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What is the difference between Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)?

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You previously purchased this article through ReadCube. Institutional Login. Log in to Wiley Online Library. Purchase Instant Access. I loved all of these women and children. I was telling the truth to everyone but there was a lot of anger and distrust among the three women. And at the time I was regularly sleeping with each of them. Earlier I had lied a lot. How could I sort it out so it would work? How could I fulfill my commitment to be a father fully present while the two new small children were raised?

Fortunately, by then I already knew about IRC and put it to work. I formed an unbounded intention to create a harmonious extended family characterized by love, compassion and generosity — one that works for everybody. Within three or four years that family materialized and has endured since. We have regularly celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays with all the extended family members who live in our part of the country, all my wives and children past and present and their children and loved ones.

There is friendship and love all around, and no remaining conflict. We brought a large house in the suburbs in My wife and our son and I lived on one floor, my third wife and my son with her lived on the second floor. We shared many dinner and family events as an extended family. Both my boys grew up living with their father and mother and are now close brothers as adults. They are off on their own, living close-by, happily married and each has two wonderful grandchildren.

I created an unbounded intention that served the interest of all concerned, and the results of the intention materialized. My intentions with respect to family and intimacy have existed as reality since about In my job as Chief Scientist of a software company was coming to an end and I was doing a lot of thinking about what I might want to do next.

I had a number of discussions about this with my wife Melody and we decided it would be very nice if we could work together as a team and if our work could involve significant travel in Latin America. Why Latin America? Because it fascinated us though our exposure to it had been very minimal. We had spent a couple of days in Puerto Rico and had made a short excursion into Mexico from San Diego. And this will allow us travel together frequently to new and interesting places there.

Thus, it should involve some travel, but not prolonged periods of work away from home. All these details specified in the intention showed up in the reality created by the intention. I had no idea about how this intention could be realized when I formulated it. Neither of us knew any Spanish or Portuguese. Neither of us had any work contacts in Latin America or had any inkling of what we actually could do there.

We did not know the cultures or the countries. The outcome was full realization of my intention. Melody and I were a small consulting team that traveled and did consulting projects in Latin America and Spain for about a 10 year period. For several years we made more money than I had been earning in my previous regular jobs. So the projects involved a lot of our work being done from home. My intention materialized reality to every element of detail specified. You are probably getting the point by now that all of these stories of realized intentions can be explained away after-the-fact as having occurred by accident and good fortune.

That is how IRC works. There is nothing mysterious about the chain of events leading up to a creation or the creation itself after it happens. What is amazing is that such chains can be triggered by simple intentionality. After creating a reality by intention, it is completely explainable by chains of cause and effect. Here is another example.

In late I decided I would like to do something with my two youngest sons, Joe 27 and Mike 29 that brought us closer and perhaps connects them with our family history in some way. So, I invited Mike and Joe to accompany me to a trip to Italy in the summer of They accepted and we had discussions about where we might go. Joe thought it might be great visiting the great cities, museums and cathedrals of the North — Venice, Florence, Padua, Milan and the like. At first I agreed, I had visited Italy a few times over the years and the whole family visited there when the boys were in their early teens.

But none of this travel took me much further South than Naples. We agreed to research the possibilities further. However I found myself formulating a clear intention to connect us all more directly with our family roots — to discover whether there are any Giulianos directly related to my grandfather and if so connect with those people while sharing the experience with my sons. My grandfather was born and raised in Calabria, the southernmost province in mainland Italy. So my intention was to discover what the part of my patrimonial family there still is in Calabria and get us into relationship with and visit that family branch.

When I made the intention I had no idea of how to proceed. I knew my grandfather was born around in a town in Calabria called Squillace, but that was about it. I had no documents that could help, so I thought. I had never been personally in contact with any relative in Calabria and had no idea whether any existed or if so where.

The name Giuliano is almost as common in Italy as Jones is here. So that by-itself did not provide much of a basis for discovery. My grandfather died fifty years ago and only he knew who to look for where. Here is what happened after declaring the intention. I half-heartedly started searching for Giuliano relatives in Calabria on Internet in Italian public records and genealogy sites.

I came up with tons and tons of Giulianos but none were right. The trail remained stone cold. Then one evening my eye wandered up from my computer screen to the wall behind it. The certificate has been hanging on my wall for many many years. Moving my head a bit I can see the document hanging there now as I write this. I got up to look at the document and discovered I needed a magnifying glass to read the hand-scrawled writing. The document says my grandfather was discharged in from the Italian army in Later my wife suggested that I open up the sealed frame and see if the document had anything more to say.

Taking the document out of the frame, we saw that the back of it his residence at the time was listed as in San Pietro a Maida. With the aid of Google World, I discovered San Pietro Maida is a town of 3, inhabitants nestled in the hills of central Calabria, in the arch of the foot of Italy.

Creation Theories And The Reality Of The World | Ramana Maharshi

I had never heard of this town before. Internet at the time revealed no way to contact the town government by e-mail so I wrote a snail-mail message in Italian addressed to the mayor. I asked the mayor if he knew of anyone in the town government who could give me any assistance in identifying any relatives of mine who were still there. There was no answer. But early one morning I received a phone call from somebody who spoke only Italian.

We could talk because I happened to have learned a fair amount of Italian as a youth and in the course of my travels. The person identified himself as Nicola Giuliano. In the course of further discussions and e-mails we also established he happened to be as close a cousin as I could possibly have in Calabria. His grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. Nicola also happened to be warm and welcoming of a relationship with me and my sons and Joe and Mike and I ended up staying at his house in San Pietro a Maida.

