, truancy or drug use. Activities which are unsafe and could result in damage but specific instance do not. Traffic citations are frequently victimless, as are trespassing and failing to follow safety laws. The victimless crimes normally do not harm the other individual by the act of perpetrator but harm to the society at large its morals, its productivity and quality of life.

Like drug abuse it severally harms the productivity of society and also prostitution which harms morality of society. Traffic norms when do not obeyed it sometime become the cause of accidents. Many victimless crimes begin because of desire to obtain illegal products or services that are in high demand. This further encourages violence and revenge.

Victimless crime

In the English-speaking world the influence of the Enlightenment in this area of the law was severely limited by the fact that the right of the state to punish "immorality" in general, and sexual immorality in particular, went virtually unquestioned. Indeed there was a tacit agreement that the state had a duty to punish such behavior in the interest of society. Thus interest of society plays an important role. Such crimes pose Social Policy Questions.

The concept of "victimless crimes" poses more sharply than any other the question: To what extent should the criminal law be an instrument of social policy? Even if the behavior in question harms no one else directly, there may be larger interests of society that need to be protected or furthered by criminal legislation, and in the eyes of conservatives the upholding of moral standards is one of those vital interests.

The laws against victimless crimes are not direct threat to privacy themselves. In criminalizing certain acts, society makes a judgment that there can be no privacy interest in those acts.