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In NZ, if someone indicates to change lanes, in all likelihood, any sign of a gap in the traffic will disappear as drivers speed up to close it. The big thing here is a lack of patience,need for speed,texting while driving, drunk or on drugs nonsense like that. I have seen pedestrians cross against the light,not pay attention, and cross at the wrong spot all at the same time or one of the other but mostly drivers preoccupied with their damn phones. I knew most of this although kudos to them on the sign language thing , but the photos?

Love that country. Milford Sound is stunning! And I love that NZ adopted their sign language as an official language. Thanks, Jenna! I definitely have to get there someday. Ive lived in New Zealand forth past two and a half years, a year studying in Dunedin on the Aouth Island and then a year and a half on 90mile beach in the far north, so i know all of these, now.

Especially in Dunedin. Good to know about the tipping, as it is different in every country i visit, and quite serious for some people apparently if you do it wrong. New Zealand has one brand of poisonous spider — The Katipo. It is similar to the australia red back and american black widow. The katipo has a long red stripe down its back and its bites have been fatal athough the last known death was reported in about an anti-venom is avliable in all hospitals.

However the katipo is very sporadicly found and your fortunate enough to find one theyre normally found on the sea-shore under driftwood or on sand-dunes. We have the white tail spider as well. Yes, you are right. That said, I always tip for good service. Being from a non-tipping country, they simply do not realise it is expected to the point of being socially mandatory in some countries. These people are not mean, they simply do not understand. This; I do a good job so I should get more — is nonsense as every employee is expected to perform at their best or they will soon have no job at all.

As is the case in any vocation in NZ. They are paid appropriately for that job. Any disgruntled staff have process they can access to address that through their employer or union. It has never been a part of NZ culture, it is not expected so you do not need to feel as though you should. Often an offer of a tip is gratefully but politely declined.

What you can expect though is excellent, friendly service always fabulous food and a great time. No strings attached. As far as wildlife you have to watch out for — when in the South Island keep an eye on the Kea. As someone from NZ, just the idea of tipping makes me uncomfortable. And having to sit around after my meal and wait for the bill is just inconvenient. We definitely do hospitality a far more common sense and comfortable way.

I live in NZ all my life and i have never tipped or been tipped. U might see in a pub there is a tipping jar. I dont even think i wanna go to other countries coz of the tipping. One day I wish I could visit NZ, thanks for information! Hi I have just come across this page. Great info, as for the pictures, just beautiful is this Land.

My daughter and family will be leaving very soon, to start a new life in New Zealand. They are heading for Wellington. The three of them are looking forward to this new adventure. I wish them well and hope to visit in I am originally from Brazil, but have lived in New Zealand for 23 years. I am in the travel industry so I do travel quite a bit. Love to travel, but the best part is to get back home to New Zealand. The air is fresher, crispier and lighter.

A truly gorgeous and blessed little country. Hi Katia, I am from Curitiba, and planning to visit new Zealand , back pack style! Any tips? Hey John! New Zealand is an awesome place to back pack in! Very safe and tourist-friendly. My biggest tips would be to bring more money than you think you need because things are quite pricey here!

Hi — Found this very interesting! Great to learn things about different countries. New Zealand has my type of weather and NO snakes — Would be difficult not to tip when you come from a tipping culture! Have friends and family who have settled there — very happy. As a South African, the Kiwis and Aussies are rugby arch rivals! NZ is great. And, the tipping thing is slowly starting to become a part of the Down Under culture, too! Great write-up! There are so many similarities between NZ and Ireland e.

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Anyhow, thanks for sharing this. It was co0l, im here in n. Hey, no snakes and few spiders is a plus, but…. Quizzical looks from North American physicians define this disease that is transmitted by mites in the soil. Undiagnosed, trouble. Diagnosed, weeks of Doxycycline, and eventual recovery. Lived it, diagnosed it, treated it, recovered from it, and now just here to let the unsuspecting NZ visitor know that it is what is generally known as a rickettsial disease like Rocky Mountain spotted fever only for Oceania and Eastern Asia.

By the way, immigrating in 7 weeks to Whangarei…what can I say? I love lymph nodes that are big enough to wear a pork pie. I like this list. Was born in NZ and lived there nearly 30 years before emigrating. I would also have mentioned the Marlborough Sounds as incredibly beautiful, though having lived close to Fjordland, cannot disagree with your list and comments.