Nicola put us in touch with a rich network of other Giuliano cousins who happened to be either in town or visiting. The first evening we arrived Nicola had happened to have arranged a Giuliano family reunion of 96 people in a local restaurant. I happened to be warmly welcomed as the surrogate of my grandfather with the same name who had left the town years earlier. Nicola and I happened to be able to forge a powerful bond together.

The trip made and left a powerful emotional impact, and now Joe, Mike and I are in touch with a previously-unknown branch of the family in Calabria. Melody, my wife, and I visited there again in May and Nicola and Rosa his wife came to Boston for my 80 th birthday in November The intention has fully materialized into reality. From a common-sense viewpoint what was involved here was a combination of intentionality and luck, call it happenstance.

Was it that, or the creation of an intended reality? I think it was both. The intentionality expresses itself through what looks after-the-fact as luck and propitious circumstances. In quantum physics, we would say that reality creation preserves causality. In I formulated an intention to live in good health until the age of , an intention that is still working its way into manifestation. Projecting success of this intention left open the question of what I was going to pursue as a career over the next several decades. It was nice being a computer artist for a few years after my Internet-consulting career but by late I wanted to devote my energies to a career that was more intellectually challenging and that had greater social impact.

In I formulated a clear intention to enter a new career as a longevity scientist, requiring that I create myself as a highly-informed and internationally-known and respected professional in that area.

Alternate Reality Creation

In my previous careers I had enjoyed a reputation as a significant contributor and was frequently asked to speak at international conferences. I wanted that for starters in my new career too. I also wanted sufficient financial compensation to support my family as an aspect of my new career. From a conventional wisdom viewpoint these outcome were highly unlikely because at the time a I had no background whatsoever in the life sciences.

Going back to college and graduate school would have required years for me to take the necessary courses and get the necessary degrees. And that would have still left me as a nobody in longevity science. Further, I would have been left out of participating in the field during critical early years of its development. As of now nine years later, this creation is rapidly unfolding in a most gratifying way.

I can read and actually understand important scientific publications related to the multiple facets of aging. I generate a highly popular agingsciences. These websites attract over 3, unique readers a day and I have an estimated international following of over , Among over 60, registered subscribers are scientists, science students and intellectuals who want to do have access to my historical articles. Though the financial compensation component of this intention is not fully manifest yet, the overall creation is well on its way to being there.

This particular creation has involved both application of the creative process of intentionality and hard work on my part. But being a competent hard-working longevity scientist is part of what I set out to create. A number of other compelling personal reality-creating stories come to mind but these are sufficient to make my points.

There are lots of examples of smaller creations too. Most strategic planning experts think that it is ridiculous to formulate an intention without some action plan to make it real. And then let the universe guide me through whatever tortuous paths that are required to getting my intended results. There is a good reason for this. In the sense of quantum physics, the what of creation and the how of that creation are what are called complementary variables.

This means they satisfy a form of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle and completely specifying one makes the other one unknowable. Specifying the what and leaving the how completely open makes the creation job a lot easier for the universe. This is because there are generally vastly more ways to arrive at a result than ways I know about, can favor, or even imagine. I think most failures of intentional reality creation are due to over-specificity of both what and how, violating this complementarity principle. A person knows only a very tiny fraction of the past history that could affect him or her in the future.

What IRC does is select from a very large number of possible events and circumstances from the past and bring them forward into the present and future so as to contribute to a creation by cause-and-effect. Take the intention of my discovering my relatives on Calibria as a simple example. Without the intention, would I have ever opened up the ancient sealed frame on my study wall to read on the back of the document the name of my town my grandfather lived in before he left Italy in ? Probably not. Would I have even put the ancient document on my wall in the first place?

Quite possibly not. Would I have buried that frame with hundreds of others in boxes and piles in my immense back attic? Moving to the less-known. My cousin Nicola was Vice Mayor and known by the mayor long before I formulated my intention to locate relatives. Is it ridiculous to think that my intention selected me into a subset of universes where Nicola was born, was Vice Mayor of San Pietro a Maida at the time and receptive to discovering a new cousin in the US?

The Laws Of Creation

Not according to the parallel universes explanation of IRC. Another example was meeting Howard Aiken and getting into his program at Harvard.

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At the time I was living in Detroit and visiting the Boston area for only a day. Aiken was a very busy man who was usually traveling or engaged in meetings and appointments. Was all of this simply due to luck? As another example, take the intention that led to an Internet consulting career in Latin America.

You will recall that a person, Juan Antonio, showed up who had close ties with media companies throughout Latin America. That was his part of his past. And my intention was to work in Latin America. Suppose my intention had been to work instead in Japan. Would a Japanese gentleman with close ties to media organizations in Japan showed up instead?

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And, the same question for China, Russia, Scandenavia, etc? Tony Oettinger had people from all over the world associated with his international communications program. Why did he give my paper to a Spaniard with Latin American ties instead of to someone else? He knew nothing about my intent that I would work with my wife in Latin America. Again, now after the fact you can attribute all of this as being due to luck.

I think much more is involved and I call it intentional reality creation. I am suggesting that these three statements agree with common sense but are equally false. They do express what had been unquestioned truths grounded in tens of thousands of years of direct human experience. Pythagoras challenged the idea that the world was flat in the 6 th century.

But everybody could see that the world is essentially flat and that belief persisted for over a thousand years more. I now challenge the fully accepted idea that the past is fixed and immutable. Before that, the idea of invisible waves carrying messages at best would get you declared a nut; at worst it could get you burned at the stake. And I expect this new view of past being different in accessible alternative universes might also take a long time to soak in. I believe we can affect what has already happened within broad limits to get what we want now.

This is easier for me to stomach than might seem, since it has been one of the major approaches for explaining quantum physics for over 80 years now.