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John had a vision of Jesus Christ coming in power and great glory, and he wrote that. So the first division is complete. In chapters 2 and 3, John moves to the second division, things which are, and John brings seven messages to seven churches. These were seven literal, actual churches, but they represent all churches of all time.

This is the second division: the Church Age. We are living in the church age. And after this, behold a door was opened in heaven and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said come up hither and I will show thee the things which must be hereafter. In Revelation chapters , we see the horrors of the Great Tribulation. And while the Church is mentioned over and over again in the early chapters, from this point on, you do not hear the Church—the Body of Christ— mentioned again.

But you will not find a mention of the Church in all of the book of Revelation during that time known as the Great Tribulation. On the contrary, God gave a promise to the Church—one which I believe indicates that the Lord has specifically promised to keep the Church from the Great Tribulation.

Will Christians Experience the Great Tribulation?

For they themselves show of us what manner of entering in we had unto you and how ye turn to God from idols to serve the living and the true God and to wait for His Son from Heaven, who He raised from the dead, even Jesus which delivered us from the wrath to come. It is not hell. As Revelation chapter 6 unfolds and the seals begin to be opened, the Tribulation horrors are poured out upon the world.

Now we are about to determine if the Church is mentioned anywhere else in Great Tribulation scriptures. Love Worth Finding Adrian Rogers. Follow Donate. Listen Archives Podcast Watch on Lightsource. Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation? In Deuteronomy , the dawn of God's history with Israel, Moses prophesies that in the latter days, because of this tribulation, the Jews will turn to Him and seek Him with all their heart.

This chapter makes it clear that the Tribulation is a time to prepare the Jewish people to receive the Lord Jesus Christ and that God will save Israel out of it. And at that time your people shall be delivered, Everyone who is found written in the book. So who will be going through this great tribulation?

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  • Add to Cart. Checkout Now. Down Below Zip-Hood by tribulation Nice, added to your cart! Sancta Mater Sweatshirt by tribulation Nice, added to your cart! Quantity: Option: Posters Please select an option. Christians will be persecuted and killed for their faith, lawlessness will abound, and false Christs Messiahs and false prophets will rise up. Matthew The sixth seal broken will herald the arrival of earthquakes and cosmic disturbances. The sun and stars will go dark and the moon will become like blood.

    Tribulation (3)

    Revelation and Matthew After this takes place, Matthew tells us that the Son of Man will appear in heaven and all the tribes of the earth will mourn. Jesus will come on the clouds to fetch His bride. In the rapture, Jesus sends out angels to fetch His bride, the ,, from all corners of the earth.

    Revelation 7, Matthew and 1 Thessalonians Even though we know the events leading up to this point, Jesus also says that no one will know the day or hour. Revelation The beast no longer wants to listen to any form of Christianity or even false Christianity or any form of religion.

    The seventh and final seal will then be broken. In Revelation we see that seven angels are given seven trumpets and in verse 6 they are preparing to sound them.

    The seven angels mentioned in the breaking of the seventh seal in Revelation were given seven trumpets. Each trumpet blown brings a new wave of disaster to the earth. These will not be counted in the firstfruits, the bride of Christ, but will have the opportunity to repent and become martyrs for their faith. Since the Bride has been raptured there is no longer anything holding back the beast and the Antichrist from taking full power. The Antichrist spirit that has been present since the days of the apostles 1 John will finally take a physical form and the man Antichrist, the lawless one, will rule over the whole earth and persecute those who were left behind but still serve God.

    He will try to force everyone to take the mark of the beast Revelation which shows that the bearer has rejected God and worships the beast.


    Without this mark nobody will be able to buy or sell. The first four trumpets sounded will herald the destruction of a third of the trees and all the grass, a third of the sea, a third of the sea creatures and a third of all ships. A third of the fresh water on the earth will become poisonous and bitter and a third of the sun, stars, and moon will be darkened. Revelation The fifth trumpet unleashes hellish locusts from the bottomless pit to torment mankind. At the sound of the sixth trumpet four angels are released to go over the earth and kill a third of mankind by fire, smoke, and brimstone.

    Unfortunately, it is written that the rest of mankind still do not repent of their sin — meaning they had yet another opportunity to do so! Revelation God also sends two witnesses to earth to prophecy. They will be killed for their testimony and then resurrected by God and taken up to heaven. This includes the bride of Christ, the martyrs, and the heroes of the Old Covenant.

    The next chapter in Revelation describes a war in heaven. The angel Michael and his angels cast Satan and his angels out of heaven and down to the earth, once and for all. Now that God has gathered all His servants from the earth and placed them in heaven there is no place for Satan and his evil hosts anymore. They are banished to the earth with all those sinners who refused to repent time and time again. Now God is in a position to empty out His wrath and judgment over the earth, against the beast and all those who have worshiped the beast.

    Seven angels are given seven bowls of wrath, each of which unleashes a plague on the earth. The first bowl sends out loathsome sores to all who have the mark of the beast. Revelation The second and third bowls turn the seas and the waters to blood. Revelation The fourth bowl gives power to the sun to scorch men Revelation and the fifth bowl fills the world with darkness and pain.