NRL Highlights: Indigenous All Stars v Maori All Stars - NRL on Nine

But, nowhere else. And why is this relevant? Snakes do not bother me, but I will run screaming from a weta. Well, almost. Finally, we were taught in school that in geography there are 7 fundamental terrain types, such as mountain ranges, deserts, fjords, etc.

New Zealand Fun Facts: 15 Things You Might Not Know About NZ

Do not recall them all. However, NZ is the only country that has all 7. Am led to believe this is true, and you may consider mentioning it if you can find evidence supporting the claim. The Kiwi people were so kind to us this was and probably is greatest memories I had and my youth. I love New Zealand with a passion. They are a species the average tourist would never come across. Seldom is anything stolen. New Zealand is indeed a very special country! One of my favorites, for sure, for so many reasons.

My perspective of the US of A is simply that it is HUGE and there is massive potential for debauchery and mayhem to be had should you so desire it. We have plenty of natural beauty here too. Loved this and am going to save it to send to wwoofers when they email me. Oh and my experience of the US of A? Whitetail spiders while not deadly can make you quite ill and a bite can leave permanent scarring. In everyday life in northland NZ I would see at least one a week,they are and Australian import. Another famous kiwi — Keith Urban was born and raised in the northland then moved to OZ around NZ has essentially 4 distinct social groups — Auckland, the Northland, north island south of Auckland, and the South Island.

Obviously things are different for living in the city or out in rural area but for the most part there are 4 differing groups and Auckland is the most non-NZ place in the whole nation. It has sooooo many immigrants, temp workers, and then also its the go-to place for those who dont like the NZ lifestyle but cant manage to leave NZ. I didnt mention any moari named cities because i wouldnt get the spellings even close.

Another thing many people dont know — the ocean is not very warm and when it is, it isnt for very much of the year. Oh people do swim and surf but the water is a far cry from Florida, Hawaii, or Thailand.

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You simply have to get yourself a wetsuit to fully enjoy NZ beaches. Living in middle Tennesse, we are covered up with some pretty bad animals: rabid mammals, brown recluse spiders…as well as black widows, ticks, chiggers aka, redbugs , wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bumble bees, rattle snakes, copper heads, water moccasins, and fleas and of course mosquitos.

So, these things I say to all of you…who want to visit: the country side can be…ah, challenging, but the people, food, music, and landscape is without reproach. We welcome you all, and…I think I would do fine in New Zealand. I am moving with my two kids 3 and 2years old and they are used to a Singapore Climate. Also regarding the spiders, do they visit home more often? Hi Antony! The climate in NZ is cooler than Singapore and generally less humid. It can be sunny in the morning, rain before lunch, sunny again in the afternoon and then rain again for dinner.

Temperatures can fluctuate as well. Spiders, there are really only two spiders that are poisonous in NZ one is the Katipo and the other is the Australian Flat Huntsman spider thanks Australia. But you almost never see these spiders, to find one in your home or even in the wild almost never happens. You should also know that in the past years of recorded history, there have never been any recorded deaths from either of these spiders in NZ, so I think you are very safe.

New Zealand is the greatest country in the world for sure. The people are generally friendly and will open their homes to complete strangers. Their hospitality is second to none. So many things and places to see and do. As mentioned, no poisonous snakes, and also no bears, no tigers, lions, alligators, cougars, well a few 2 legged ones maybe , panthers, crocodiles, dingos, or pretty much anything that could quite happily kill you or eat you. The climate is temperate allowing for great outdoor activity experiences such as hiking and camping. Great snow in certain parts of the country allowing for skiing and snowboarding.

Beautiful lakes and rivers allowing for any and all water sports. Generally tips are not included in the bill, although sometimes a service charge may be , but there is often a tip jar on the counter and is much appreciated by all the staff if you leave a small donation. Culture abounds in New Zealand, especially in Auckland and Wellington. Fantastic food, restaurants and cafes are everywhere to be found. Amazing hills and farmlands, not to mention the beautiful nature and scenery found the length of the country.

Hello, Thank you for sharing. Could you say a little more about the job market there, in relation to people with Bachelors in Accountancy.


