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Add to Cart. Recent updates View all 7 2 April Thank you to my loyal supporters! Hello to everyone who is still left around these parts!

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I want to express my gratitude to those who still have One Sole Purpose in their library and have not refunded the game. I know I made a promise that I was going to improve this game since I became financially secure.

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Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am not going to continue development on One Sole Purpose The good news is that I have been working on a game called Sophont these past 2 years and have just released it in early access. Everyone who still has One Sole Purpose in their library should also have Sophont too.

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Sophont is my second game and the game I plan to take seriously. I will continue to work on this game for another 3 years or longer until I feel it is ready for a full release. I feel giving Sophont to the people who supported me is the least I could do. I know it's not One Sole Purpose but I can guarantee it is a lot better. I took a lot of the constructive criticism I garnered from One Sole Purpose and applied it to Sophont. Hope y'all enjoy the game! If you bought One Sole Purpose before April 4, and don't have Sophont in your library please contact me and I will get it sorted out with Valve.

Have a wonderful week!

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I would not recommend you purchase this game until these changes are implemented. The player has access to many different types of abilities that they would have to use to survive the unforgiving combat. Features Time, teleportation and physics-altering abilities. Different environments that are beautifully designed make the game graphically immersive.

Story that will keep the player on the edge throughout the whole play through. Explore the universe by entering different planets and space stations with each particular area offering something unique and enticing. Numerous bouts of action blended together make this game unforgettable. Usable Vehicles. Relatively low price tag for a great action packed gaming experience. Story Plot Travel through space expanded exponentially around the year Humanity found a substance that has infinite energy. Rhonda Francis. Angela Blair Jeffies. Deon Q. Cece Godbolt.

Dareia Tolbert. Cast Extraordinary Soul Purpose Cast. Avery Washington. Roni Rodgers. Tammy Pleasant. Marguritte S. Julian Williams. You can't look back and definitely are too afraid to look down. You just have to keep going forward and have faith that your intuition led you here for a reason. So how can you begin the journey to discover your soul's purpose? Here are three easy tips to finding your soul's purpose.


Do more of what excites YOU! Practice doing more things that make you excited, happy or joyful. What do you enjoy doing weekly or daily? This doesn't mean the activities you enjoy doing daily or weekly is your soul purpose but do know that these interests are what your soul needs more of. Think of your soul as a plant. It needs spiritual, mental, emotional and physical nourishment to grow and expand.

The more you do, play and experiment the more you will discover. Who are your icons? Who do you pay attention to most? Why are you drawn to them?

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What excites you about them? Who do you aspire to be like? Now practice integrating those qualities more into your life.