It would be very much appreciated. Amanda, thanks so much for creating this brilliant blog! Your posts have been exceedingly helpful in planning my upcoming New Zealand trip. Keep up the great work! Great post Amanda! I read that waitresses and others need them because their hourly rate is low and that is how they make their money, is that correct? Here we just get paid a flat hourly rate and everyone gets the same.

Also I find it strange that you leave your money on the tables! Glad you enjoyed your time in NZ! I hope you have an amazing trip, Katie! Hi Katy, my family is thinking about moving to NZ. We live in NY but trying to find somewhere nicer to raise our kids. How are the education systems there? Especially special education. Also the job market for persons with an Accounting degree Bachelors? Once a pedestrian is in the road they have right of way.

The only thing that concerns me is the danger from volcanoes and earthquakes. Some websites make it sound like the country is on fire and shaking and exploding. But, obviously people still live there. How realistic are these claims? New Zealand does tend to have a lot of earthquakes, but to be honest, they are usually so small that you barely notice them. Thanks for your reply Amanda. I see you have been to Iceland amongst a lot of other places. We are considering NZ or Iceland. Of course, that is the land of fire and ice, and is currently expecting four volcanoes to do something.

How would you compare these two countries? Thank you again. The next one sums up the rest of Oceana a bit and has a lot of migration charts to make clear the latest information about human migration. I need more eyes to read all the charts and diagrams. Thanks everyone.

There's quite a bit of controvery about migration that I am attempting to make clear, but no final answers seem forthcoming very soon. The next Hub will continue and add more data to the pot. Very cool hub. My grandfather spent alot of time in Australia during WWII and I inherited some very interesting black and whites of the actual tribe he lived near. I've always been interested in Egyptology as well and find the correlations facinating.

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Patty Inglish MS more. Southeast Asia: South East Asia. The Maori Waka. Related Boats. Maori Woman. Maori King Tawaiho, Possible Route of Carved Poles from Oceana. Maori Group Interaction At least one of the Maori bands was cannibalistic, according to history, and lived in the Queen Charlotte Sounds region see the map to the right for the location, between the islands.

Most of the Iwi group in antiquity lived as three social classes: Nobility, Priesthood, and Slaves. There appeared to be no "middle classes. Papua New Guinea. Orchid Island, Taiwan. Theoretical Migration to New Zealand and Australia. Controversy In Foundation Stories Of New Zealand Different groups of researchers and the public find different versions of the founding discovery and settlement of New Zealand to be most accurate. The leading thought in the early s has been that the first people to arrive in New Zealand were any of: Australian Aborigines, who are related more closely to Africans that to Asians or Europeans through DNA.

Similarities between Maori and Pacific Northwest indigenous art were explored. Evergreen Longhouse Education and Cultural Center. Teaching about the Northwest Indigenous Nations, their history and culture and their relatedness with other Indigenous Peoples around the world. A Maori Scene. New Zealand All Blacks; Haka Aboriginal Australian Cooking Australian Aboriginals have a cooking tradition all their own, most of their methods originating in and around outdoor fires.

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Boiling and barbecuing are fairly new for the wide variety and plant and animals foods available Famous Aborigines These are eight Australian and Tasmanian Aboriginals that have made a lasting impression on me with their determination to pursue reconciliation of Aborigines and whites through government, first contact interactions, sports, music, fine arts, writin. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

Thank you, Juiian. This is useful information. Best wishes to you. True bro, well u spelt my ancestor name wrong, it's Tawhiao. It's not tawaiho. Check this Hub later today! The Maori's were more warrior like from accounts ans as such it seems that is why they were able to get the Treaty of Whaitangi unlike the Australian Aborigines Greetings, Honorary Master, Well, school and professional training is long. Yes, 9 years is about enough to nearly become a doctor. Your Hub will be stupendeous! I can't wait. I could make you an Honorary Master in my federation. Thanks cgull8 and compu-smart!

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Indigenous Biosecurity: Māori Responses to Kauri Dieback and Myrtle Rust in Aotearoa New Zealand

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Her courage made it safer for others to follow her example. So: what might this Jacinda-And-Jane meeting mean? The new government has already announced its commitment to pay equity and I think we can now be confident that gender equity will infuse screen production. I think we can also be confid…. Read more. October 08, I wonder always, who cares, as in provides care, for the women artists who go to deep dark uncommercial places?